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Natalia D.

5 / 5
May 10, 2023

Excellent experience!

Mr Nobu is a wonderful and highly recommended guide! He's very client-oriented and helpful. Everything went so smoothly - from discussing and organizing a private tour to G-Cans to the actual tour. We're very thankful and hope we have a chance to organize something together again!

Nobu S.

Thank you very much for your review. I am glad to know that you were happy and enjoyed the tour. G-Cans tour is a bit special tour but would be interesting for people who like it. Looking forward to talk with you again! Nobu

Stefano U.

5 / 5
Apr 27, 2023

A relaxed and fascinating walk in the past with Sachimi-san

I was eager to explore the outskirts of Tokyo. I chose Sachimi-san because her tour was specifically focused on Kawagoe, an area where different past architectures merge: Edo, Meiji, Tasho, Showa. Sachimi could help me with the logistics. We could visit Kitain temple, where I was lucky enough to assist to a burning ritual and sutra chant, and then Hikawa, a shrine with a playful atmosphere. With her, I had the most delicious unagi I ever had in my trip (I am picky about unagi!). We strolled around in the joyful Kurazukuri street which is abundant of vintage shops, that I love. We visited a brewery, a really old soy many things, but I never felt any rush. Sachimi-san was always flexible and could easily read my interests. Time really flew! I hope to walk again in those streets in the future. If so, will be again with Sachimi-san.

Sachimi K.

Hi, Stefano-san, Thank you so much for such nice words! It was really a joy to walk the lovely town and I am glad you liked and saw a lot there. The lunch was also really good! I hope you will come back to Japan, then let's explore another off-the-beaten old atmosphere area! Thank you again. Please take care!


Ram C.

5 / 5
Apr 16, 2023

Super Helpful!!

Mr Yo was helpful in coordinating our visit to one of the private nurseries. There was a mixup of dates due to our fault but Mr Yo arranged everything one day earlier to our booked date. He is a very kind person. Grateful to him to make our visit to Bonsai Village a big success

Yo O.

It's my pleasure to guide such lovable families. I wish your mother in law successfully expand her Bonsai collection.


Brodie P.

5 / 5
Mar 27, 2023

Tokyo G-Cans/RyuQKan tour

Nobu was fantastic. Visiting the RyuQKan without fluent Japanese skills is difficult as you require your own translator and it's also an unusual request when looking for a translator. Nobu put together a plan for us including meeting time at the nearby train station and had confirmed the local bus schedule. He translated all the pertinent information of the tour for us.

Nobu S.

Thank you very much for your review. It is different from my normal tour guide job, but still interesting for me. I know there are various requirements depending on guests. It is my pleasure to meet each requirement. Thenk you again for having me as a guide/translator. Nobu

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Saitama Virtual Tours & Experiences

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