Bus tours in Tokyo - Cost, where to find, and more

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I bet that you would want to make the most out of your trip in Tokyo. You would want to spend your day in Tokyo in the most efficient way, and see as many things as possible, right?


Sometimes, the best way to get around the best places in Tokyo is by taking the bus tours. However, sometimes finding a bus tour that fit your preferences might prove to be a difficult task.


Don’t worry!


Finding bus tours in Tokyo is not as difficult as you think! I promise you that by the end of this article, you would have no problem finding the best option for you. Let’s read on!

About Sightseeing Bus Tours in Tokyo

Are you tired of scheduling and planning your travel itinerary in Tokyo? If you are, then maybe taking Tokyo city tour bus is the best option for you.

Luckily, Tokyo has several sightseeing bus tours which you can book easily. Some of them also offer their services in several other languages. They also have the option of the usual buses, double-decker buses, and there are even amphibious buses!

Finding the Right Bus Tours in Tokyo

By now, you might be considering of booking a bus tour for your trip in Tokyo. It clearly saves you the trouble of navigating your way through Tokyo’s complex transport system.


The real question is,...

How do you find one?


If you want to join one, you can simply go to the company’s website and book a tour. Some of them also accept reservation by phone. Other companies also offer bus tours without reservation but it would be a gamble. I would not recommend not reserving a tour since you’d never know if it’s full or not.


Each company that offers city tour buses have a list of specific services that they provide in the tour. So, make sure that you have chosen the best bus tour itinerary that fits your taste before you book!

Costs of Bus Tours

Tokyo has several companies that provide sightseeing bus tours with a different range of prices. It all depends on the routes and services that you choose.

The tours cost ranged from as low as 3,500 - 20,000 yen. Some also provide optional lunch and wifi available in bus services. It also depends on how long does it takes to complete the tour. The shortest tour course takes around 4 hours, and full day tours take around 8 to 9 hours.

Where to find the perfect bus tours for you?

One thing you need to remember:


Booking a bus tour could be a gamble. You will never quite know if a tour is worth its price or not until you actually join it.

If you do decide to book a city tour bus tours, I would recommend booking from the Triplelights website. They offer a vast option of guided bus tours in Tokyo and other destinations too, with reasonable costs. It is all according to your needs and preferences.

Recommended Bus Tours

Since spring is coming up soon, you might want to visit the best spots to see the Sakura flowers in full bloom. In that case, I recommend this Visit Top 4 Sakura Watching Spots within Tokyo Area, Aquarium of Kasai Rinkai Park, Buffet Lunch! bus tour. This sightseeing guided bus tour will take you to the best parks around Tokyo where you'll get the best view of the Sakura flowers.


If you want to visit the best tourist spots around Tokyo, then I suggest you join the AMAZING TOKYO sightseeing bus tour. This 9 hours full-day tour will bring you to Tokyo must-see landmarks.


Of course, if you want to see all the other recommended bus tour options around Tokyo, then you might want to check this list. Not only that, but you would be able to check out all the available bus tours in places other than Tokyo for your next holiday trip!


Private Car Tours

If you think that perhaps bus tours are not for you, you might want to check the list of recommended private car tours. Some of the private car tours also include drivers that are able to communicate in English to make sure you get the best trip as possible. 


You could also book private taxi tours that you can customize by yourself. That way, you can definitely visit all the places that are on your wishlist!


I hope this article gives you all the information you need regarding Tokyo city bus tours, how to find them, and how much they will cost. I hope you'll have a great holiday in Tokyo!


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