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    Nikko Day Trip Tours

    Early Risers' Nikko Up-to-You Tour by JR-Tobu Express

    11 hours

    Nikko, which has been acknowledged as World Heritage in 1999, has temples and shrines with awesome sculptures.We will ride a JR-Tobu express train for approximately two hours from the west side of Tokyo area/Saitama to visit there and take time to appreciate them.You can enjoy Yuba (tofu skin), which is one of the local specialities, buckwheat noodles or curry and rice etc. as lunch.

    FROM$315/ per group
    Yoko T.
    (69) reviews

    Kahoko's Excursion from Tokyo to Nikko

    10 hours

    Let's enjoy the combination of the cluster of World Heritage shrines and temples and great nature of a waterfall, a lake,and forest. 7:30 Meet at you...

    FROM$391/ per group
    Kahoko K.
    (205) reviews

    Exciting Nikko - One Day Tour from Tokyo

    10 hours

    Nikko is one of the most popular sightseeing spots in Japan. The Shrines and Temples in Nikko were designated as a world cultural heritage in 1999. In this tour, we will visit following sightseeing spots. - Shinkyo Bridge - Rinnoji Temple - Toshogu Shrine - Futarasan Shrine - Taiyuin Mausoleum

    FROM$313/ per group
    Hideaki M.
    (21) reviews

    Nikko One Day Tour from Tokyo - Fantastic Structures Harmonizing with Beautiful Nature

    8.5 hours

    Two hours away from Tokyo by train, Nikko mesmerizes visitors with beautiful nature and fantastic structures placed on the World Heritage list. We will visit Nikko by public transportation and walk around the sacred area surrounded by beautiful nature.

    FROM$401/ per group
    Aki T.
    (49) reviews

    Nikko Nature & Outdoor Tours

    Greedy Nikko Tour (enjoy both historical sites and beautiful lakes and waterfalls)

    8 hours

    After arriving at JR Utsunomiya station, your guide will take you to Nikko National Park and World Heritage Site. On the way to Nikko, we'll pass thr...

    FROM$245/ per group
    Jack M.
    (40) reviews

    Historical and Artistic Exploration of Nikko Tour

    8 hours

    Let’s enjoy the Nikko World Heritage. Nikko is considered as one of the spiritual centers of Japanese traditional society. The most significant place in Nikko is Toshogu. Later, I will share with you some interesting background stories and artistic features of Japan's national treasures. Moreover, we can appreciate the unique customs of people in the ancient days. In addition of the history, we can also enjoy beautiful cherry blossoms in late April and the changing of leaf colors in November.

    FROM$291/ per group
    Mari.k K.
    (74) reviews

    One day Nikko Excursion: Nature & History

    11.5 hours

    Nikko is located 150 km north of the center of Tokyo. Through this tour, you can see Nikko Toshogu Shrine and the surrounding area, and get close to nature. Nikko Toshogu Shrine is well known for its extravagantly designed exterior. It is registered as World Cultural Heritage along with Rinnoji Temple and Futarasan Shrine. You can also enjoy viewing scenic beauty in mountains.

    FROM$407/ per group
    Hiroyuki I.
    (20) reviews

    Nikko Tour #2: Visiting Waterfalls

    5.5 hours

    Nikko is famous for its refreshing summer foliage and colorful autumn leaves. Let's enjoy the magnificent scenery of Nikko Falls, by going down to the bottom of each falls and get the closest views. After this tour, you can sit back and relax at a classic boathouse by Lake Chuzenji, enjoy a hot spring , take World Heritage tour or go directly back to Tokyo.

    FROM$125/ per group
    Michiko S.
    (35) reviews

    Nikko Art & Culture Tours

    Day Trips from Nikko