Hanami or Cherry Blossoms, the Japanese Sense of Beauty

 Japanese people find beauty in the fleeting nature of physical things.

The beauty found in cherry blossoms is one of the typical examples which induce such feelings.

Cherry blossoms last only one week.

During the season it often rains, sometimes rain lasts three or four days. In that case, you have only one or two days for sightseeing blossoms.

Just because cherry blossoms are beautiful and pretty flowers are doomed to fall without being watched, people are attracted to them more and more.

Western gardens are usually constructed artificially and geometrically, while in Japanese gardens nature is an indispensable part.  Artificial elements are eliminated as much as possible in making them.

Nature consists of many natural components.  Some flowers are gorgeous, attracting your eyes. Others are modest.  Among them are flowers which are disregarded at all.

As you know, nature gives each flower its own role.

There is no social class in the natural world.

Even a flower which doesn't draw attention is equally desperate to live to serve its own function in nature.

Japanese people may associate this kind of modest flower with their own existence. 

In Japan there is wabi and sabi concept.  Wabi is beauty found in poverty.  Sabi is beauty found in oldness.

Japanese sense of beauty is deeply related to wabi sabi concept.

Such nameless flowers are also praised and admired for understated beauty.

Beauty may also found in things that we often overlook.


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