Joetsu City One Day Walking Tour, Takada Area

Day Trip

Keiichi S.

English, Japanese (Native)
7 hours
Private tour (only you and your group)
Up to 6 people

Interested in historical sites in Japan?

How about Joetsu City? Just a short ride from Tokyo (two hours.)

Joetsu City is located in Niigata Prefecture, along the Sea of Japan.

Takada Area, a famous sightseeing spot in Joetsu, has interesting features: a castle town, a snowy town, and tasty food and sake. By walking along a local town and communicating with local people, you will feel refreshed and energized.

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Meeting Point

At Joetsu-Myoko Station on Hokuriku Bullet Train Line


Meeting point: Joetsu-Myoko station on the Hokuriku Bullet Line

Departing from Tokyo at 7:52, The Hokuriku bullet train arrives at Joetsu-Myoko station at 9:58. We will meet at the station. Then take a local train named Tokitetsu Line to Takada station, two-stations away.


Takada Komachi, a traditional townhouse and Gangi Streets, snow shelter spaces

Takada area is a former castle town in a snowy country. Walking along this area you will find what was like a castle town and how local people live in snowy country.


Sake brewery and having lunch: enjoy tasting sake and learn how sake is brewed

Niigata prefecture is famous for delicious rice and sake. How about visiting a sake brewery and tasting some of it? Musashino Sake Brewery provides an opportunity to learn how sake is brewed and to taste it.

The brewery has a beautiful Japanese garden. If you prefer, you may eat a tasty lunch there.


Takada Park: a former castle site

You can enjoy the beautiful scenery and get refreshed according to the four seasons while taking a walk in the park. 4000 cherry trees bloom in spring, locus flowers occupy surrounding moats in summer, yellow and red leaves decorate the park in fall, and the snow paints white in winter.

Takada Castle was built in 1614. It was one of the largest castle sites in those days.


Temple streets: 66 Buddhist temples line up two temple streets

How about paying a visit to one of the temples and have time to talk to a priest?

Temples were located on the west side of town for security when the castle was built in the 17th century.


Buy an ekiben and take a train back to Tokyo

An ekiben is a boxed lunch or dinner. "Sake-meshi, or salmon and rice" is the ekiben selling at Joetsu-Myoko station and won the first prize in the ekiben contest in 2019.

Ending Point

At Joetsu-Myoko Station on Hokuriku Bullet Train Line

What to Expect

1. You will feel refreshed and energized.

Joetsu City was the capital city of Echigo Province. As you stay away from crowds, you can enjoy walking along former castle town streets in a calm way. There are many historical sites and scenic spots. The city is surrounded by the Sea of Japan and snow-capped mountains. And you can find people having environmentally friendly lifestyles.

2. You can stay 7 hours in Joetsu by using the Hokuriku Bullet Train.

leave Tokyo Station 7:52

arrive at Joetsu-Myoko Station 9:54 → 17:13 (7hours)

return to Tokyo Station 19:12

The last train leaves Joetsu-Myoko Station at 21:21.

You can enjoy staying at night in Joetsu, too.

3. You will visit several following places of your choice.

1) local train: Tokimeki Line

After meeting at Joetsu-Myoko Station, let’s take a local train to Takada Station.

It takes less than ten minutes.

2) Takada Park: a former castle site

Takada Castle was built in 1614 by Matsudaira Tadateru, a sixth son of the first Shogun.

It is one of the biggest castle site in Japan.

Takada Park is famous for cherry trees in spring and lotus flowers in summer.

Red and yellow leaves fascinate people in fall, and all trees and moats are covered white in snow.

Local people love this park all the year-round.

3) Machiya (townhouses) and Gangi Streets in castle town

Machiya: townhouses are small in width at the entrance and long in-depth, like in Kyoto City. Local people try to live comfortably in such houses. You can visit some of the townhouses and find what they are.

Gangi Streets: snow shelters

Joetsu has a lot of snow in winter. In order to walk easily in winter, they have built Gangi along the streets, which people can walk without getting wet.

4) Sake brewery

There are 13 breweries in Joetsu. You will visit Musashino Brewery and taste some sake and learn how sake is brewed. When you taste some of their sake in Rakusuitei-garden, you will be refreshed and be happy.

5) Temple Street.

There are 66 temples in temple street in the west of the town. You can visit one of the temples and find your time there.

6) Ski Museum

Joetsu is the first place where Alpine skiing was introduced in Japan by a military officer from Austria in 1911. You will find how skiing has been developed in Japan. As this museum is a little away from the center of the town, a taxi will be recommended to visit there.

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Inclusions & Exclusions

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Guide fee

What‘s not included

Your travel expenses to Joetsu-Myoko Station where the guide meets you.

Your travel expenses in Joetsu City; local trains with a few stations, taxi if necessary.

Sake tasting and learning; there are three courses at Musashino sake brewery; 700yen, 1,500yen, 2,000yen

depending on how you taste and learn sake.

Entrance fee some of the facilities listed above for you and the guide.

Lunch for you and the guide.

JPY 1000 for guide's transportation fee to/ from Joetsu-Myoko Station

Important Information

Joetsu City is located in the middle of Niigata, Nagano, and Toyama cities. If I meet you in these cities, the transportation fee is needed. Niigata and Nagano for 6,000 yen and Toyama for 8,000 yen.

1) There are two types of Bullet train in Hokuriku Line: Hakutaka and Kagayaki. Only Hakutaka trains stop at Joetsu-Myoko Station.

2) Warm clothes and shoes are recommended for walking in winter.

3) Please inform us if you have any religious or health restrictions, allergies, or have other specific requests.

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  • 50% Refund - 15 to 29 days prior to meeting time
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