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Okinawa Main Island
6 hours

A unique history and culture that related Kingdom era with present times. It was registered as a World Heritage Site in 2000. You can find and enjoy lively Okinawa and time-honored Okinawa.

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World War Ⅱ history course

Okinawa Main Island
8 hours

The battle of Okinawa was the only ground battle of World War II in Japan, fought and went on for about three months. This is the course which you need to go about World War Ⅱ history.

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Okinawa Main Island
6 hours

我在沖繩讀書、畢業後長年住在沖繩從事旅遊業、除了最地道的觀光景點之外、也接待私人特色包團、如安排潛水、離島無人島、船釣等、當然更特別的是騎沖繩短腿馬及季節限定釣章魚等。有關於夜生活及海邊趴踢等都可以諮詢。想要買家電找我也可以比免稅更優惠噢!價格都透明 I studied in Okinawa, lived in Okinawa for a long time after graduation, worked in tourism, received private package tours, such as scuba diving, uninhabited islands, boat fishing, and, of course, riding Okinawa short-legged horses and seasonal octopus fishing.You can consult about nightlife and beach kick.If you want to buy a telegram to me, you can get a better disco

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High-lights of Okinawa main island (7 hours flexible)

Okinawa Main Island
7 hours

Visit the most popular sightseeing spots on Okinawa's main island. Flexible tour time from 5 to 9 hours is based on your requests. Travel by a rental car driven by yourself or a guide(me). The itinerary, is a sample itinerary, so you can change places to visit and the tour routes and visiting orders under coordination with me. You can prepare a rental car or ask me to arrange a rental vehicle; I will pick you up and drop you off at your designated place.

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