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Snowy day in Hakone, we managed to return at last !!

I went to Hakone on Nov. 24th with my guests from Florida, USA.  It snowed in Tokyo after 54 years in November and it is a record in the history of snow fall in Tokyo. It seems not too bad in Tokyo as public transportations were operating normal. We took Shinkansen from Tokyo to Odawara and impressed with other Shinkansen's extrodinary speed of passing by at Odawara station. It was really impressive to witness the moment of Japanese great technology ! It is very smooth and safe as well and Something you must try for your memory of travel to Japan !! Then we went to buy Hakone Free Pass at Odawara station, the ticket talor applogized me that all the transportations are closed except the train from Hakoneyumoto to Gora ( see the above photo). But my guests needed to go, as they have no place to stay at the night. He asked me to tell the hotel that crazy Americans want to visit today. The hotel advised me not to come as there is no way but walk for 30 min from Kowakudani station. The road is very steep and even dangarous. But we took the train avilable and there are many foreign traverers by the same reason with us. Unfortunately, the train was stopped by a fall of big tree in front and all the trains were stopped as there is little room for the trains to evacuate another trains going down. It was about noon and we waited new information. At 14:00, they arounced that they started to remove the tree. I asked when it will  finish, the answer is 20:00 at the earliest. We were at a loss as there is no bus no taxi by the snow. It was a sudden snow and one irresponsible driver without snow tires leave his car in the road and the road was closed. There are many cars without snow tires, too.

 We were so lucky that we found a driver who accepted our hitchhike after staying about 3 hours in the train. My guests have two boys and the elder one became so nervous that he felt something threatening his life. We arrived to Hakoneyumoto by the van and returned to Tokyo safely. But I felt very sorry for the other foreign travelers left in the train until  20:00 at least. My guests were so happy to return to their hotel at last, as I had called the hotel and reserve rooms for them.  Best Meories of Hakone ?!

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