"Hina-Matsuri" (Doll's Festival) Food ! Don't miss it ! Only this time of the year you can eat !


Hinadoll made by my mother

Shirozake in "ochoko" which is a special cup for sake

We have "Hina-Matsuri" on March 3rd.  On that day we enjoy special food !

"Hina-arare" "hishimochi" "shirozake"

"Hina-arare" is colorful rice crackers.

I was told that .....

Pink ones represent peach blossoms.

White ones - snow. 

Green ones - young leaves or buds.

Yellow ones - rape blossoms.

Imagine !

In early spring there is snow on the ground and buds are sprouting under it.

When you look up, you'll find peach blossoms start bloom beautifully.

After that cherry blossoms come to bloom ! (*^^*)

That's spring in Japan !  What a wonderful moment !

Secondly, "Hishimochi" is  pink, green and white rice cake shaped lozenge. 

It's said that lonzenge shape represents the earth.

Now you know what these colors mean.

But there are some opinions about what these colors indicate.

According to another view, pink represents life and white does the earth. 

Nobody knows real stories .... (-.-)

Finally, "shirozake" is sweet white sake which is made from rice, "mirin"(sweet sake used as seasoning)  and "koji"(malted rice).

At convenience stores or supermarkets you can get them from the beginnig of February.

Why don't you try some during staying in Japan ?

It's possible only this time of year !

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I'm waiting for you ! (*^_^*)

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