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Yokohama City Walk - Highlight of Yokohama (8 hours)


Yuko O.

5.00(4) reviews
English (Native), Japanese
8 hours
Private tour (only you and your group)
Up to 4 people

Yokohama is a major port city in Japan, where the international trades started 160 years ago. You could experience exclusive 10 highlight visits & attractions along with beautiful harbor, nature, trade history, architecture, both traditional and modern! In Yokohama, we have all you,everyone want.

Meeting Point

Yokohama station or hotels in Yokohama

1.Sea side Walk (Osanbashi Pier, Yamashita Park, Hikawamaru Ship,etc. )

2.Yamate Area (Harber View Hillside Park, Exotic residential districts)

3.Motomachi Shopping Mall(Modern Shopping streets, Yokohama Brand-name shops)

4.China Town (Japanese version of China Town)

6.Yokohama symbol Architecture Towers (King/Queen/Jack)

7.Red Brick Warehouse (Inside is now a fashionable shopping center)

8.Minato Mirai Area (Cupnoodle Meusem, Quenn's Squrare, Landmak Tower)

Option 1) Sankeien Garden (Traditional Japanese Garden designed by a rich silk trader )

Option 2) Cup noodle Museum ( Enjoy making original cup noodles)

Option 3) Yokohama Cruising by Sea bass ( Enjoy cruising through Yokohama Bay)

Option 4) Noge Town Walk (Traditional Izakaya, a drinking place in Yokohama)

Ending Point

Yokohama station or hotels in Yokohama

What to Expect

You could go around all the major spots in Yokohama just for one day !

The tour schedule will be customized according to your tastes, which would be the only Yokohama tour specially arranged for you !

(Skip some places or Focus on specific attractions / Rush to visit many places or Go around slowly focused on limited destinations)

Yokohama is the window of world trades, the very start of international business in Japan.

Without Yokohama, Japan would not have developed into what it is now!

I will show you what's special with Yokohama, while walking together!

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Inclusions & Exclusions

What‘s included

1.Guide fee

2. Pick-up in Yokohama (Hotel or Cruising ship)

What‘s not included

1.Entrance fee (if you'd like to enter any facilities)

1) Sankeien Garden( For Add 1) : 700 yen / person

2) Cupnoodle Meseum, My Cupnoodle making (For Add 3) : 800 yen / person : We should get tickets beforehand.

3) Other facilities, if you request

2.Transportation Fee

1) Public transportation fee. (If you'd like to take JR line or bus)

 2) Taxi fee ( For Add 1) To&From Sankeien Garden ; 3, 000-4, 000 yen/ car, 2-way)

3) Sea bass (For Add 2) Cruising ship, different the departure&arrival area;400-700 yen / person)

3.Lunch, cafe

4.Hotel pickup in Tokyo (2,000 yen)

Important Information

Please refer to my calendar.

1. "Option 1) Sankeien Garden" is the most popular sightseeing spots, but a little far away from other spots. I recommend we take a taxi.

2. If you'd like to experience "Option 2) Cup noodle Museum", prior reservation is recommended. (The final starting time is 15:30)

3. Departure time of "Option 3) Yokohama Cruising by Sea bass" is fixed by time table, so we are to arrange the detail plan beforehand.

4. Option 4) Noge Town walk will be available after 17:00.

5. If we go around Yokohama, we can walk around all the area (except Option 1) .

I recommend we take a bus or taxi, depending on the situation. (the fee not included in the tour.)

Cancellation Policy

  • Free cancellation - 8 days prior to meeting time
  • 50% Refund - 3 to 7 days prior to meeting time
  • No Refund - Within 2 day(s) prior to meeting time


Sarah C.

Jun 17, 2019

A fantastic, information-filled day of fun with Yuo

Yuko is an exceptional guide. Her planning and care are meticulous. She came to our hotel a day early to drop off information and instructions for meeting her in our hotel lobby the next day. The sights seen and the tastes enjoyed with Yuko will become long-time memories. They included: the skilled preparation of a giant tuna for sushi; the many delicious seafood stalls with giant oysters, crabs and prawns; the most delicious chilled green tea and matcha green tea ice cream, made by a family who have been in business for more than 100 years, that is without doubt the Royal Royce of ice creams. We also enjoyed exquisitely designed Shogun gardens, a boat ride to view Tokyo’s Rainbow Bridge and then Tokyo’s largest Buddhist temple and pagoda built in 600AD. Yuko also kindly took me to Tokyo Station to set up my JR rail pass. What a great day! I highly recommend Yuko as a guide. Thank you, Yuko! I’ll be back with my husband to see you next year. Sarah Craig Sydney, Australia

Yuko O.

Dear Sarah, I appreciate your wonderful message. I am pleased you enjoyed the tour. The day I spent with you was really wonderful, Sarah. You are very beautiful, smart, and family-tought lady ; a good wife, a kind daguther, and a nice mother! You are the greatest lady in the world! I will never forget the day with you. There are many other places in Tokyo, so it would be appreciated if you could come back to Tokyo. I am looking forward to seeing you again with your family ! Yuko Ohmori

Flip V.

Apr 28, 2018

A warm bath

Visiting Japan, and Tokyo specifically, for the first time, we were looking for a private guide. Via Triple Lights we booked Yuko Ohmori, and she appeared the best guide we could wish for. The preparation, the motivation, the pleasure and the professionality she took care of us was impressive and very warm! She guided us for 21/2 days and from begin to end was magnificent. Breaking up when we had to leave felt like loosing a friend; although it at the same time felt as we gained a friend for life! Warm regards, Flip van Ellinkhuizen

Yuko O.

Dear Flip, Thank you very much for your wonderful review. I am really lucky to have a chance to spend time with nice guests like you, the greatest couple! April 22nd to 24th were the special days for me, because it was the first time to have been a tour guide for more than one day in my life! I am surprised 2and a half days have passed like an arrow with you! Talking with you about your country and ours, view of life, I felt myself not like a tour guide but we are just friends, which was another happy feeling for me ! Going around the sightseeing spots, I even found another beatuty and value in Japanese culture by being with you ! I was also impressed by your courteous behavior to everybody sourrounding us ! Everybody, from little children to seniors in Japan look welcoming you from their hearts! My uncle has visited Netherlands, and he says that's because of it a wonderful country also I should visit! Of course,I'd live to. I wish good luck for you and your wife! Please be my good friends forever! Best regards, Yuko Ohmori


Rosemary M.

Apr 27, 2018

Yuko is Highly Recommended

Yuko was prompt in meeting us at our hotel. She is friendly, caring and very organized. It was obvious that she had spent a lot of time planning our tour according to our wishes. We saw all of the sights that I had requested for our group of 4 adults. When I return to Yokohama or Tokyo, I will certainly contact Yuko again to arrange another tour for me!

Yuko O.

Dear Rosemary, Thank you very much for your nice comments! I'm happy you enjoyed the tour, and I will never forget smiles of your members on the face, which were really nice. All, you, your husband, and your friend couple, are really kind, friendly, and you are the great Emperess of the wonderful group! April 12nd was the special day for me, because that was the first time to have a tour of Yokohama, my lovely city, in Triple Lights. I appreiate you gave me a chance to meet all of you, who love Yokohama. After the tour, my husband I visited plant shops to buy a herb "Rosemary" for our garden, which has really nice aroma refreshing us. It is a memorial item, that would bring us happiness! I'm looking forward to your another visit to Yokohama or Tokyo, and see you again. Good luck for you, all your members, and the families! Best regards, Yuko Ohmori


Derek C.

Apr 9, 2018

Tokyo highlights

Yuku was such an amazing guide! We traveled with our 1yr old daughter, and Yuko was so nice and thoughtful of her. She has a bright personality and lots of energy. We ended up seeing a few places that were scheduled on our tour before our tour date, so the itinerary she had planned was adapted on the spot. She was flexible and so well prepared as she adapted the schedule to our needs and interest. She knew the best places for diaper changes and even child friendly restaurant. She was one of the most well prepared guides we used, and responded and confirmed everything promptly. You can tell she is a hard worker and will do her best to make your tour enjoyable. We really enjoyed our time with her!

Yuko O.

Dear Derek, Thank you very much for attending my tour, and I really appreciate your good review. You are wonderful famiy, and I was lucky spending my time with you! It was one of the most memorable tour I've ever had. , which was my first tour in Triplelights. You look like a 20s and 30s couple with young energy, thoughtful of each other, kind, with lovely wife and cute "Princess"! If you have another chance to visit Japan, it would be appreciated if you could consider including Yokohama in the itinerary! I hope to see you again in your future ! Good luck for your family, job, and all the life ! Yuko Ohmori

$180/ per group