10 of Japan's Most Unusual Vending Machines

by GoWithGuide travel specialist


Vending machines have already become a part of the Japanese way of living. Believe it or not, the Japanese use vending machines for almost everything, which foreigners who are not accustomed to this kind of culture find very disturbing. Vending machines are preferred most probably for the sake of convenience and speed, especially for the Japanese who are always on the go and have less time to waste.


I will now introduce you to “some” of the usual vending machines you can find in Japan.


1. Fresh Eggs

Do you like it sunny side up, or scrambled?

Photo from jpcoast.com


Eggs are used in a large variety of Japanese food, from rice meals to omelettes, and side dishes so it is not that surprising anymore to know that Japan sells their farm fresh eggs through vending machines. This particular type of vending machines contain bags of fresh eggs locked inside separate compartments. What you need to do is insert your Japanese yen coins (or PASMO or Suica cards), unlock the compartment, and claim your fresh eggs ready for cooking! Read more!


2. Bananas

Grab a banana while on the go!

Photo from nack-audio.com


Japanese people who are always on the go will need some fresh chilled fruits to give them additional energy throughout the day. Japan's banana vending machines grant this wish and spare the busy buddies of the hassle of spending too much time lining up inside convenience stores. Read more!


3. Umbrellas

Oh dude, it's raining vending machines!

Photo from blog.livedoor.jp/tadgv73a


What would you do if it suddenly rains and you realized you left your precious little umbrella at home or at work? You would not want to jump on puddles and soak yourself in the rain to get to the nearest convenience store to buy yourself an umbrella, but then realize you are already soaking wet to equip one anyway. This is why umbrella vending machines exist. Yeah, they do exist, bud. Read more!


4. Newspapers

Latest news fresh from inside the machine

Photo from photozou.jp


Did I already mention Japan uses vending machines for everything? Newspapers are not an exception. Japanese business men are one of the main patrons of Japanese newspapers despite the availability of news articles uploaded daily on the internet. Inside a train, you would normally find one or two of them in their suit and ties reading newspapers they got from either a nearby stall, or a newspaper vending machine. 


5. Flowers

“Flowers for you, Hon!” - Love, Your Vending Machine

Photo from deepkazuno.exblog.jp


Want to buy flowers for your beloved one but have no more time to pass by a flower shop? Japan has a quick solution for you—the flower vending machine! Avail fresh flowers with convenience and speed minus all the hassles of going to a flower shop. Read more!


6. Business Cards

I heard you wanted a card with your name on it

Photo from roppongi-funsui.way-nifty.com

Business cards are a trend in Japan even with the young people. So if you want to have a unique name card of your own, but do not have the talent in designing stuff by yourself, then why not try one of these cool design-your-own name card vending machines? They are convenient, fast, and ready to print once you are contented with your design! Read more!


7. Vegetables

Veggies from your neighborhood vending machine!

Photo from wakasa15thfd.wordpress.com


In times when you are just too lazy to walk all the way to the nearest grocery, pick up a basket, do your shopping, and line up at the counter, these vegetable vending machines come in handy. You can see them both in residential areas of the city, and rural areas of Japan. Read more!


8. Rice 

You eat rice? You must be Asian!

Photo from chiikishigen-ken.at.webry.info


Rice is a staple food in Japan, and rice vending machines are nothing but common. You can choose from a variety of rice put in bags inside compartments, insert your Japanese yen coins in the coin slot, and get your rice bags! Read more!


9. Bra 

I thought I couldn't buy lingerie anymore

Photo from blog.livedoor.jp/tomoko0911-pukupuku


One of Japan's recent vending machines is the bra vending machine released by Wacoal, a famous manufacturer of women's lingerie. Size charts are also available for the easy choice of interested customers. Read more!


10. Paper Fortunes

Know your fortune from a vending machine!

Photo from nakanoyoshie.com


Omikuji, or “fortune papers” are folded strips of papers available in Japanese shrines and temples that contain random fortunes. It is very popular in Japan and you can buy some fortune strips once in a while especially during those times when you are just curious on what's up for you. They are commonly placed for draw inside wooden boxes, but there are also some places in Japan which offer them in vending machines. Read more!


11. Beer and Liquor

I am craving for some...

 Photo from lets-have-a-beer.com


Since beer is really popular to Japanese salary men, having beer and liquor vending machines isn't a bad idea at all. Not to mention you can grab a can of beer quick and easy if you luckily pass by a vending machine that dispenses alcoholic beverages. Read more!



Vending machines for anything!


Let's face it! Japan has vending machines for anything, anywhere, everywhere. We cannot anymore deny the conveniece of vendos especially in our generation today, where everything must be fast, easy, and automated. But there will come a time where shopping items on your own will be missed as a one of a kind experience, and should never be forgotten. 


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