Nikko, we are the three wise monkeys

Nikko is nice place that tourist can feel long long sacred crispy space dating back to 10th century.  The climax is surely  The TOSHOGU shrine, boasting a lot of elaborated breathtaking animal shape sculptures on the building and gate.  Of them, the wise three monkeys are famous, telling us that good act attract good heart, so being no seeing, no listening and no telling unfavorable things derived from evil spirits.  We enjoyed posing three monkey in the rain ! 

 Lake CHUZENJI is calm place with holding a plenty of clean water.  It is well-known as higest lake in Japan.  We had an one hour peaceful cruise with breezing fresh air.   

 KEGON waterfall is so stunning !  Its height is 97 meters and incessantly showing cool freshwater.  This dynamic scene makes us the great beauty of Nikko tour.   Taking 97 meters elevater, we can go down to the lower observation deck facing up the water fall.  

 SHINKYO red bridge is believed to have the sacred story. It is said to be made by the founder of Nikko esotheric mountain, named Buddhist monk SHODO.   Exquisite harmony with red bridge and greenery forset are beautiful.    A rainy day is good as well as fine day. Her red umbrella adds the beauty on it.

 The gravel-paved path dotted with cidar trees from TOSHOGU shrine to FUTARASAM shrine is so serene and peaceful ! 

 On the way back to Tokyo from Nikko, we dropped by 130-year long history SAKE brewery, named KATAYAMA SHUZO in Imaichi city.   We could luckily tasted different kinds of SAKE glasses.  In addtion, the brewery owner, Mr.Katayama introduced us his interesting SAKE producing workplaces equipped with SAKE fermentation tanks and press-machines for SAKE lee to squeeze.   He is very friendly and nice person.  This is showcase housing various type of delicious SAKE, muh sweeter, dry -sweet, fruity and strong.  

Mr.Katayama, owner of 130-year-history SAKE brewery.  KATAYAMA Shuzo sake house is so nice !

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