Best of Tokyo in half or one or two day(s)


Takano Y.

5.00(28) reviews
7 hours
Private tour (only you and your group)
Up to 4 people

One or two-day tour which covers best part of Tokyo with your personal guide who will give you neutral advice and information. Even if you are a first timer in Tokyo, you can visit locations of your choice; Asakusa, Tsukiji outer market, Kagurazaka Geisha District, Shinjuku Gyoen, Hamarikyu japanese garden, Imperial Palace East Garden, Meiji Shrine, Harajuku Takeshita-Dori / Omote-Sando Street, Shibuya crossing, Yanaka waking, Ghibli Museum or Tokyo National Museum and more.

Meeting Point

At your hotel or JR or Subway Stations

Tsukiji fish market (World largerst outer fish market)

Hama-Rikyu strolling garden (walking distance from Tsukiji fish market. Garden with seawater ponds, tea house and duck hunting blinds) 

Kagurazaka-- old geisha district with old teahouse, shrines, modern shops, french-style cafés and maze easily get lost

Asakusa with Sensoji Temple (If you have a plan to visit Kyoto or Nara later, this Temple visit can be skippied)

Tokyo National Museum or Yanaka Ginza, a reasonable priced shopping street which best represents an old town flavor of Tokyo from the past decades.

Meiji Shrine, Harajuku & Omote-Sando Shopping District and Shibuya Crossing

teamLab Planets, enter museum with barefoot. Immersive space in Tokyo filled with interactive digital artworks

Ghibli Museum and/or Small Jazz Live House in Kichijyoji

Studio Ghibli Museum is 15 minutes walk through Inokashira Park from Kichijyoji station.

Reasonably priced jazz live house located west side of Tokyo, 20 minutes train ride from Shinjuku or Shibuya station.

Imperial Palace East Gardens

Gardens of former Edo Castle offer seasonal flowers and original moats, walls, entrance gates and guardhouses built by the Tokugawa shoguns.

Ending Point

At your hotel or JR or Subway Stations

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Inclusions & Exclusions

What‘s included

guide fee, hotel pick-up in Shibuya/ Shijuku areas

What‘s not included

・transportaion fee (you and guide)---Tokyo Subway 24-hour Ticket – Adult: 600 yen


・entrance fee (if applicable)

・overtime guide fee (if applicable) $50/hour, $30/half hour

・hotel pick-up fee $10 outside Shibuya/ Shijuku areas

Important Information

Born and raised in Niigata prefecture, visit my mother and sister who live in Niigata city every month from Tokyo. Niigata has lots of attractions for tourists, including Yahiko Shrine/suspension cable car ride to the top of Mt. Yahiko, Northern Culture Museum where you can see the richest farmer's residence and garden, sake breweries with free sake tasting, castle towns like Shibata city or Murakami city, winter ski resorts with four meters of snow, delicious local sea food from Sea of Japan or from Sado Island/ fruits and brown edamame. It takes only two hours by Shinkansen train to reach Niigata from Tokyo.

Niigata prefecture and Niigata city each has a population of 2.3 Million and 0.8 Million, good sizes but much smaller than Tokyo, the biggest city area in the world. By experiencing both Tokyo on the Pacific Ocean side and Niigata on the Sea of Japan side, you can taste both modern gigantic city life/culture and traditional city/rural life/culture in Japan.

In addition to Greater Tokyo Area where I live, I will be happy to be your guide in any cities/areas on the Sea of Japan side as well.

My tour destinations outside Greater Tokyo area include Niigata-city, Nagaoka -city, Itoigawa-city, Sado island, Nagano city, Snow Resorts in Niigata and Nagano mountain areas, Yamagata city, Tsuruoka city, Sakata city, Kanazawa city, Oono city, Echizen city, Tsuruga city, Fukui city, Gokayama and Shirakawago which are World Heritage sites famous for Gassho-zukuri and Kyoto/Nara.

By engaging a professional tour guide, you would feel that you have an old friend in Japan showing you around Tokyo.

If you have your personal interests, you do not have to follow standard attractions and I will be happy to customize tour for you.

It is best to visit and see what you are interested in and spend as much time as you want. You have a CHOICE as this is your tour.

You can also obtain useful advice on how to use public transportation, shopping, choice of restaurant.

During the tour, you can ask any qusetions which normal guide will hesitate to even talk about.

Tokyo Subway 24-hour Ticket will take you most of the places and costs 600yen per adult, whic is a very good deal in Town.

Cancellation Policy

  • Free cancellation - 8 days prior to meeting time
  • 50% Refund - 3 to 7 days prior to meeting time
  • No Refund - Within 2 day(s) prior to meeting time



Dana P.

May 21, 2023

The city of Tokyo

We only had one day in Tokyo and had a long list of things we wanted to do. We were able to accomplish everything with the help of Yoshi! Yoshi did a great job answering all of our questions, putting together a great plan, and he took us to the best tempura restaurant we have ever been to! We highly recommend Yoshi as a guide!

Takano Y.

It has been a pleasure to talk and walk with a very young people from Midwest as I was reminded of my younger days. You are such a nice couple that I am sure that both you and your husband will be able to visit Japan at your tenth, twentieth, even thirtieth wedding anniversaries.


Peter L.

May 20, 2023

Diverse Tokyo

An excellent customized tour with Yoshi San exploring the sights and sounds of this incredible city. Yoshi San is a delightful, wise, and affable guide that brings a wide range of perspectives in the culture, history, and modern day dynamics of Tokyo. We also enjoyed some wonderful meals as Yoshi San is a true foodie. I would highly recommend Yoshi San for a customized experience of Tokyo.

Takano Y.

Thank you for using my guiding service for two consecutive days in Tokyo. I have really enjoyed the company of you, your wife and your friends who are all very intellectual, yet can taste the difference between authentic/good Japanese food and the average one. Hope you have a safe flight back to Vancouver


Barry G.

May 12, 2023

A perfect day in Tokyo

Thanks to Yoshi we had a perfect day touring Tokyo visiting places he tailor made for us. His lunchtime choice of restaurant was a special treat and so delicious. I highly recommend him to you.

Takano Y.

Hi Barry san, It was a apleasure to walk, talk, eat and drink together with you, your wife and your friends. Now I know that healthy food is both tasty and filling. Rooibos tea you introduced to me will become one of my favorites. Please enjoy the rest of your stay in Japan.


Malcolm N.

Mar 29, 2023

Great family guide

Yoshi is a great guide. He is really knowledgeable about everything Tokyo and Japan. He is a great ambassador for his country. We spent a couple of days with him and he was so flexible as you need to be when traveling with children (6 and 9, boys) in our case. He was able to balance the sightseeing of the museums and gardens with interesting restaurants and cafes (the Ninja cafe is a must) and ways of getting around Tokyo. He also gave us tips on where to shop, museums and galleries to go to and things to do in Kyoto when we took a day trip there. We really valued his patience with us and all the stories and sharing. If you're going to Tokyo then get Yoshi to guide you when you're there and your trip will be even better than you hoped.

Takano Y.

Hi Malcolm san, It is good to hear from you I enjoyed touring with you, beautiful wife and two lively boys. Your small boys handled Ninjya blow weapons as if they were real Ninjyas. Also you have brought good warm weather to Tokyo and therfore were able to see esrly Cherry blossoms. Hope to see your family sometime in the future again. Yoshi

$322/ per group

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Best of Tokyo in half or one or two day(s)

7 hours

One or two-day tour which covers best part of Tokyo with your personal guide who will give you neutral advice and information. Even if you are a first timer in Tokyo, you can visit locations of your choice; Asakusa, Tsukiji outer market, Kagurazaka Geisha District, Shinjuku Gyoen, Hamarikyu japanese garden, Imperial Palace East Garden, Meiji Shrine, Harajuku Takeshita-Dori / Omote-Sando Street, Shibuya crossing, Yanaka waking, Ghibli Museum or Tokyo National Museum and more.

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