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Hiroyuki T.

5.00 / 5
(36 reviews)

Hi! I had been working for Wakayama Prefectural Government for 38 years, mainly in the field of cultural heritage management and international relations. I am a national certificated English guide and I have a lot of knowledge and experience in the field of cultural heritage management and international relations. I am very good at cultural heritages. And Koyasan and Kumano in Wakayama Prefecture are inscribed in the World Heritage List as parts of “Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range". I was a project manager of "the Koyasan and Kumano World Heritage Inscription Project” at Wakayama Prefectural Government. I know inside and out of Koyasan, Kumano, Wakayama and other places in the Kansai area. I have a lot of experience of guiding as I was also in charge of international relations for a long time at the government. I will be able to provide interpretive guiding service for you around Koyasan, Wakayama, Osaka and other places in the Kansai area as I am a cultural heritage management and international relations professional. I am sure you will be able to get deeper understandings on Japanese culture and that your trip with me will be memorable one.                                                                                                                                  

Yoshihisa T.

4.97 / 5
(146 reviews)

Hi. My name is Yoshihisa. Call me "Yoshie", please. It means good or O.K. in Japanese. I live in Joyo City, Kyoto Prefecture, located just in between Kyoto and Nara. I was born and raised in Iga, Mie Prefecture. Iga is a birthplace of ninja and a renowned haiku poet, Matsuo Basho. I might be a descendant of ninja. I aim at becoming a linguistic ninja, following a part of Basho's lifestyle with the incorporation of seasonal changes into my tours. In addition to visiting famous temples and shrines, I invite you to lesser-known places of historic interest. Once in a month I go hiking or mountain climbing with some friends mainly in mountains surrounding Kyoto and Nara basins. Recently I have got intrigued by the charms of Buddhist statues, which are manifestations of people's wishes and prayers. I also like izakaya (Japanese-style taverns) hopping, tasting delicious dishes and locally brewed sake at reasonable prices. Especially I like communicating with people from home and abroad, talking face to face. Some of the above-mentioned elements are included in my walking tours. I hope you will discover new aspects of cultural and natural beauty in Kansai area through one of my tours which you could never gain otherwise. One of my favorite phrases that come from Zen Buddhism is Ichigo Ichie or this meeting-but only once in a lifetime. My interpretation goes this way: This place and this moment never cross again. Each and every good encounter, however, lingers on like the sound of a temple bell. Won't you explore a deeper world of Japanese culture in Kyoto, Nara and Osaka with me?                                                                                                                                  

Tomoe S.

4.90 / 5
(72 reviews)

Hello! My name is Tomoe. I'm a national licensed guide interpreter(English). I made my page here, TripleLights in October 2018. Thank you for finding me. I was born and grew up in Otsu,Shiga, which is the next city of Kyoto. I graduated from the university in Kyoto and lived there for four years due to my husband's job. I like history and like to visit temples in Nara. My hobby is to plan trips and have visited many cities and towns in Japan and abroad. One of my favorite places is the AIRPORT!! I have enjoyed meeting and guiding people from abroad, to sightseeing spots in my country. I really want many people from abroad to enjoy visiting many places and have wonderful experiences in my country. I'll be really happy if I can have such experiences with you!! Please tell and ask me if there are any places which you want to visit and anything which you want to do in my country. I'll plan the trip only for you. I am cheerful and always positive. I like to talk with people. I would like to talk with many people from many countries. Please tell me about your country, too!! I'm looking forward to seeing you!! * If you want, I will take you back to your hotel (within the time or with the extra hourly rate) Or, I will show you how to go back to your hotel when we finish the tour. * If you want, I will give you some advice about what to and where to eat your lunch/dinner.                                                                                                                                 

Kazuhiko G.

4.69 / 5
(137 reviews)

Hello, I’m Kazuhiko. Please call me “Kazu”. I'm a national-licensed tour guide. I have a wife and 4 children. I was born in Osaka city near Kyoto, although I have lived in many places across Japan. I used to work for multinational electric company and I traveled to many countries (U.S., Thailand, Hong Kong etc.) on business. I have enjoyed guiding many foreign tourists in Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Hiroshima, Tokyo, Mt. Fuji etc. for many years. During your tour, you can discover a rich Japanese history spanning about 2,000 years, learn about and experience profound Japanese arts (tea ceremony, flower arrangement etc.), feel the spiritual atmosphere of Buddhist temples or Shinto shrines, see a breathtakingly beautiful scenery of Mt. Fuji, bamboo forest, Japanese gardens etc.. Moreover, you can taste Japanese cuisine that each season has to offer (Sushi, Tempura, Soba or ramen noodle etc.). You can get close to nature and feed wild deer or monkeys or even a build snowman in winter. I’m sure that I can provide a splendid tour of Japan that will be a lasting memory for you to treasure. Experience the mysteries of Japan with 5 senses !! Your memorable tour awaits you. Please feel free to contact me!!                                                                                                                                 

Koichi W.

4.92 / 5
(38 reviews)

Hi! I'm Koichi. I was born in Osaka, I studied in Kyoto when I was a university student. Now I live in Shiga next to Kyoto. I am a national government licensed tour guide. I have been guiding about 160 groups over the past twelve months. I usually guide my customers mainly in Kansai region including Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Kobe and Shiga by public transportation systems. Well, I am curious about Japanese history, especially the history of Japan's ancient times since I was raised next to the world biggest mausoleum of the ancient Emperor called "Nintoku" in Sakai city Osaka which has just become one of the world cultural heritage sites. I dug out some ancient earthen ware vessels around there when I was a primary school student like the adventure archaeologist “Indiana Jones" (It’s our secret!!). That was my hobby. Now, one of my hobbies is outdoor activities such as mountaineering, kayaking, skiing and others. So I would like to take you to some good places where you can enjoy Japanese unique nature. I love to guide foreign visitors from all over the world. I think it is my calling or heavenly given job. Let's go and enjoy together! I hope to see you soon.                                                                                                                                 

Atsuko T.

4.92 / 5
(24 reviews)

Hello. My name is Atsuko.I'm a licensed tour guide in Japan. I have lived in Osaka since I was born. I have guided many tourists all over the world as a volunteer for 6 years. I like showing my tourists my favorite places in Japan and talking with them. Osaka, where I was born and raised, is famous for foods, modern and ancient cultures. Nara and Kyoto, which are neighboring places, were ancient capitals in Japan. I'm happy to visit those places with you.                                                                                                                                 

Noboru S.

5.00 / 5
(7 reviews)

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Japan. My name is Noboru. I’m a national licensed guide. I was born in Osaka and spent my university student life in Kyoto. And now I have been in Himeji for over 35 years. These cities are in Kansai aea. So,I'm very much familiar with the sightseeing spots and attractions in the area, especially Himeji and its neighboring cities. If you are looking for someone to show you around the area, please join my tour. I will show you special local dishes in the area as well. Looking forward to seeing your smile soon.                                                                                                                                  

Masahiko T.

4.57 / 5
(7 reviews)

Hello, I'm Masahiko. I am a National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter.I was born in Kobe. Now I live in Hirakata city located between Kyoto and Osaka. I am very familiar to Kansai region especially Kyoto and Osaka and I can show you various nice places in this region. Kyoto had been a capital city in Japan and the emperor's residence from 794 until 1868. So there are a lot of historically important places in Kyoto. You must see them. And Osaka is the largest city after Tokyo and it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in Japan. There are a lot of attractions in Osaka such as neon lights at night, delicious local food, modern and trendy shopping streets, the amusement parks. I studied Chemical Engineering at a University in Osaka and have worked in Japanese manufacturers. I have been to more than 30 countries as business trips. I had many wonderful experiences at various places all over the world. Over the years, I have came to love travelling and showing beautiful and wonderful Japan to foreigners. I 'd like to share wonderful experiences in Japan with you. And I look forward to seeing you soon!                                                                                                                                 

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Kent T.

5 / 5
Sep 25, 2023


My girlfriend and I had an amazing time with Yoshi! It was our first time in Osaka, and we were pretty jet-lagged from arriving 12 hours earlier. But Yoshi's enthusiasm was contagious. So friendly. He felt like a friend from the very first minute. He was also very knowledgeable about the history of Osaka, having been raised here. He was also extremely game to do anything, as well as answered all questions we had -- food, architecture, history, etc. Whenever we ducked into a store (which was often), he was right there to make sure we were okay, answered questions, and was always checking his itinerary so we had a plan on where to go next. We also had lunch, shared some on-the-go snacks at local vendors, showed us how to work the add/fare machines at train station, etc. It was exactly what we needed -- someone who was patient, fun, and very comfortable to be around. We walked over 15K steps, so make sure you have your walking shoes on! We HIGHLY recommend Yoshi! We would definitely hire him again.

Yoshiharu K.

Dear Kent Thank you for your evaluation! I am happy to hear it. I am surprised you had over 15K steps. Maybe Osaka castle was far from stations. I tried to talk about other destinations in Osaka or Nara for your trip. I hope it was good for you. Anyway, thank you very much. Yours sincerely, Yoshi

Winston H.

5 / 5
Sep 24, 2023

Osaka & Nara

Spent 2 wonderful days with Kaori. Easy going and fun to be with. Knows the area well and speaks good English. She is very accommodating and is able to address your requests. We spent a great day in Nara. Thank you. Winston

Kaori K.

Hello Winston. Thank you for your review :) It was wonderful 2days spent with you :) We talk loooots of things to understand each other and countries culture. I wish you will be back to Japan with your family next time! Id love to escort you again!! Kaori

Jean-yves F.

5 / 5
Sep 20, 2023

Marvelous experience with Tokie

We spent a wonderful day in Osaka with Tokie. She is a very professional and knowledgeable guide. Tokie is friendly, dynamic and very resourceful. If we come back to the Osaka area we will definitely ask for her assistance again. A great lady who deserves a big thank you!


Ed L.

5 / 5
Sep 14, 2023

One day in Osaka

Have wonderful day visit to very historical places. Hiroyuki-San explains the fact in detail on each visit. Highly recommended. Also fulfilled my request without hesitation.

Hiroyuki T.

Thank you very much for your kind words. I myself had a wonderful time. I had a kind of new experience today. It was really interesting to visit there with you. Please come back to Osaka again, let's visit My Koya next time.

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