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    Virtual Tours & Experiences in Kyoto

    A Night Trip in Kyoto With a Japanese Ghost

    1 hour

    As night falls on Kyoto and the crowds disappear, virtually join us to dig deep into Yurei (Japanese Ghost) culture and dark stories in Kyoto, Japan's ancient capital.

    FROM$66/ per person
    Gulay G.
    5.00(1) reviews

    SPECIAL ZOOM Tour for Kyoto Guide TAXI OPTION

    3.5 hours

    We work together to decide where to go and pick the time to connect on zoom and I will provide the tour. We can pick 3 to 4 places for me to visit for you and I will give you all of the information on the cultural aspects and history of each spot whike we traverse these locations using ZOOM! I will be traveling between the spots by TAXI.

    FROM$220/ per group
    Richard 'hawk' H.
    4.90(139) reviews

    Online Cherry Blossom Crawling Tour in Kyoto / Osaka

    1 hour

    Spring is a beautiful season especially to see cherry blossoms. Unfortunately this year you cannot visit Japan to see the beautiful scenery. But why not online ?? I'll take you to the best cherry blossom spots I recommend on the day. There are 2 plans depending on weather and blooming condition. 1. Live tour (guide at site) 2. Virtual tour (guide from home) Both are provided with beautiful scenery and the guidance about the place and Japanese culture by the experienced tourguide.

    FROM$48/ per group
    Tokie T.
    4.92(12) reviews

    Hidden Zen Garden (Autumn Edition)

    1.5 hours

    Experience the power of nature and art while you virtually travel to Japan and immerse yourself in the mystical Zen gardens of Konchi-in and Tenju-an. Led by an American Japanese garden specialist who has worked in the gardens of Kyoto, you will virtually stroll the gardens and hear deep insights into your surroundings that will allow you to appreciate the Japanese garden for much more than it's physical beauty.

    FROM$137/ per group
    Andrew W.

    Popular Tours in Kyoto

    1 day special customized tour in Kyoto

    7 hours

    Kyoto has many beautiful places to visit. I especially would like to take you to the most exciting spots in Kyoto in 1 day. Please pick a few of the options from the following sightseeing places and I will take you as many places as possible at a reasonable price.

    FROM$224/ per group
    Toshiyo O.
    4.63(156) reviews

    Your very own Kyoto Tour!

    7.5 hours

    This tour is the one and only for you. Kyoto was an ancient capital of Japan for over 1200 years. Embedded in centuries of history and culture, it offers too much to see in one visit. Here the ancient world is integrated with the modern. The phenomenal concentration of history and legend coexists with an equally phenomenal concentration of people busily going about their everyday life. Please tell me your interest, and I will make an itinerary exclusively for you!

    FROM$389/ per group
    Masaki M.
    4.98(130) reviews

    Kyoto's most popular sightseeing spots tour and enjoy a various kinds of Kyoto's specialities

    8 hours

    This tour covers 3 must-see sites and Nishiki Market. You can experience the most renownd sites such as the Golden Pavilion, the rockGarden at Ryo-an...

    FROM$125/ per group
    Hiroshi Y.
    4.59(229) reviews

    Half day special customized tour in Kyoto

    4 hours

    This is a half-day tour for the people who would like to visit Kyoto in a limited time. Please pick one or two sightseeing places from the following list and I will take you there at a reasonable price.

    FROM$108/ per group
    Toshiyo O.
    4.63(156) reviews

    Day Trips from Kyoto