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    Tokyo Unique Experience Tours

    One-day Tokyo Tour In Your Own Way

    8 hours

    There are actually many ways to enjoy Tokyo. On this tour, you can visit the places based entirely on the places you'd like to visit! Even if you don't have clear ideas on where to visit/what to do, I can tailor-make your original travel plan based on your interest so that you can spend your time in Tokyo as you've ever dreamed of.

    FROM$291/ per group
    Koji K.
    4.87(85) reviews

    Experience a Tea Ceremony & Japanese Garden

    3 hours

    In this tour you experience a tea ceremony in Japanese teahouse. And we visit Koishikawa Korakuen Garden, the Japanese garden created in 1629, designated as the Special Place of Scenic Beauty and Special Historic Site of the country by the Cultural Asset.

    FROM$73/ per person
    Hiromi Y.
    4.56(25) reviews

    Sumo Wrestlers Morning Training Watch

    3 hours

    Our officially certified guide comes to meet you at your hotel and gives you basic guidance on how to properly watch a sumo practice at a sumo stable.

    FROM$177/ per group
    Tj tours C.
    4.30(10) reviews

    Unique bar-hopping tour

    4 hours

    Do you like to drink alcohol? Are you curious about Japanese unique bars which you can't find in any other country? Why don't you join my unique bar-hopping tour? There are two types of bars. One is small old bars, but feel comfortable and nostalgic for the '50s. You can have a conversation with the locals and salarymen. The other is themed bars, one of the most famous bars are Ninjya Tokyo and Shinjuku

    FROM$138/ per group
    Michiko M.
    4.79(70) reviews

    【Kendo】 Genuine Samurai experience in Tokyo

    2 hours

    What is Kendo experience? It is about swordsmanship, a traditional Japanese martial arts skill of the samurai, the path of the sword in Japan. The experience allows you to work with a kendo instructor who speaks English in an easy to understand way.

    FROM$148/ per person
    Kenshi N.
    4.75(4) reviews

    Experience Local Food and Drink at Izakaya

    4 hours

    Looking for a guide to explore local food and drink? You came to the right place! In addition to being an English & Spanish guide, I am a certified Wine Sommelier and knowledgeable about Japanese Sake. I can take you to traditional Japanese Izakaya style restaurants where you can enjoy variety of Japanese Food and drinks. I am available after 6:00PM at weekdays and after 5:00PM at weekends.

    FROM$125/ per group
    Toshi N.
    4.90(40) reviews

    Customized Tour for You

    4 hours

    Tokyo is full of attractions to the tourists. I'd recommend you travel in or around Tokyo whenever you want! I can make arrangement for your tour in or outside Tokyo (around Nikko, around Mt.Fuji, around Hakone, around Kamakura, around Yokohama, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba). Destinations are up to you. Just contact me where would you like to go. I've put so many things on this page. If you're interested, please feel free to ask!

    FROM$117/ per group
    Tachi T.
    4.67(3) reviews

    Yukata (Casual Kimono) Wearing Lesson & Tea Ceremony Lesson <Program upon Request>

    1 hour 30 min

    In this program you will have the unique chance to wear yukata (a light cotton kimono) with an obi (a sash) of your choice before attending Tea Ceremony. Assisted by the instructor, you will learn how to dress yourself in yukuta. After wearing yukata, you will attend the tea ceremony, and have delicious tea and a confection. For these programs, you can choose date and time.

    FROM$122/ per group
    Tj tours C.
    4.30(10) reviews

    River Cruise Tour: Odaiba, Japanese Garden, Tokyo Tower

    8 hours

    Let’s check the hustle and bustle of Tokyo from the peaceful river. A comfortable breeze and a lot of seagulls welcome you. This tour starts passing the stunning Tokyo Bay Bridge and the Yurikamome, an automated train line with no drivers. At Odaiba, you will enjoy amusement spots like Madame Tussaud wax dolls, Legoland, and the iconic Gundam. Take the cruise from Tokyo bay and head to the Hamarikyu Japanese garden. Enjoy the amazing sunset view from Tokyo Tower.

    FROM$268/ per group
    Shin Y.
    4.97(61) reviews

    Let's have a great experience of Flower Arrangement at my house in Tokyo

    2 hours

    You can learn Ikebana ( traditional Japanese Flower Arrangement ) with an explanation of its historical background while having fun. ( For 1 hour and a half )  Tea Time after the experience of Ikebana ( For half an hour )

    FROM$39/ per person
    Masako N.
    4.57(7) reviews

    Tsukiji Fish Market Walk ~ let's get into the world's largest market ~

    2 hours 30 min

    See and feel a secret of the world largest fish market now to support a healthy food “Washoku”. Why “Washoku” a UNESCO Cultural Heritage is so healthy and delicious? It is because of its freshness. Its freshness is realized by overnight work in Tsukiji. Please visit Tokyo and join our authentic tour with a professional guide to make a special memories!!

    FROM$88/ per group
    Tj tours C.
    4.30(10) reviews

    Tokyo by Bicycle One Day Tour.

    9 hours

    Let’s go for cycle! I want to let you visit as much as we can by bicycle on one day! Starting from most iconic spot ASAKUSA Sensoji Temple, UENO Park and local street Ameyoko, Electronic shops AKIHABARA, the IMPERIAL PALACE, famous TOKYO-TOWER and the hottest and busiest spot SHIBUYA and SHINJUKU to close our journey! You won’t believe how many good spots we are able to discover on one day!!!!

    FROM$260/ per group
    Christophe S.
    5.00(2) reviews