Deep Osaka Food & Drink Tours (10 dishes included)

Food & Drink
English (Native), Japanese, Spanish
3 hours
Private tour (only you and your group)
Up to 12 people

Delicious Food, Amazing Drinks and Deep Culture!

We’ll discover 5 unique, delicious establishments on this Osaka food and drinks tour…1 restaurant, 1 specialized standing bar, 1 izakaya (Japanese style eatery), 1 backstreet stall and 1 market while also exploring the local drinks (craft beer, sake, chuhai, highball, plum wine, cocktails & softdrinks etc).

Andy kenji M.
5.00 / 5
(13 reviews)

Meeting Point

Dobutsuenmae Station, Exit 1, at the top of the stairs

06:00 PM

Dobutsuenmae Station, exit 1 at the top of the stairs outside Family Mart

-Meeting location

06:10 PM

1st Eaterie: Stall

- Local oden (broth infused with seafood, vegetables etc) PLUS

- Osakan large takoyaki “battered octopus balls”

06:30 PM

2nd Eaterie: Specialized Restaurant

- 6 x gyoza (2 types): the best dumpling you've ever tasted!!!....It's filled with ground meat & vegetables and cooked to perfection.

07:00 PM

3rd Eaterie: Izakaya

- “Maguro” Bluefin Tuna sashimi

- Mouthwatering Nikudoufu “beef and tofu stew” PLUS

- 2 x original yakitori skewered beef (sauce & salt options), PLUS

- 1 alcoholic/non alcoholic drink

07:50 PM

4th Eaterie: Outdoor Markets

- 6 x Osakan Kushikatsu which is lightly deep fried skewers (12 types available: asparagus, quail egg, prawn, kisu fish etc)

08:30 PM

5th Eaterie: Local Restaurant

- Osakan kitsune Udon bowl PLUS

- Tonpeyaki (Pork omelete) PLUS

- 2 x Karaage (Japanese fried chicken with delicious spices)

- PLUS 1 alcoholic/non alcoholic drink

- Desserts: (Markets): Taiyaki (redbean filled sweet).

09:00 PM

Ending Point

Dobutsuenmae Station, Exit 1.

What to Expect

Taking tourists to see a different angle of Osaka, going to parts of Shinsekai & the rarely visited, mysterious Nishinari. These are enclaves of amazing food & drink stalls, restaurants and establishments of all types. A food & drink lover’s paradise.

Guided in real Osaka, here you will fill the belly with some of the best food you will have in Japan and taste all those drinks you were always afraid to order. We have carefully chosen these hidden, original establishments in and around the markets serving totally traditional Osakan food & drinks (they don’t even have English menus). A genuine neighborhood den feel soaks in while the food & drinks penetrates the nostrils, tastebuds & stomach!

Remember our main objective is to feed your bursting appetite with delicious, local Osakan food and get you tasting some real tasty Japanese drinks….even getting you to try things you would have never had before (we’ll gauge how adventurous you are)…….you will leave feeling completely satisfied and full.

Osaka’s Shinsekai & Nishinari districts are a smorgasbord of tantilising food and drinks: exciting, fresh and a mix of old and new. Combine this with the history and culture….you’ll have a night to remember with us.

Get an inside look with our professional tour guide Andy.

Andy who is 38 y.o half Japanese & half Australian (spent more than a decade of his life in Osaka).

He has extensive knowledge of Osakan food, drinks, history and culture.

We hope this tour will be the absolute highlight of your Japan trip!:)

Tour Highlights:

1. Walk down quaint off the beaten paths, streets & arcades.

2. Eat the most unique, tasty food amongst friendly Osakans.

3. Taste some infused, rarely known Japanese drinks.

4. Witness a region almost untouched by the western world.

5. See bizarre, quirky, retro “only in Japan” establishments.

6. Traverse through the interconnecting maze of alleys.

7. Set foot in one of Japan’s famous knife shops (extensive range).

8. Discover every bit of ingredient of all the food you'll taste.

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Inclusions & Exclusions

What‘s included

-ALL the stated food IS included!!! A total of 10 dishes at 5 different eateries with 2 drinks along the way.

(from a selection of craft beer, sake, sochuu, highball, haichuu, cocktails, non alcoholic drinks)

-A guide giving you a very indepth look at authentic food and Japanese culture.

What‘s not included

Transportation fees.

Important Information

We can guide you everyday.

-We cater for vegetarians but please let us know in advance.

-Unfortunately we don't cater for vegans on this tour.

Cancellation Policy

  • Free cancellation - 8 days prior to meeting time
  • 50% Refund - 3 to 7 days prior to meeting time
  • No Refund - Within 2 day(s) prior to meeting time

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you give us a comprehensive understanding of the food we get?

Absolutely, this is a food tour, so we'll tell you what's in every bite:)

Im a vegetarian, is it okay to come?

Yes, at every stop we have varieties of vegetarian friendly food (BUT please tell us in advance…there is a space to write you food restrictions when your booking)

.I’m pescatarian, is it okay to come?

Yes, at every stop we have varietes of non seafood items, please just let us know about in advance.

I’m a vegan, is it okay to come?

Unfortunately we can’t ensure you a great variety of food. So the answer is no.

I can’t eat dairy products, is that okay?

Yes, most places are fine (just tell us in advance by email)

How many people generally attend these tours?

Small groups. But we do cater for large private group bookings of up to 30 people.

I’m a big eater, will I be full?

Yes, for sure. Absolutely, we will make sure of this….you will not leave without a full belly!

Can Children join this tour?

YES of course. Kids 6~11years pay the "children" rates. There is un unlimited amount of exciting activities to do in this non touristic region of Osaka that the kids would thoroughly enjoy:) We can adjust the food if kids are fussy too

Will you give us a comprehensive understanding of the drinks we get?

Yes, our guides are very familar with all the drinks on the list and all bars/ restaurants we go to. Ask a lot of questions

What sort of varieties of drinks are there?

There is a huge variety: craft beers, sake, chuhai, plum wine, shochu, cocktails as well as non alcoholic drinks.

How long will we walk for between the eateries?

We will walk for 1.2km in 3hrs. Just wear walking shoes or sneakers is fine. No special shoes required.



Michael K.

5 / 5
Jun 25, 2023

Awesome Osaka Tour

Andy was great, he orientated and educated us on Osaka in an easy going and informative style. We really enjoyed our tour and can highly recommend Andy. A must for every first timer to this wonderful city.

Andy kenji M.

Mike, you and your family were an absolute pleasure to take around. Be intrepid and take that less travelled alley.


Susanne F.

5 / 5
Jun 10, 2023

Best tour ever!

We had the Backstreet night tour as a private tour for our family of 4. What shall I tell you? It was the best tour of our whole Japan trip and we really enjoyed it. Andy did a really great job - he is outstanding, responsive and very careful when giving a deep insight in the „other“ part of Osaka. In between we had a lot of awesome food from local restaurants. We highly recommend this tour! Andy, thanks again! !!!


Denise R.

5 / 5
Apr 13, 2023

Excellent tour of Osaka

This was a memorable tour that showed us what Osaka is all about. Andy had a family emergency so he had Gorby tour with us instead. Gorby was so knowledgeable and patient and entertaining. We had a great Osaka tour even though it was raining big time. This was our favorite tour while in Japan!


Mark S.

5 / 5
Apr 4, 2023

Food Lovers Delight

A great night experiencing many different dishes. So much tasty food our bellies were well and truly full by the end of the night. Andy is a nice guy with good knowledge and life experiences which he freely shares. If you are looking to do something a little different then we can happily recommend Andy. Very little walking but a lot of eating and the odd drink as well. A fun night.

$134/ per person

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