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    Popular Guides in Aomori

    Hiroyuki Y.

    4.67(12) reviews

    As a national licensed guide-interpreter, I'd like to tailor your tours to meet your individual needs as well as show you around places of scenic beau...

    Miwi N.

    4.86(14) reviews

    Thank you for paying your attention on Miwi's tours. I am a tour guide with national licence of guide interpreter, especially good in Akita. A...

    Hisashi F.

    4.10(10) reviews

    Traducteur-interprète né à Aomori en 1967, je vous fais découvrir ma belle région natale. J’ai fait mes études littéraires à Tokyo et à Montpellier, ...

    Akiko O.

    4.78(9) reviews

    My name is Akiko, national licensed English-speaking tour guide. I'd be happy to help you in your adventure in Japan. I love traveling myself, and I...

    Azumi N.

    各位旅客朋友们,大家好!我是中文导游,中村。 欢迎来到日本! 您们在日本想看什么呢?想去哪里呢?想吃什么呢? 我希望大家可以在日本开开心心得玩,快快乐乐得赏。 我就会让大家感受日本新旧的魅力! 我是有6岁儿子的妈妈,也欢迎接待来日本亲子游的朋友们。 我期待着能与大家见面! ...

    Masaharu I.

    5.00(1) reviews

    My name is Masaharu Ishidoya and please call me ishi. I live in Hirosaki City in Aomori Prefecture. I lived in Amsterdam, NJ and Miami in the USA ...

    Kazumi(koz) K.

    Hi! I'm Kazumi Kawahata, please call me KOZ. I was born and grew up in Aomori, where the primal scenes of Japan are still in existence. Besides being ...

    Toru N.

    Hi! My name is Toru. I am a certified English speaking tour guide in Japan and I have lived in the United States for 11 years. I am a thoughtful, ea...

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