Several scenes of Sado Island in 2016

Time flies!

We only have 2 more days in 2016.  Looking back, I've taken so many photos this year and I'd like to show you some of them.

First, this is a rock in Toyooka village with a tiny shrine on top.  I felt something spiritual when I went there.

Seisuiji temple in the snow.

 In Sado Island we have less snow than you expect. Snow clouds just pass over the island and snow falls at mainland Niigata with high mountain ranges.

It was a beautiful autumn day.  Cosmos field near Iwayaguchi.

Shimafumi, the bakery cafe in Mano!

It's just relaxing sitting on a chair and having coffee and delicious breads.  Osado mountains and Mano Bay spread in front of you.

 Sado mascot, Sadokky!

Yes, it's a combination of "Sado" and "toki", the endangered bird protected mainly in Sado.

 Famous cherry tree at Hojobo, small temple in Osaki, Hamochi.

 Mirror-like water!!

It's sooo clear and completely calm sea water in Tochu, Aikawa.

Huge turtle-like sole rock, Onogame with "Kanzo", a type of day lily in 50% bloom.

There is a torii gate and you go up to the top  to find a small shrine.  The view from the top is spectacular!

One of the 35 Noh stages in Sado.  This is Kusakari Shrine in Hamochi on a festival day.

The shape of thatched roof looks perfect, doesn't it?

Nature, the great sculptor

"Jinmen-iwa" or side view rock created by nature and beautiful sunset.

"Shimebari Villa" in autumn!

Lying on a platform built by Jun-san, the owner of the villa, you just blend into nature!

This is one of the gorgeous experience in Sado.

White and red "Higanbana" or "Lycoris radiata" or "Manjusaka" in full bloom in Shukunegi

It's quite rare to see white higanbana which blooms around "Higan" week in mid- to late-September.

Flowers encircle paddy fields and bring photographers every year.


Finally, sushi!

"Chozaburo" restaurant in Niibo serves not only fresh and delicious sushi but also other dishes like ramen or set menu.

Do you have many wonderful memories in 2016?   Me?  Yes, I have.  A lot.

There were many changes worldwide this year, some good and others not.

There are still lingering uncertainties here and there but let's hope for the best!

I wish you a Happy New Year!

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