Exploration of the world of Seven Lucky Gods in Kamakura

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Mayumi H.

4.92(194) reviews
8 hours
Private tour (only you and your group)
Up to 6 people

This tour covers the temples and shrines that house the Seven Lucky Gods in Kamakura one after the other in one day. You can complete this adventure in 8-hour trip from Tokyo. Gathering goshuin, red seal of each spot can also be a good commemoration of your visit to Japan. Moreover you will be able to enjoy the panoramic view of Mt Fuji beyond Sagami Bay at Enoshima, the first shrine of the tour.


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Meeting Point

At your hotel in Tokyo

1. Enoshima-jinja Shrine: 2 famous statues of Benzaiten live in the octagonal hall here.

2. Goryo-jinja Shrine: deeply loved by the locals, this shrine enshrines Fukurokuju, the god of wealth, happiness and longevity

3. Hasedera Temple: commonly known as Hase Kannon, this temple also has Daikoku-do Hall which enshrines Daikokuten.

4. Hongakuji Temple: Ebisu-sonjin, the only Japanese god in the seven gods lives in the octagonal house in this temple.

5.Myoryu-ji Temple: established in 1385, this small quiet temple enshrines jurojin, the god of wisdom.

6.Hokai-ji Temple: Let's take of your shoes here to enter the main hall, where Bishamonten lives.

7. Tsurugaoka-hachimangu Shrine: another Benzaiten of Kamakura Shichifukujin is enshrined by the beautiful pond.

8. Jochi-ji Temple: one of the 5 great Zen temples in Kamakura, this temple has Hotei, the god of good health and abundance.

Ending Point

At your hotel in Tokyo or another place that is convenient for you

What to Expect

I found that people who have already been to the major temples and shrines in Kamakura would like to explore deeper attraction of this historic town. To pay a visit to the seven lucky gods is one of the best ways to learn more about Japanese belief as well as samurai history. As elements of Hinduism, Buddhism, Shinto, and native reliefs merged to create a syncretistic fusion of religion in Japan, they are the gods believed to bring good fortune. Actually, there are temples and shrines that enshrine the seven lucky gods nationwide. The custom of shichifukujin-mode, where people pay a visit to the seven gods around the time of the New Year is popular in Japan. But visiting the seven lucky gods in Kamakura is popular throughout the year. Why not experience the mysterious world of the unique belief? I'm sure you'll appreciate hidden attractions of Kamakura.

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Inclusions & Exclusions

What‘s included

Guide fee,Hotel pick-up (in 23 ward in Tokyo),

What‘s not included

transportation expenses (you and a guide); JR (Tokyo-Enoshima & Kitakamakura-Tokyo); apx2000JPY/ person, Enoden Line; apx 500JPY/ person,

lunch (you and a guide), entrance fee (you and a guide); 900JPY/ person,

300JPY for each goshuin if you like.

Important Information

*I can guide you outside Tokyo if you cover my transportation fee. *Minimum tour is 4 hours. You can make it shorter, but the fee is the same as 4-hour tour. (JPY 20370) *My guide fee for the night tour (at and after 6:00 pm) is 6,540 JPY per hour. *I'm available until 9:00 pm.

Start from your hotel in Tokyo, we will make about 20,000 steps to complete this adventure. Please make sure to wear comfortable shoes to walk. We use public transportation mainly. The rate doesn't include the fare for the transportation, entrance fees and lunch.It's good for you to carry a decent amount of Japanese Yen with you. You can use this for transportation, entrance fees, goshuin, etc...

Estimated Local Cash Needed:

*Transportation expenses: about 2,500JPY/ person ( JR; Tokyo-Enoshima & Kitakamakura-Tokyo; apx2000JPY, Enoden Line; apx 500JPY)

*Enttance fees: 900JPY/ person (Enoshina Benzaiten;200yen, Goryo-jinja Shrine;100yen, Hasedera Temple; 300yen, Hokai-ji Temple; 100yen, Jochi-ji Temple; 200yen, other places are admission free)

*If you'd like to obtain goshuin, you are required 300JPY for each.

If you have any concern about the tour, please let me know in advance. Its my pleasure to consider our tour to get rid of your anxiety.

Cancellation Policy

  • Free cancellation - 30 days prior to meeting time
  • 50% Refund - 15 to 29 days prior to meeting time
  • No Refund - Within 14 day(s) prior to meeting time



Susan A.

Mar 2, 2020

Mayumi made our short Tokyo adventure well worth it! She is a superstar!

My family (4 adults) was tired and hardly had any sleep the night before due to a late flight arrival, but when we met Mayumi the following early morning at the Skytree Tower in Tokyo, Mayumi greeted us with her bright smile and warm hello, and there was a ray of sunshine she brought with her! I had planned a very specific packed 4-hour itinerary with Mayumi (we communicated in advance) that required Metro/subway rides. I did not think we would be able to go to all the places we planned to visit, but lo and behold, Mayumi got us through them all with her organized planning, expertise with the complex Metro system and her enviable energy! It was extremely hectic with fast-paced walking, but this was expected, and she even got us back to our hotel just in time for my family to catch the airport bus that picked us up for our flight later that day! Unbelievably, Mayumi also managed to find a pop-up official Olympics store at the Shibuya area where we were able to purchase our much-desired 2020 Tokyo Olympics souvenirs that we had previously requested to do! Mayumi is a superstar! She is very knowledgeable, remained cheerful the entire time, and it was a delight being with her. We would gladly ask for her in the future if the opportunity arises to visit Japan again, hopefully in a more relaxed itinerary..Thank you, Mayumi, you made our short Tokyo adventure well worth it! We are very grateful.

Mayumi H.

Thank you Susan for writing such a wonderful review. Your warm comments really encourage me in this difficult situation due to corona virus. I'm happy you really enjoyed the tour with me. As you had to take the bus to the airport and had things to buy and see, we did things quickly. We finally succeeded doing everything we planned!! Thank you again for keeping up with the fast pace. But I really want you to enjoy a leisurely tour spending more time at each place. Please come back to Japan again. I have many ideas to entertain you both in and outside Tokyo. I'm always happy to putting on my thinking cap so that you can enjoy your stay as much as possible. Looking forward to the next chance.


Richard M.

Feb 29, 2020

When in Japan you need the best, call Mayumi

We booked Mayumi for our trip to Japan, starting in Tokyo. We booked a nine hour tour and were able to see all the sites. Very happy with Mayumi attention to details and how she mixed up old Japan with the modern Japan. She was even so kind to to help us cook Shabu Shabu for lunch. If you need a great guide, don’t look any further. Book Mayumi!

Mayumi H.

First of all, thank you for coming to Japan this time. I was really happy to be with you and your family. As your kids are full of intellectual curiosity, I enjoyed answering their questions. I'm happy you like sukiyaki and shabu shabu. Although some foreign tourists hesitate to eat row egg, you all tried and liked it. That's the way the Japanese eat sukiyaki. I can imagine that you are having great time in another place in Japan learning something new every day. There are different specialties at different places throughout Japan. Please have fun!! And of course, please take good care of yourselves to stay fit. Lastly, thank you for writing such a kind review in the middle of your tour. Please say hi to everyone. Looking forward to seeing you again in the future!!


William R.

Feb 16, 2020

Best of Tokyo with Mayumi!

We are grateful to have met Mayumi and to have spent a full day with her touring Tokyo. She is a warm and personable host, happy to share her knowledge with her clients and to maximize their enjoyment of the sites in Tokyo. Her special interests are the shrines and temples of Japan. There are many in Tokyo and these were special stops during our tour. We highly recommend Mayumi as a guide for Tokyo sites.

Mayumi H.

Hi David! First of all, thank you for coming to Tokyo this time though some people decide not to travel to Japan because of the concern about the corona virus. We were able to leisurely enjoyed each place as there were less big groups of tourists in Tokyo then. I was really happy you were interested in many things about our history and culture. I've just been to Kyoto. I went on a hiking to a sacred mountain that has a beautiful temple and shrines. I have lots of tips that I'd like to share with you. I'm looking forward to the next chance to do another tour with you. Lastly, thank you so much for writing such a warm review. Please say hi to Melissa!


Jason M.

Feb 7, 2020


Absolutely a great day. Mayumi was the perfect host. We are a family of four two boys 14 & 10 . We had a wonderful day we wanted to see as many aspects of Tokyo that we could fit in a day. From the very beginning she was very engaging and knowledgeable. We had a pace that was quick but also easy to maintain, just the way we wanted it allowing us to see so much. She answered all and any questions we had. We had amazing food around town as well as the restaurant we stopped at. She was very insightful in to Japan’s history as well as the modern day. The boys really liked her Booking this private tour was the absolute right Decision. Thank you

Mayumi H.

Jason, thank you so much for all those words you gave me. I really appreciate it. From the very beginning, I was very happy to be with you. The boys are amazingly quick learners and always listened to me carefully, which made me want to show you as much as possible. You all are such skillful travelers that you 'd like to try any food you've never eaten. Remember the word you learned when you ate the super yummy Toro? "Cho- Oishii!!"? I'm sure you'll encounter more "Cho- oishii" while in Japan. Please enjoy Hiroshima, Osaka, and Kyoto! Local delicacies are waiting for your family. I hope I'll meet you again. Big hugs!!

$329/ per group

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