10 Must-Go Shopping Destinations in Shibuya

by GoWithGuide travel specialist

Shibuya is a popular shopping district within Tokyo where you can find a variety of places for entertainment and recreation such as shopping malls, restaurants and bars, karaoke centers, and more. Tourists who visit Japan almost always include shopping as one of their objectives, and I, too, think that coming to Japan definitely requires some fab shopping experience. So if you have no idea where to go on your first step to Tokyo’s shopping district, Shibuya, then let this list serve as a quick guide for you.


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1. Shibuya 109 

 Shibuya’s fashion paradise

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Shopping category: Fashion 

Shibuya 109 is a 10-floor fashion shopping mall loaded with mini-shops where you can buy trendy clothes, extravagant accessories, branded make-up and beauty paraphernalia, and hard-to-find stylish shoes and boots of the latest trend in Tokyo. It is one of those high-rise iconic buildings you will see upon stepping in Shibuya’s grounds, and is almost considered as a tourist attraction in Tokyo. 
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2. Shibuya Hikarie  

 It’s about elegance, class, and style.


Shopping category: Fashion, Homeware 

Shibuya Hikarie is one of those newest shopping malls in Shibuya famous for its uniquely-themed floors, fashion boutiques, and housewares outlets. Aside from clothing and homeware, a variety of restaurants are also present within the building’s halls. 

It’s also famed as a Tokyo skyscraper with a rank of 52nd in terms of building height. Shibuya Hikarie is an establishment built together with the efforts of reconstructing a new image for Shibuya. 
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3. Shibuya Parco

The home of pop culture in Shibuya

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Shopping category: fashion, entertainment, pop culture

Shibuya Parco is an establishment which caters to both your Tokyo life entertainment and shopping needs. The famous Mugiwara ONE PIECE shop and My Melody Café can be found within Parco’s shopping complex, as well as the Shibuya Pop Culture Market, which features an entire floor of Japanese mixed pop fashion clothes and items. 
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4. Tokyu Hands

 The way to a more creative lifestyle

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Shopping category: DIY, arts and crafts

 Tokyu Hands is an 8-floor building that focuses on DIY materials and craft items, from a wide selection of stationery, art supplies, outdoor equipment, interior accessories, travel items, fancy goods—anything you need for your DIY and craft projects can be bought at Tokyu Hands. 
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5. Don Quijote 

Shop through the merchandise labyrinth

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Shopping category: miscellaneous, arts and crafts, souvenirs, gift items 

Don Quijote, or is also popularly called as “Donki,” is a one-stop miscellaneous shopping mall dedicated to selling anything totally random. It is one of Japan’s largest discount stores and offers items at a cheap value. 
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6. Shibuya Loft 

Shop and spice up your everyday lifestyle

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Shopping category: arts and crafts, miscellaneous, homeware

Shibuya Loft is a shopping establishment for hobby and craft items similar to Tokyu Hands. It features 7 floors of various goods and commodities such as accessories, beauty and cosmetic products, gift items, clothing, snacks, stationery goods, home interior decors, kitchen and bath accessories, furniture, travel goods, and a wider selection of other lifestyle items. 
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7. Shibuya Mark City

Non-stop shopping at Shibuya station


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Shopping category: fashion, food 

Shibuya Mark City is a shopping complex directly connected to the JR Shibuya station. The goods sold in Mark City are usually women’s fashion and accessories, plus a wide range of shops and restaurants which can also be found within the complex. 
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8. Disney Store

Let’s go some fantasy Disney shopping at Shibuya

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Shopping category: merchandise, gift items, souvenirs

Within the boundaries of the Shibuya Koen-doori lies the famous Disney Store which is based on a Disney Fantasy Gate concept design. The Disney-themed shop sells original Disney merchandise of well-known characters from series such as Mickey and Friends, Pooh and Friends, Disney Princesses, Disney-Pixar animated films, and more. 
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9. Tower Records

 Japan’s largest music retail store

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Shopping category: music, books

Tower Records is known to be Japan’s largest music retail outlet. Its branch in Shibuya which has gone a major overhaul in the past few years now has 8 floors full of music record goods (both new arrivals and back catalogue stocks), a mini book shop under the name “Tower Books”, a relaxing café at the 2nd floor, plus a live streaming area in their basement floor with extra space for live performances and exhibitions. 
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10. Seibu

 More shopping at Seibu Department Store

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Shopping category: fashion, homeware 

Seibu is a 10-floor ladies’ and men’s fashion department store which is divided into two buildings adjacent to each other. Wing A is concentrated on ladies’ fashion and accessories while Wing B is on men’s and children’s fashion and accessories. 
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Have a great shopping day at Shibuya!   

Shopping will most likely be part of every traveler’s itinerary. Whether you are eyeing for clothes, accessories, souvenirs, gift items, rare items, or limited edition goods, it is always a good idea and will always be a good memory to drop by shops and malls in any foreign country you visit. It is not only a way to give yourself a treat, but is also a means to discover another land’s culture and way of living. If you are looking for someone to help you navigate the busy streets of Shibuya, feel free to send a message to any of the local Tokyo guides at GoWithGuide. If you are looking to incorporate shopping as a part of your tour of Japan, take a look at the various tours that GoWithGuide offers, and start your booking journey! 

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