Special tie between Tsuruga in Fukui and Sado

Japanese people cherish the idea of "ご縁”, literally means "tie, link or bond".

This is the Kehi Shrine in Tsuruga, Fukui Prefecture.

There is a small but special tie between this shrine and one of the branch shrines in Sado.

 The Kehi Shrine (気比神宮)is famous for this red torii gate, once registered as a National treasure and now an important cultual property.  

Along with the Kasuga Taisha Shrine in Nara and the Itsukushima Shrine in Hiroshima,  this torii gate is regarded as one of the three greatest wooden torii gates in Japan.


Second torii and the main building of the Kehi Shrine. Mainly enshrined is the "Izasawake-no-mikoto" , the God of food.  

Also another 6 gods are enshrined in this precinct.

This shrine was originally built in 702 as the chief guardian shrine of the Hokuriku region, more than 1300 years ago!  


On this explanation board about the torii gate,  you can find kanji "佐渡 - Sado "   in the 10th line from the right.


This is the branch shrine in Sado, also the Kehi Shrine (気比神社).

 On this board, you can find "敦賀 - Tsuruga"  in the 9th line from the right.

Special tie between these two shrines

From the explanations of these two boards,  the pillars  of the main torii of  the Kehi Shrine in Tsuruga was brought from the precinct of this branch shrine in Sado about 400 years ago.  And coincidentally,  I am a parishioner of this branch shrine. I had been curious about this explanation and finally could confirm the fact from both sides. 

This is trivial but gave me a fresh sense of connection to Tsuruga.

This is the sense of "ご縁” .


Sacred spring water!

In the precinct of the shrine, you can find this spring water, "長命水” or "water of longevity".

Of course, I had a ladle of water! 


The townscape of Tsuruga. 


Truruga has a long history, prospered as an important trading port domestically and internationally for a long time.

It's a compact city with varieties of sightseeing spots scattered in it.

Tsuruga is also a gourmet city, offering famous Echizen crab, fresh seafood from the Sea of Japan, Tsuruga ramen and more.

Make sense because the guardian diety of the city is "God of food"!

Easily accessible from big cities like Osaka or Nagoya,  I  recommend you to visit this beautiful city while you are in Japan.



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