AKIHABARA: Your Destination for Anime and Electronic Needs

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Akihabara as a destination for manga, anime, and game enthusiasts


Akihabara is now known as a home to the anime subculture in Tokyo. Everything related to anime can be found in Akihabara including anime specialty shops, manga and light novel book stores, specialty game shops, maid cafes, random street cosplayers, big anime billboards, and a whole lot more. Akihabara is sometimes called "Akiba" as a shorter term especially by youngsters. 


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A little bit of history

Akihabara, prior to being known as the anime capital of Japan, was once a famous district for electronic needs. It was once known as Akihabara Electric Town where you can shop for all kinds of electronic appliances, gadgets, and parts for relatively lower prices. You can also avail repair services on various household electronic items such as radios, television, computers, and the like. 


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Manga, anime, and game attractions in Akihabara



The GUNDAM cafe is a must-go destination for all long time Gundam fans. The cafe features a unique and original menu inspired by the Gundam series. The staff are also beautifully dressed as your favorite Gundam characters. 


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Maid cafes

Maid cafes are places where you can dine while being served by young and cute ladies dressed in lovely maid outfits. Maid cafes are scattered all around Akihabara. It is also not unusual if you pass by some maids calling out for customers while you stroll the streets. 


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Tokyo Anime Center

The Tokyo Anime Center is located in Akihabara Crossfield. The place exhibits a display of anime and game-related merchandise. Live concerts, host events, and launching fairs are also regularly held in the Tokyo Anime Center. Of course, an official shop filled with anime merchandise is also available.


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Akihabara Gamers

The head branch of the Gamers store in Akihabara sells not only merchandise of anime and game characters, but also a wide variety of anime, manga, and game CDs, DVDs, magazines, and books, which makes it a perfect destination for enthusiasts.


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Super Potato

If retro gaming is your style, then Super Potato is the place to go. Super Potato is probably the most famous game shop in the area. It features several floors of pure gaming fancy with the top floor as a gaming arcade.


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Toranoana, similar to Mandarake and Animate, is yet another heaven for anime lovers. A wide array of merchandise and books can be bought from this store. Doujinshi or fanmade comics are also sold here.



Akihabara has more in store for you


Akihabara, despite becoming famous into the anime subculture, still preserves its nature of being a center for electronics and gadgets up till now. In fact, a lot of the prominent establishments in Akihabara including famous electronics stores such as Yodobashi Camera, Sofmap, and Yamada Denki are frequented by locals and foreign tourists alike. 


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