My Favorite Silver Route: Kyoto One-day Tour


Yoshihisa T.

4.96(127) reviews
Japanese (Native), English
8 hours
Private tour (only you and your group)
Up to 5 people

This tour is designed for those who have finished My Favorite Golden Route: Kyoto One-day Tour and would like to make a second-day tour in Kyoto. The tour covers most of the main tourist attractions in the eastern area of Kyoto. It also has a couple of choices according to your needs and wishes. I hope you will have a very pleasant tour with me.

Meeting Point

JR Kyoto Station or your hotel in Kyoto

10:00 AM

Ginkaku-ji Temple ( Silver Pavilion ) and Philosopher's Path

Ginkaku-ji Temple built by Ashikaga Yoshimasa, the eighth Shogun of Muromachi Shogunate ( 1336 - 1573 ) and completed in 1490 after his death. Philosopher's Path is a long walk along a stream near Ginkaku-ji, a good place for cherry blossom viewing.

11:00 AM

Nanzen-ji Temple or Eikan-do Temple ( autumn foliage season only )

Nanzen-ji Temple, ranked above the Five Zen Buddhist Temples in Kyoto designated by Muromachi Shogunate, with a big sammon gate and a high-rise waterway supported by brick piers.

11:30 AM

Murin-an Garden

Murin-an Garden,a beautiful strolling-style landscape garden with a stream and a pond.

12:00 PM

Strolling along Gion district. Lunch at a traditional Japanese-style restaurant, an ex-o'chaya or a unique Japanese pancake restaurant.

01:30 PM

Kennin-ji Temple

Kennin-ji Temple located near Gion houses Wind God and Thunder God painting on a folding screen, a national treasure, and has small beautiful gardens.

02:30 PM

Ninen-zaka and Sannen-zaka Slopes and Kiyomizu-dera Temple

The busiest sightseeing area in Kyoto. Kiyomizu-dera Temple with a big veranda called a dancing stage of Kiyomizu attracts five or six million tourists annually.

04:00 PM

Nishiki Food Market or Sanju-sangen-do Temple

Sanju-sangendo Temple houses a thousand life-size Buddhist statues and many more statues, an astounding view.

Ending Point

JR Kyoto Station or Subway Shijo Station

What to Expect

Through the tour you will be taken to many nice photo-taking spots in the eastern area of Kyoto. The sites you visit are full of scenic beauty and historic significance. You can also find the depth and broadness of the culture Kyoto has to offer to visitors from home and abroad. You could amuse your palate at various places you stop by, at Gion, Kiyomizu areas and Nishiki Food Market. You will surely have an unforgettable time through the tour with me.

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Inclusions & Exclusions

What‘s included

guide fee

What‘s not included

transportation fee ( you and guide ), lunch and entrance fee for three temples and the garden ( 2,000 yen per person )

Important Information

It is desirable to carry overseas travel insurance because the guide is not liable for any damage or loss incurred during the tour. It is also requested to bring enough Japanese yen with you because some restaurants and taxis do not accept credit cards.

Eikan-do Temple is available in autumn foliage season only.

You will take trains and partly taxis to save time. You also walk a long distance and wear sneakers or walking shoes, please. In case of rain, a folding umbrella is desirable.

Cancellation Policy

  • Free cancellation - 8 days prior to meeting time
  • 50% Refund - 3 to 7 days prior to meeting time
  • No Refund - Within 2 day(s) prior to meeting time



Alexander M.

May 19, 2023

Excellent tour!

We loved our tour with Yoshi! He was very informative about the places we visited and was very fun to be around. He has made us want to come back to Japan just to take the silver route tour with him next time! We would say this is a must-do tour if you would like to see Kyoto with a guide. We would recommend him to everyone. Once the tour was finished he even took us to an izakaya for dinner that we would not have been able to do on our own because it was 100% Japanese with no English menu. It was an incredibly cool experience that we will always treasure.

Yoshihisa T.

Hi Alex. Thank you so much for your wonderful review for my tour. I am awfully pleased to learn that you and Amy enjoyed spending the day with me. When you visit Kyoto again, I will be very glad to guide you on My Favorite Silver Tour. I will tell the chef of the izakaya that you were delighted with the food and the communication with him and his customers. I wish you health and best of luck. Yoshie

Brian B.

May 17, 2023

Amazing high-yield experience

We thoroughly enjoyed our day tour with Yoshie! The route was expertly planned out and fast paced which we loved. Yoshie clearly is passionate and knowledgeable about the history of the temples and various sites. We also had the fortune of joining him at his favorite izakaya restaurant after the tour. We fully recommend this tour 100%!

Yoshihisa T.

Hi Brian. I appreciate your supreme comment on my tour in Kyoto. I enjoyed myself guiding and talking with you and Kate. You two were very friendly and thoughtful, too. I hope you will return home with lots of nice memories of your trip in Japan. Be sure to get in touch if you have another chance of visiting Kansai area. I wish you good health and big happiness! Yoshie


Kym L.

May 10, 2023

Perfect Golden Tour Day!

I got a hold of Yoshi-san a few months before our trip and asked if he could do a 2-day tour for us. He immediately replied with a solid yes. I booked our time with him and we were set. A week before our tour he contacted me again to check in. We kept in contact until we met in the lobby of our hotel. What an amazing 2 days we had! The weather was awful the first day and he routed us through taxi rides and quickly to the venue avoiding lines. Yoshie has a very scheduled itinerary which we appreciated. He was excellent at timing our trains so that we spent very little time waiting and he infused the day with interesting and informative background of all the sites we visited. He is connected to the people along the way and made our stops for lunch on each day very fun and memorable. There were 3 of us in our group which included our mom. Yoshie made sure she was taken care of and comfortable. I have to say that one of the best memories of our trip was having dinner with him and his friends at the end of the day. It was a very quaint Itzakaya. We enjoyed the food, drink and company. With lots of laughter! If you decide this is the tour you want to do, you will not be disappointed. Have fun! and Kanpai!

Yoshihisa T.

Hi Kym-san. I appreciate your heart-warming comment on my two-day tours in Kyoto. I also had a lot of fun with you, your sister and mother, guiding, talking, eating and drinking together. I was surprised that your mother was very active, energetic and curious. If you have another chance of visiting Kansai area, be sure to get in touch, please. I wish you and your family good health and happiness. Kampai! Yoshie

Fareed N.

May 3, 2023

An amazing taste of Kyoto

Yoshie-San is an amazing guide - friendly, informative, inspiring with his knowledge and wisdom of Japanese culture. This has been our first trip to Japan - and Yoshie went out of his way to put my daughter and I at ease and help us operate independently. Loved each of the sites we went to in the tour - and Yoshie was kind enough to recommend and then join us for dinner at an excellent spot. Very grateful for an amazing day!

Yoshihisa T.

Hi Fareed-san. I really appreciate your kind words for my two-day tour in Kyoto and Nara. I hope you had a fruitful tour today, too. It was nice meeting and talking with you and your daughter. I was pleased that you had a deep curiosity about Buddhist temples and statues as well as Shinto shrines. When you visit Kansai area again, be sure to get in touch, please. With best wishes, Yoshie

$236/ per group

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