Wifi In Japan- An easy access!

by GoWithGuide travel specialist

Wifi In Japan- An easy access!

The pricing for a smart phone rental or a rental SIM card service for both mobile phones and tablet is very limited and pretty expensive. The same is the case with pocket Wifi devices. However, the pocket Wifi can be used to connect several instruments like a laptop, tablet and mobile phone with the help of one router provided it has to be use for a period of 3-4 hours (Yes, the battery runs out very fast on the pocket wifi devices). The growth of telecom sponsored WIFI networks is the best and the cheapest way to get the internet connection. It is availabe almost every 500 mts in Japan and one doesn’t have to empty his pockets for the same. 

Here is your guide to free Wifi services in Japan:

  • Japan Connected free Wi-Fi

This is a mobile phone app that can be downloaded from Google play or apple store.  Under this application, free Wifi can be accessible in around 82000 spots including the major international airports, JR train stations, shinkansen, major sightseeing spots and convinience stores.            

For further information please access the below mentioned website: http://www.ntt-bp.net/jcfw/en.html

  • Tabimori Smart Phone App  

Tabimori is a smartphone application provided by Narita International Airport that can be used in conjunction with the Japan Connected-Free Wi-Fi app. It presents information about transport (including trains and transfers), money (including details on cash machines and the latest exchange rates), shopping, and dining. Information accessed by the app online is automatically stored internally so that it can be viewed again without the need for Internet access. This means that, for example, users can get the latest updates on the information they need via the free Wi-Fi at their hotels, etc., and then browse through the information anytime, anywhere during their trip without having to connect to the Internet. Tabimori can be installed from the Google Play or the Apple App Store.              

For further information please access the below mentioned website: http://www.narita-airport.jp/en/fun/app/tabimori/index.html  

  • NTT East Free Wi-Fi Japan  

This service allows foreign visitors free 14-day wi-fi access at a wide variety of locations in eastern and northern Japan.  

Method to use this service is as follows:

1)     Get a free Wi-Fi card just by presenting your passport!

2)      Enter the wifi ID and password where you can see the NTT East Free Wi-Fi logo

3)      Enjoy using the free services for 14 days (336 hours)  

Free wi-fi cards containing a service ID and password can be obtained at the following locations: Select Travelex foreign exchange shops, Select Isetan, Mitsukoshi, Keiō, and other department stores,  Many major tourist spots such as Mount Fuji, Akihabara, Ginza, Harajuku, and the Tokyo Skytree. 

For further information please access the below mentioned website:  

http://www.nippon.com/en/features/h10011/ .


  • Docomo Wi-Fi for visitor

Docomo Wi-Fi for visitor” covers all of Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa. The service uses approximately 150 thousand Wi-Fi hotspots across Japan, the most among any public Wi-Fi service in the country. An additional convenience is that users can log in with the same ID/password anywhere and there’s no need to go through the trouble of changing ID/password for each area. Furthermore, unlike prepaid SIM cards or mobile Wi-Fi routers, “docomo Wi-Fi for visitor” has unlimited access. Users have unlimited use of the service during the activation period of the selected plan, free from worries about uploading large files such as photos or videos. Uploading is smooth and easy. 

For further information please access the below mentioned website: http://japan-magazine.jnto.go.jp/special_nttdocomo.html

  • Starbucks

A free wi-fi service is provided at Starbucks coffee shops around the country. To sign up (online only) provide an email address and password, then follow the instructions contained in the subsequent confirmation email. Please note that it is not possible to register for this service using the in-store wi-fi, so don’t forget to create a username and password in advance via the internet or your mobile network.


Please let us know if you think there could be better options for staying connected in Japan. We would love to hear about it. Keep in touch!