Seijin-no-Hi ~Coming of Age Day~ and Furisode kimono.

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The second Monday of January is a National Holiday of Seijin-no-hi, or Coming of Age Day.   The age of adult in Japan is 20 years old.  After you become 20 years old,  you can drink, smoke cigarrets, and have the right to vote.  On Seijin-no-hi, municipalities throughout Japan hold ceremonies for the new adults.  The 20 years old attend the ceremony with dressed up;  men wear suit and women wear furisode, or long sleeved kimono.  So this weekend, you will see a lot of young women in goregeous furisode.  The  picture below is my 20 years old's (decades ago).  


Seijin-no-Hi ~Coming of Age Day~ and Furisode kimono.

Furisode is very expensive. The total price for my furisode including obi sash, accessories, zori shoes  was 1million yen.  It may sound extremly expensive, but kimono is free-sized and easy to altering size when necessary.  So it can be worn by  others and usually  kimono is handed down from generation to generation.  Actually,  I lent my  furisode to the daughter of my friend last year.  It was a wonderful experience for me.  Nowadays, rental furisode at shops is very popular.  But even rental ones, it costs 200,000~300,000 yen ! 

Furisode is the most formal style of  kimono  for unmarried women.   Married women's most formal kimono (kurotomesode) looks much simple. Upper part of kurotomesode is  just black coloured without any design and just down part has gorgeous design.  That's because in Japan, to be humble is very important.  But unmarried women, they must show themselves. So they  wear long sleeved and  from top to bottom with gorgeous designed furisode.   Wearing furisode is very special for Japanese women.  If you are in Japan in this weekends, please do not miss to see them. 

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