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Miyuki I.

5.00(3) reviews

I am a licensed tour guide in Hokkaido. I have been working as a guide for about 10 years. I can work in Sapporo, and whole area of Hokkaido. Right now I live in Sapporo ,capital city of Hokkaido. Sapporo is the fifth largest city in Japan with 1. 9 million people. But if you drive one hour or so, you are in the middle of rural area surrounded by mountains and the lakes. So if you come to Hokkaido, it is guaranteed to enjoy urban sightseeing spots and food, at the same time, to enjoy soaking in the amazingly beautiful nature. I can provide you a basic tour, also a customized tour depending on the seasons. Let me help you to create memorable tours that you would cherish for a long time.

Michiko U.

5.00(6) reviews

Nice to meet you ! I'm a National licensed English guide. I grew up and live in Sapporo. I like traveling. I visited various countries for sightseeing and fascinated by their beautiful scenery, historical heritages and cultures. Those travel experiences made me rediscover the values of my homeplace. Then I started to relearn the history and cultural assets of Japan and Hokkaido. As a Hokkaido tour guide, I'd like to introduce to you various wonderful spots, especially Sapporo and its nearby places, where you can enjoy both cultural facilities and wild nature. I'm looking forward to seeing you all !

Hiromi A.

5.00(5) reviews

¡Hola! Soy Hiromi Asada, guía de turismo oficial (español). Vivo en la ciudad de Sapporo de Hokkaido, la isla que está más al norte de Japón. Es famosa por su bella naturaleza, por los centros turísticos de invierno y la cultura del Ainu (indígena de Hokkaido). Me gustan mucho el deporte, la música, el vino, y por supuesto viajar. ¡Vamos a pasear juntos a conocer otro mundo!

Wakako S.


Hokkaido , where I was born and raised, I have never lived abroad so that I want to know other country culture. I am national licensed tour guide. I had a opportunity to join a evnent for travel argency .

Akira M.


Hi, I'm Akira, please call me Aki. I am a Hokkaido native, born and growing up near Hakodate and National Government licensed guide interpreter. I used to be an elementary school teacher until retirement. I've been to the U.S twice to study the American educational system sent by Hokkaido board of education. I also acted as a volunteer guide in Hakodate city for more than ten years because as a civil servant, moonlighting was prohibited by the authority. After retirement, I started working as a professional tour guide mainly in Hokkaido, but because of the Pandemic, I soon lost my job. So I decided to enter graduate school of Hokkaido University where I studied Japanese modern history. So I am well-versed in Japanese history and culture. I have also learned about tourist spots around Sapporo. I have shown around foreign guests in Hakodate and Sapporo many times. I'd like to promote international friendly relations by entertaining foreign guests by showing them around beautiful tourist destinations in Sapporo because I like to communicate with foreign people. When you have a chance to visit Sapporo, Please contact me and join my tour. I know every corner of Sapporo and its hidden history. I look forward to spending a wonderful time with you. See you soon.

Kumiko N.


Hi,I'm living in Hokkaido,Japan.teaching English everyday,and sometimes working as a tour conductor or a tour guide both for Japanese and for foreign customers. and am a ski instructor in winter. So I can guide you to the many wonderful ski resort here in Hokkaido! My hobbies are tennis, swimming, movies, reading,and I am interested in history and culture. Hokkaido has so many attractive spots like beautiful nature, hot springs, active experience, and delicious seafood restaurant.I've been to Hawaii, Australia,Koria,and had exchange students from Canada for two months at my house several times.and I can offer you Kimono wearing experience.Hope having great fun experience together!.

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