Ebisu Festival Imamiya & Nishinomiya Shrines (video )

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Ebisu Festivals

 are held on January 9th, 10th and 11th every year.  Ebisu is one of the seven fortune deities consisting of three Chinese deities, three Indian deities and one Japanese deity. 

Ebisu is a traditional Japanese deity and most Japanese pray for business success at Ebisu shrines. 

I visited both Imamiya Shrine in Osaka and Nishinomiya Shrine in Hyogo Prefecture.  Both shrines are dedicated to Ebisu. 

In Imamiya Ebisu Shrine

Japanese buy bamboo grass decorated with auspicious ornaments. I heard vendors shouting  "Bring bamboo grass !! bring good business !!"

If you want to visit Imamiya Ebisu Shrine, please refer to Enjoy Osaka Minami (Dotombori,Kuromon Market, Shinsekai) .

Please refer to Temple Town in the South of Osaka .

Thank you.


Nishinomiya Shrine

is the head shrine of Ebisu.  In the shrine, with the opening of the gates at six in the morning on January 10th, several thousand people rush the approach to the main shrine with a length of 230 meters.  The first three people who reach the main building are chosen to be the lucky persons of the year.  This year the luckiest person was a university student.

  I bought fortune bamboo grasses in prayer for the safety of my family and good guide business.   

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