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We introduce the most popular itineraries amongst our customers who choose tours on GoWithGuide. We hope it helps you to plan your perfect itinerary during your trip to Japan. In our ninth post of the series, we focus on the best full day tour of Osaka.

In this eight hour long packed itinerary, we visit the highlights of Osaka including the observation deck at Abeno Harukas, the famous Osaka Castle, the main shrine of Sumiyoshi with its rainbow shaped bridge, Shinsekai, a nostalgic shopping area, and finally, Shitenno-ji, the oldest temple in Japan.

1. Osaka Castle

A symbol of Osaka that is full of history, the castle is situated in the enormous Osaka Castle Park, a place teeming with nature, including Nishinomaru Garden, which includes a plum grove and over three hundred cherry blossom trees. The highlight, however, is the Osaka Castle Tower Museum, which contains a wealth of historic displays and information about the castle.

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2. Abeno Harukas

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Abeno Harukas contains a mix of hotels, shops, restaurants, cafes, art galleries, and an incredible viewing platform that has become popular with tourists since the huge multi-purpose complex opened in 2014. The highlight of Abeno Harukas are the washrooms on the 58th floor, that offer a glass wall that allows you to see stunning views of Osaka, as you wash your hands.

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3. Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine

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At Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine, the Taiko-bashi Bridge connects the world of the living with the spirtual phenomena worshipped by the Shinto religion. Crossing the bridge is said to cleanse people of all of their sins as they approach the gods, and the bridge itself is arched like a rainbow, to better prevent evil from entering the main complex of Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine

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4. Shinsekai

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Travel back to 1960s Osaka at Shinsekai. The area is known for numerous restaurants selling skewers of meat, along with some shops selling various goods. The area itself is often busy, with its close proximity to Tennoji Zoo and Spa World. The zoo itself can be seen from Tsutenkaku, a tower at the center of the Shinsekai area. Not impressively tall, but offering nice views of the surrounding area.

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5. Shitenno-ji Temple

Shitenno-ji is the oldest temple in Japan, worth visiting simply for this fact. Inside the temple grounds you can see an impressive five-storey pagoda that becomes illuminated at night, a beautiful Japanese garden, and learn all about Prince Shotoku, who is enshrined inside the main hall.

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