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Trekking & Walking Tour in Autumn Foliage from Takao down to Arashiyama

Yoshihisa T.

4.95(107) reviews
English, Japanese (Native)
7 hours
Private tour (only you and your group)
Up to 5 people

This tour is designed for those who like trekking along the Kiyotaki River in autumn foliage and like visiting lesser-known temples of scenic and historic interest with moss-covered gardens located in a serene environment.

Meeting Point

JR Kyoto Station

Jingo-ji Temple

Trekking along the Kiyotaki River

Gioh-ji and Johjako-ji Temples

The Bamboo Forest and Nonomiya Shrine

Ending Point

JR Kyoto Station

What to Expect

The most fascinating point of this trekking tour is that you can see, hear and feel the natural wonder along the Kiyotaki River, especially in late autumn. The colored leaves of maple, Japanese lacquer and other trees amuse your eyes and the murmur of the stream delights your ears.

Jingo-ji Temple, which houses Yakushi Nyorai ( Medicine Buddha ), a Buddhist statue (national treasure) and other excellent statues, is famous for red leaves of maple trees. You can take in a magnificent view of the mountains and valley from the temple precinct.

The next temple to visit is Gioh-ji in Arashiyama, the name of which was taken from Gioh, a dancer and prostitute, who had to live in the temple and lead a sorrowful life with Gijo, her twin sister in the latter half of Heian period ( late 12th century ). The temple with a beautiful moss-covered garden is located in a very serene environment.

The third temple is Johjako-ji Temple, which I suppose is the most beautiful temple for autumn foliage in Arashiyama. It is said that "the One Hundred Poems by the One Hundred Poets" was compiled by Fujiwara no Teika, a famous waka poet, in the early 13th century on the temple site. You can also enjoy seeing a green velvet-like moss on a hillside of the temple.

You will lastly visit Nonomiya Shrine in the Bamboo Forest known as a shrine of match-making and business success. Last but not least, Gioh-ji Temple and Nonomiya Shrine were a part of the locations of a renowned novel, "Koto ( the ancient capital )" written by Kawabata Yasunari, a Nobel laureate.  

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Inclusions & Exclusions

What‘s included

guide fee

What‘s not included

transportation fee ( you and guide ) and entrance fee for the three temples (¥1,400 )

Important Information

It is desirable to carry overseas travel insurance because the guide is not liable for any damage or loss incurred during the tour. It is also requested to bring enough Japanese yen with you because some restaurants and taxis do not accept credit cards.

This is a limited time tour from November 14th till December 3rd, 2019.

This is a limited time tour from November 14th till December 3rd in 2019. It is desirable to wear warm clothes and trekking shoes. Sneakers are possible. Please get a bottle of water or tea and an obento ( a boxed lunch ) at a convenience store near your hotel or Kyoto Station. You will take a bus twice from Kyoto Station to Takao. The route along the Kiyotaki River is a part of Kyoto Trail Hiking Course. Most of the route along the Kiyotaki River is a safe path and warning will be given at slippery places. Responsibility cannot be taken for any injury during the tour. It is recommended that you have overseas travel insurance. In case of rain, trekking along the Kiyotaki River is canceled and two other temples are added in Arashiyama Area instead.

Cancellation Policy

  • Free cancellation - 8 days prior to meeting time
  • 50% Refund - 3 to 7 days prior to meeting time
  • No Refund - Within 2 day(s) prior to meeting time



Nick Y.

Jan 31, 2023

Loved Kyoto!

Yoshi was an excellent guide around Kyoto, which was amazing. He covered a lot of ground with us and was lovely and engaging and informative. Yoshi gave us a wonderful introduction to Kyoto, and also helped us with other suggestions for the rest of our time in Kyoto.

Yoshihisa T.

Hi Nick-san, Thank you for your nice review for my tour in Kyoto. I am pleased that you enjoyed My Favorite Golden Route: Kyoto One-day Tour. I also had a pleasant time guiding and talking with you and your family. I hope you will contact me when you come to Kyoto again. Best wishes, Yoshie


Alessandro F.

Jan 29, 2023

A warm welcome to Kyoto

Yoshi-san is a sincere and kind man. He really enjoys doing what he does - showing visitors from all over the word the beauty of Kyoto. He enjoys being with new people and he is very approachable - all his question are genuine and he really wants to know you better. You can feel his teaching nature, always willing to explain and extremely patience. We really enjoyed the tour with him, it felt like an appetiser to a whole course and made us want to stay in Kyoto longer to soak in the culture. Yoshi-san shared his insider tips and spots worth checking out. We ended up in areas of Kyoto that were stunning and without tourists. It was really a great experience and we are grateful to have met Yoshi-san. We miss him already, definitely one reason to go back to Kyoto. Thank you Yoshi-san and wife for the touching origami gift!

Yoshihisa T.

Hi Alessandro-san, Thank you very much for your long, heart-warming review for my tour. I really had a nice time guiding and talking with you two. It was a rare and peaceful occasion to have had almost no tourists at Jojako-ji Temple, Arashiyama. Be sure to get in touch when you have another chance of visiting Kansai area. With best wishes, Yoshie


Swati P.

Jan 6, 2023

Highly Recommend

My family and I took a 2 day tour of Kyoto with Yoshi-San. He is a patient, kind, tour guide and took great care in helping arranging the itinerary (answering multiple emails and questions even before our arrival to Japan), modifying the walking pace and routes for my parents (ages 82 and 74) and even teaching us the poetry and paintings of Japan. He also made sure to arrange vegetarian food for my Mom and help navigate the transportation/trains in Japan going so far as to meet us in Osaka in the beginning of the trip. I could not have asked for a better tour guide and I highly recommend Yoshi-San. He made sure to leave us with beautiful travel memories of Japan and I am thankful to have met him.

Yoshihisa T.

Hi Swati-san. Thank you very much for your heartwarming review for my two-day tour. I also had a nice time guiding and talking with you and your parents. If you have another chance of visiting Kansai area, be sure to get in touch with me, please. Good memories linger on like the sound of a temple bell. With kind regards. Yoshie

Eric Y.

Jan 6, 2023

Very accommodating and thoughtful tour of Kyoto

Yoshihisa was a great tour guide with lots of interesting and useful information about the locations we visited. I would recommend a tour with Yoshihisa

Yoshihisa T.

Hi Eric. Thank you very much for your kind review for my tour. I hope you and your child have got well and will be continuing a pleasant trip. Would you give my best regard to your mother? Best wishes, Yoshie

$222/ per group

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