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    Personalized Tokyo Journey

    7 hours

    This one-day walking tour is ideal for those first-time-Tokyo-visitor and those who are not as well.The tour is designed only for you, based on your interests.

    FROM$213/ per group
    Akira N.
    4.92(167) reviews

    Private tour "My favorite Tokyo"

    8 hours

    Tokyo is a magnificent mega-city, probably you've already read a lot about it from many tour books.That's not enough.You have to experience it .... Touch it, smell it, taste it and feel it.To enjoy such a Tokyo, you need the certain guide who can handle it efficiently, informatively and delightfully.Let me be one of them.Let me help you enjoy your Tokyo.

    FROM$222/ per group
    Mitsuru(mark) S.
    4.93(14) reviews

    Private Tour Bamboo grove in Arashiyma, Ryoanji temple , Kinkakuji temple and Gion district

    8 hours

    Arashiyama is one of typical sight seeing spots in Kyoto and very popular place among not ony Japanese but foreigners. Arashiyma was developed as villas for the nobility in Kyoto. Kinkakuji temple is the most popula place in Kyoto. The beauty surely attract you. Ryoanji temple is a zen buddhist temple and famous for the rock garden. Gion district is famous for entertaiment

    FROM$249/ per group
    4.26(23) reviews

    Osaka City Overview Tour

    4 hours

    As a Osaka local person, I take you to the places where are so photogenic and good memories. Osaka has so deepen history and culture, but until now unknown generally. I introduce Real Osaka's atmosphere and give you the best experiences. Food, Historical places, local shopping places, good-warming people etc... Let's enjoy and explore the fantastic Osaka with me!

    FROM$121/ per group
    Rio S.
    4.60(10) reviews

    ∞KANJANI8 Kingdom∞ w/hardcore eighter guide

    6 hours

    Are you interested in Japanese pop culture and/or music? I will take you to the places where a native Osakan megastar, KANJANI8, has shot their music videos/movies/TV dramas and/or their favorite restaurants in town! Since I am a fanatic fan of my hometown hero, I'm an expert like a walking-dictionary of them! lol

    FROM$377/ per group
    Ai A.
    4.80(20) reviews

    Kyoto Experience & Town walking

    4 hours

    This tour consists of 3 elements. One is an experience of Japanese culture (Tea Ceremony) 2nd is to touch with Japanese Food culture. Ingredient of Nishiki Market represents the best food in Kyoto. 3rd is to sroll Gion Distirct and to realize the Gion culture, which is continuing for more than 400 years.

    FROM$113/ per group
    Eric T.
    4.86(35) reviews

    Kakunodate (samurai houses) - Dakikaeri gorge - Lake Tazawa

    8 hours

    The most popular sightseeing spots in Akita. You can enjoy Japanese authentic culture and beautiful sceneries, such as several kinds of cherry blossams in spring and fall foliage in autumn.

    FROM$226/ per group
    Toru S.
    4.00(3) reviews