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Nobuko K.

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7 hours
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Aizu has long been an important city in Japanese history.

It is known as the final resting place of the Samurai.

Walking around Aizu, you get a sense of a sacred but long-gone era.

Here you can look into the lives of the samurai warriors who once filled the streets!

Aizu is also one of the most famous sake-producing regions in Japan.

Aizu sake has been ranked number one for nine years in the national sake competitions!

Please enjoy a wide variety of delicious sake!

Meeting Point

At Aizuwakamatsu station ( meeting time/ 10:00 )  

Tsurugajyo castle

Aizu Traditional Samurai Residences

Oyakuen, Japanese style garden, medical herb garden

Sazae-Do, Buddhist temple

Japanese restaurant and sake breweries

Nanokamachi street- Japanese restaurant and sake breweries

The Grave of the Byakkotai

Ouchi-jyuku old inn town

Nishinkan samurai school

Ending Point

At Aizuwakamatsu station

What to Expect

In Aizu, you can fully enjoy samurai culture at a castle, samurai residences, samurai schools,

and other historical sites.

You can also taste Japan's best sake at sake breweries and local cuisine on a street with a nostalgic atmosphere.

Casual tea ceremony, Japanese archery, lacquer ware, and other activities are available, if you want.

Recommended sights are as follows.


< Life of Samurai >   

☆Tsurugajo Castle

   Thiis is the only castle in Japan with beautiful red tiles, the symbol of Aizu.

   You can taste traditional Japanese tea in the tea ceremony room.

☆ Aizu Traditional Samurai Residences.

    Take a look into highly-ranked Aizu samurais' daily life.


☆ Oyakuen

You can enjoy casual matcha green tea while viewing the beautiful Japanese garden.

It is also famous for its medicinal herb garden, which offers herbal teas good for your health.


   Samurai School

   The most high level school in the Edo period.

   You can experience Kyudo (Japanese archery).

*It is a little far, so we will adjust the time to go there.


Old inn town

Thatched-roof houses line the street.

*It is a little far, so we will adjust the time to go there.


< Tragic History >


☆ The Grave of the Byakkotai, young samurai warriors

     Aizu was last battleground in the end of the samurai period.

    See the place where the young samurai laid their souls to rest.

< Unique Architecture >

  ☆ Sazae-Do

    World famous Buddhist temple which has worldwide rare structure, two spiral ramps.

It was showcased in Michelin Green Guide

< Local Cuisine and World Class Sake >

   ☆ Traditoinal Japanese restaurants and Japanese sake breweries

     Aizu is also no stranger to delicious food and drink.

     Try some of the local dishes and visit sake breweries , home to some of the world's best sake!

< Traditional Art and Crafts >

  ☆ Nanokamachi Street

     You can enjoy traditional folk arts and crafts on the retro street.

     and find great souvenirs.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Tokyo ⇔Aizuwakamatsu

TokyoーKoriyama: JR Bullet train 1.15 h

KoriyamaーAizuwakamatsu: JR Banetsu west line 1h


Kaitlin M.

5 / 5
Apr 6, 2023

An Experience I Will Never Forget!

From the very beginning of our booking Nobuko was professional, attentive and knowledgeable. She assisted with all my enquiries regarding the place we were visiting and in addition answered questions I had! It was one of the best days we experienced in Japan. She took us to some incredibly historic locations and overwhelmed us with her knowledge about the places we visited. We were then treated to, honestly, the best and tastiest Japanese lunch we have had the entire trip. It was absolutely delicious. we can’t thank you enough for such an wonderful day Nobuko. And I will be sure to advise any of my friends and family travelling to look for you as a guide for them!

Nobuko K.

Dear kaitlin Thank you very much for such a great review. I am very happy and grateful that you and your husband are interested in the samurai culture and history of Aizu, and that you came all the way here , listened to my explanation with enthusiasm, and enjoyed the local cuisine. It is a best encouragement for my work. I am looking forward to seeing your family, friends someday! Best wishes, Nobuko


Lisa K.

5 / 5
Jun 1, 2019

A Walk Through History

It was an absolute pleasure being guided by Ms. Nobuko on our journey through Aizu-Wakamatsu. We came to Aizu-Wakamatsu with an interest in Japanese history and culture. About 6 weeks before departing for Japan, I reached out to Ms. Nobuko to inquire about a tour and since that time, our messages have been flying back and forth. She designed an amazing and detailed tour itinerary for us that covered all of our interests and more. On the day of our tour, she provided us with instructions on how to arrive to our first meeting place and as we walked through historical sites like Imori-Yama, Tsurugajo Castle, Fukunishi Honten, and Nisshinkan Samurai School, we felt the history of the place come alive with her descriptions of events and explanations. She even arranged craft/kyuudo acitivites and made reservations for lunch for us all. We would never have been able to visit so many places in one day by ourselves. Even more importantly, thanks to her guidance we came away with a greater appreciation for the history and people of Aizu. I am grateful to have had the opportunity meet and to learn from Ms. Nobuko on this tour.

Nobuko K.

Dear Lisa Thank you for your warm words. It was so kind of you to give me such a wonderful souvenir . I really appreciate that you choose Aiyu as a destination for your trip. I was presently surprised by your historical and cultural knowledge of Jagan as well as your curiosity and desire to learn more . It inspires me to study even more about Aiyu and Jagan. I hope you have many more adventures !


Alexander R.

5 / 5
Aug 16, 2017

Very good guide - learned a lot about Aizu Wakamatsu from her

Wonderful guide. Her hospitality and compassion allows me to enjoy my visit in Aizu Wakamatsu. She brought me to lots of interesting places there (such as Tsurugajyo castle, Aizu Samurai Residences) and I really learned a lot from them. She is also very flexible and was able to accommodate her itinerary to include other places which I want to visit. I would certainly use her service again when visiting Aizu Wakamatsu or anywhere in Fukushima area.

Nobuko K.

I am very grateful for your kind and heartfelt review ! If you made a good memory in my tour, it is great pleasure for me. You have a wide variety of knowledge of the world , so I also learned a lot from you. There are many other wonderful places to visit in Fukushima, so I really hope to guide you here again.

$136/ per group