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    Tokyo Nature & Outdoor Tours

    3.5 hour Mt. Takao Hiking Tour with local lunch

    3 hours 30 min

    Mt. Takao Is a beautiful and lush mountain that is 600 meters in height. This is a light hike as well will take a cable car halfway up the mountain. You will have the opportunity to visit the “yakuo-in” a temple nearing the top of the mountain which you will be able to see some beautiful history about buddhist temples . Afterwards at the peak on a clear day you will be able to see Tokyo tower, mt. Fuji, or shinjuku skyscrapers.

    FROM$150/ per group
    Kahoko K.
    4.94(223) reviews

    Wonderful Japanese Gardens in Tokyo

    7 hours

    There are many Japanese Gardens in Tokyo, many of which used to be a part of Samurai mansions. This tour is for those who want to visit Japanese gardens.You can choose three gardens from the list of gardens shown in the itinerary.

    FROM$231/ per group
    Yuki K.
    4.73(289) reviews

    Cherry blossoms tour in Imperial Palace and Japanese garden

    6 hours

    You can enjoy hundreds of cherry blossoms in the precinct of Imperial Palace and Japanese garden (Roppongi or Kourakuen garden) where you can enjoy tea ceremony. After enjoying full blossoms of cherry trees, you can choose your lunch from tens thousands of restaurants such as sushi, tendon(rice bowl with sweet tempra) , Teppanyaki and so on. Let's enjoy together in one spring awesome day!

    FROM$216/ per group
    Kyoko K.
    4.91(54) reviews

    A day trip to Ashikaga Flower Park from Tokyo/Omiya area

    5 hours

    An hour and a half Shinkansen and JR ride will bring us to a station near the beautiful flower park. Sometimes it might take more than two hours from Central Tokyo. We will take an hour and a half at the park, where you can take time to take pictures, have some snacks or meal and do some souvenir shopping.

    FROM$115/ per group
    Yoko T.
    4.79(82) reviews

    Relax at Hamarikyu Gardens & Ueno Park/Tsukiji Outer Market

    4 hours

    Hamarikyu is a spacious Japanese garden, where used to be part of the sea. Strolling around at a relaxing place, I'll explain some historical events that occurred there. We would also visit Ueno Park, which also has some historical buildings and wonderful museums.

    FROM$127/ per group
    Yoko T.
    4.79(82) reviews

    Mt. Nokogiri Hiking – 2nd place of Deep Spot Ranking

    8 hours

    Mt. Nokogiri in Chiba prefecture came off the 2nd place of Deep Spot Ranking in Japan by Nikkei Inc. It's a little-known but a wonderful place where only a local guide like me can take you, and this is my unique tour. I would like to help you find natural and historical wonders and feel Japanese culture. I strongly recommend this tour to travelers who like walking in trees, and are interested in a panoramic view and Buddha statues.

    FROM$270/ per group
    Hideaki M.
    4.78(32) reviews

    My Favorite Okutama - Lake, River, Mountain, and Arts

    12 hours

    Have you visited major tourist place already and want to do excursion without being bothered by tourist chaos? If so, come to Okutama! This mountainous are of the west side of Tokyo has all elements of Japanese culture. Shrines, temples, dry garden, traditional arts, pottery making, hiking routes, water sports activities, sake brewery and hot spring! I can make a customized tour for your choice.

    FROM$251/ per group
    Kaori O.
    4.67(3) reviews

    bildhübsche Oase: japanischer Garten-Tour

    6 hours 30 min

    Sie besuchen drei japanische Gärten. Jeder Garten hat eigene Eigenschaft und eigene Geschichte. Genießen Sie bitte die schöne Landschaft und entspannen Sie sich bitte.

    FROM$200/ per group
    Yukiko M.
    4.67(9) reviews

    Trail Walk Tour to Mt. Takao

    8 hours

    If you have one free day in Tokyo, why don't you visit Mt. Takao, the three starred destination in the Michelin Green Guide? You can enjoy nature trail walk on the way to the top of the mountain. There is also an ancient Buddhist temple, Yakuo-in. If you feel hungry, you may have traditional soba (buckwheat) noodle with Japanese yam. If you are not confident in your strength, you can use a cable car or a chair lift.

    FROM$339/ per group
    Nobu S.
    4.58(71) reviews

    Edo Era Garden Tour

    8 hours

    Let's explore the gardens of Edo Era Tokyo! We can go through the gardens fo past shoguns and daimyos, merchant gardens, and gardens of the Tashio and Meiji periods. See the gardens change throughout the seasons and learn about the history of Edo Era Tokyo.

    FROM$231/ per group
    Keely M.
    5.00(2) reviews

    Off-The-Beaten Track!! Nogawa River Walking Tour

    5 hours 30 min

    Just 40 minutes from the Shinjuku, one of the busiest centers of Tokyo, you will see a scenery which was common before WWII but is rarely seen in Tokyo now. This tour visits an area which maintains an atmosphere of good old local village of Japan. We will be walking along Nogawa river, a small but clear river with several springs. The river has been loved and enjoyed by locals. We will also visit various interesting historic spots along it.

    FROM$123/ per group
    Yumi T.
    5.00(6) reviews

    Mt. Fuji Wonders of nature & hot springs 11 Hours

    11 hours

    Fill your heart with fresh air from Mt. Fuji along with the wonders of nature such as Narusawa Ice Cave, Fugaku Wind Cave and Aokigahara Jukai Forest. After the relaxing walk and adventures in those marvelous creations of nature, you will enjoy the natural hot springs at the foot of Mt. Fuji. The birds, trees and the wind will welcome you with serenity and purity of air. You wouldn't have to try anything artificial to release your mind to get the full relaxation. You will long remember the tour.

    FROM$348/ per group
    Tsutomu H.
    5.00(13) reviews