Japan-style Pasta

When you visit Tokyo, Japan-style pasta  is going to be one of  your must-eat foods.  We have so many variations in its sauce, ingridients, and flavor. They are all different from what you have had in your home countries.

Luckily, you have such an easy choice to try Japanese-style pasta at a chain restaurant "Goemon", which holds more than 40 branches in Tokyo. Here, you can enjoy various pasta at around 1000yen each.  Topping of fresh "Ikura (salmon roe)", "Tarako (cod roe)", "Uni (sea urchin)", are needless to say attracting pasta lovers from all over the world because it is the evidence that fresh seafood goes quite well with pasta. It expands pasta's capability as an international food. Even sticky Natto can be ingridient of pasta, which many forign guests gets astonished about.

As everyone knows, pasta is originally from Italy and now it prevails all over the world. Once it arrived in Japan in early 19th century, it captured people's attention. Gradually people came to notice that they can make their own with Japanese taste, such as soy-sauce-flavored one. Now, arranged recipes are countless.

Let's discover some Japanese points in your pasta at "Goemon" restaurants!  It can be a change of pace during your authentic Japanese food tour which is fully made up of Tempura and Sushi.

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