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    Hakone Day Trip Tours

    Hakone One Day Customized Tour

    8 hours

    Hakone is a popular destination for a day trip from Tokyo and Yokohama, located 60 miles or 100 kilometers southwest of the cities. The beauties of nature – forested steep mountains, gorges, volcanic activities and a crater lake - feature in Hakone. We'll go around Hakone, using various means of transportation to explore the mountainous area, dropping in at must-see spots.

    FROM$398/ per group
    Aki T.
    4.78(49) reviews

    One day trip to Hakone

    12 hours

    You can enjoy one day trip to Hakone by using Hakone oneday pass and Romance car. Hakone is one of the closest hot spring spot from Tokyo and also has beautiful nature and culture. You can visit many parks, museums , shrines , touring spots and watch Mt.Fuji if weather permits.

    FROM$315/ per group
    Kyoko K.
    4.90(51) reviews

    Exciting Hakone - One Day Tour from Tokyo

    10 hours

    Hakone is one of the best sightseeing spots with beautiful sceneries and 20 kinds of hot springs. Take a Shinkansen (a bullet train) from Tokyo. After that, a mountain train that runs through valleys, a ropeway that allows you to view beautiful Mr. Fuji on a sunny day and cruising at Lake Ashi. Owakudani is the place where you can see the real volcanic activity.

    FROM$259/ per group
    Hideaki M.
    4.76(21) reviews

    Hakone: The wonderful world

    8 hours

    Hakone attract many people because of great view of Mt. Fuji, volcanic activity in front of you, various transportation, hot spring, historical site and etc. If you want to enjoy everything, you need to stay in Hakone at least 3 days. But you can enjoy Hakone even one day by taking golden route.

    FROM$338/ per group
    Hiroshi Y.
    4.94(32) reviews

    Hakone Highlights Tours

    Private Hakone & Mt Fuji View Tour

    9 hours

    Hakone is the fantastic tour spot covering panoramic view of various mountains including Mt Fuji, beautiful Lake Ashi, fantastic ropeway and cable car and historic remains such as the old Hakone Check Point.

    FROM$298/ per group
    Masaharu N.
    4.73(63) reviews

    Hakone full day tour by private guide

    8 hours

    Visit the traditional international resort area in Hakone with it's enchanting nature and history by the private guide, to whom Hakone is his back yard. PLEASE INQUIRE FOR THEIR RECOVERY FROM THE LAST TYPHOON DAMAGE BEFORE BOOKING.

    FROM$378/ per group
    Akira.k K.
    4.88(8) reviews

    Hakone (Owakudani, Boat Cruise on Lake Ashi, Hakone Sekisho)

    9 hours 30 min

    Feel the atmosphere of Hakone volcano, and enjoy the beautiful view of Mt. Fuji and Lake Ashi! Owakudani and Lake Ashi were made by the volcanic activity of Mt. Hakone about 3,000 years ago. At Osakudani you can see the sulfur vapor blowing up and beautiful Mt. Fuji on sunny days. From a boat on Lake Ashi you can enjoy beautiful scenery every season. Hakone sekisho (checkpoint) is a facility to investigate travellers which was built about 400 years ago. You can learn more about it in Hakone.

    FROM$257/ per group
    Hiroshi S.
    4.83(12) reviews

    My favorite Hakone!

    6 hours 30 min

    Hakone locats in Fuji-Hakone Izu National Park, which is about 2 hours away from Tokyo by Odakyu Romance Car or JR Line. It has been a very popular resort place with Lake Ashi, museums, Ryokan or Japanese style inns with hot spring etc. Moreover the beautiful view of Mt. Fuji is really breathtaking. To take many unique rides that connect the spot to spot are also fun experience!!

    FROM$188/ per group
    Eiko S.
    4.92(48) reviews

    Hakone Art & Culture Tours

    Hakone tour of scenic, historical and culture spots (Case1)

    10 hours

    This tour include several essential sights such as scenic & historical spots, traditional and modern culture spots, exciting riding experience and healing spot. You will be impressed with the magnificent natural landmark and mysterious power of the nature. I will help you to make interesting experience which include not only the common stories from standard books but also the unbiased stories.

    FROM$306/ per group
    Kashima H.
    4.57(53) reviews

    Hakone tour of scenic, historical and culture spots (Case2)

    10 hours

    This Hakone tour is suitable for the tourists from various world wide countries who visit Hakone for the first time. I will help you to make exciting experiences which include the unbiased true stories. For example, during the Hakone tour I can explain how Hakone area in the caldera (93km2) has appeared including Ashinoko-lake, various types of Onsen/hot spring and the history of Hakone shrine.

    FROM$306/ per group
    Kashima H.
    4.57(53) reviews

    Hakone, Enjoy Geopark and Traditional Culture

    9 hours

    Hakone has been boasting its beautiful nature and historical background. Many hot bathing spots, a beautiful and tranquil lake and a wild volcanic vent will welcome you. You can enjoy a gigantic view of Mt. Fuji on a fine day. You will find Hakone shrine, a check point house and an old cobbled pathway by the lake. You can also enjoy traditional local foods and wooden mosaic works.

    FROM$209/ per group
    Kaneo U.
    5.00(15) reviews

    Private Tours in Hakone

    Travel like a real local. With our lineup of varied tours we want to help you customize and realize your ideal tour in Hakone. Our guides can arrange for you to visit areas specific to your interests, so there will be no filler in the itinerary! Browse all the tours we offer in Hakone, and find the perfect one for you. The tours come in a variety of categories and lengths, so chances are you will be able to find the tour for you. Looking for something you couldn’t find in our lineup? Go ahead and send a message to one of the guides, they will create your tour for you! Teaming up with a local guide and getting their help in planning the itinerary is the smart way to travel, so let them sort everything out for you.