Autumn Leaves, and 5 Other Reasons To Visit Japan in Autumn

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6 Reasons to Visit Japan in Autumn

When you look out of the window you probably don't need reminding; autumn has officially begun. Drippy noses, scarves and lots and lots of rain. But! Autumn also brings joy to the people! At least in Japan, it does...

Japan in the Fall
Do you have a trip planned to the country of the rising sun this fall? Lucky you! Here are 6 things you shouldn’t miss while you’re there. If you haven’t booked a trip yet, here are the 10 excuses you can use to persuade your partner (or yourself) to get on a plane and visit the land of the rising sun (and sushi)!

1. Autumn leaves

This should really be reason one, two AND three. The leaves turn bright red and yellow all over the country in the fall. Going downwards from the most northern part of Japan, Hokkaido, in September, autumn leaves can be enjoyed in Tokyo and Kyoto around early November, and in the southern island of Kyūshū around November/early December. For the best spots around Tokyo, click here. For some tips around Kyoto/Osaka, click here. Visiting Kyūshū? Click here.

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2. Temperature

Sun seekers need not worry in Japan when they visit there in the fall. The summer, although perhaps sunnier, is too hot to handle if you ask me. And not in a good way. Read more…


3. Beer!

Beer. Maybe not the first thing that pops in mind when you think of Japan, but man do they love their beers! If you were to visit all the different Oktober-fests they hold around the country you’d have a very busy autumn. And even for those visiting Japan during another season: don’t worry, there are still loads of Oktober-fests to choose from during the rest of the year. Good thing Japan always adjusts foreign traditions to their own convenience… See here a selection of different beer festivals in Japan.

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4. University Festivals

In September, when Japanese students go back to school after the summer recess, gakusai, or students’ festivals, are held everywhere. These are really cool to visit, because they give you an insight in the lives of university or college students. Although it can seem a bit like an in-crown event, if you are bold enough to just mingle in there, people are usually very friendly and try and talk to you in their best English. Some tips on where to go.

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5. Halloween

Of course not a traditionally Japanese festival, but who cares! All of Tokyo goes crazy with Halloween. Coming from Europe myself, I was quite surprised by the amount of work people put in their costumes. Though there’s not ‘trick or treat’ element, many clubs and bars hold special Halloween nights. Read more…

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6. Interesting Cyber Culture Events

The essence of Japanese hi-tech culture happens in fall. Visit Japan Robot Week (15-17 Oct 2014) and the Tokyo Game Show (20-21 Sep 2014) for new inspiration on (semi-)automated people, cross-dressers and the newest of the newest on hi-tech gadgets and games.

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