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Shinagawa-kumin Park


Shinagawa-Kumin Park is a public park and was built in 1987.

It is located by the Katsushima Canal and is established under the theme of "Flowers, open spaces, water, and green parks".

You can enjoy the flowers and greenery of the four seasons, and it is widely loved by the inhabitants of the city as a park rich in nature.

300 pine trees, 130 plums and, 400 cherry blossoms bloom during the cherry blossom season, and it is crowded with families on holidays.


The park has a Shinagawa aquarium, a 10,000-square-meter artificial lake "Katsushima no Umi", a sports plaza such as a cherry blossom plaza and a fountain plaza, and facilities such as a youth baseball field, tennis courts, a pool, and a day campground.




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