Explore the world of Ramen-Jiro, ramen I eat most frequently

A ramen enthusiast would know about Ramen-Jiro, which is famous for its huge portion and strong character. When I finish eating the huge portion, I always think I won’t come back again because of its overwhelming volume, I always order a small portion, though . But I cannot help coming again to enjoy its unique texture of the noodles and strong taste of the soup. Now I’ll show popular Jiro based on my personal preference. These are all small Ramen-Jiro I ordered.


Ramen-Jiro, Sakuradai features its smooth and chewy noodles. Roasted pork shoulder is arranged on top.


Rammen-Jiro, Nishidai is characterized by its thickly sliced roasted pork. Noodles are rather soft but served many.


 Ramen-Jiro, Hibari is one of the most popular places among Ramen-Jiro freaks. Its fluffy noodles are giving off wheat aroma. Roasted pork rib is rather small.


Ramen-Jiro, Kameido also provides Tsukemen, cold noodles accompanied by soup. I like its roasted pork rib and deep-fried chopped garlic.


Ramen-Jiro, Shindaita features very thick noodles and thick soup which goes well with the noodles. Its roasted pork rib has been getting a good reputation with customers. Rock music is played in the shop.


Ramen-Jiro, Ogikubo has newly opened. The chef has been a pupil of Ramen-Jiro, Sakuradai for years. His roasted pork contains less fat and rather thin, easy to eat for even women.


Ramen-Jiro, Matsudo is popular for its two kinds of roasted pork arranged on top. One is rib and the other is shoulder. The noodles are chewy and many.


Ramen-Jiro, Jinbocho is often said to be the most popular Ramen-Jiro. You never eat it without waiting in a line for over an hour. The thickly sliced roasted shoulder pork is very juicy and tender. The balance of the soup’s deep taste and the noodles going down smoothly is perfect.


Ramen-Jiro, Akabane is open only during certain hours of the day now. A portion is rather small but topped with so much thickly sliced roasted pork. I like the noodles’ unique texture, which is not too soft and not too hard, but chewy and smooth. The soup is also good.


Ramen-Jiro I most frequently drop by is Senju-ohashi. The master here always offers me some special service. This time he added some nori, dried sea weed. He is very creative and always thinking of something new such as home-made sesame oil with chili peppers. That’s why his ramen has become popular.

There are still other Ramen-Jiro I've never been. Ramen-Jiro is totally different from ordinary ramen. Ramen-Jiro enthusiasts say that it has established a new category of food, which is Ramen-Jiro. They say Jiro is not ramen but Ramen-Jiro. Why not experience this funky world?

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