First Day in Tokyo (Half Day Tour)

Art & Culture

Saori H.

5.00(11) reviews
English, Japanese (Native)
6 hours
Private tour (only you and your group)
Up to 15 people

Visit the most iconic posts of Tokyo based on your preference. The tour can be totally customized according to the guests requests.

The guide will pay attention to avoiding the crowd and choosing shops which are taking measures to prevent COVID-19 infection.


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Meeting Point

At your hotel


Meet with the guide

The guide meets you at your hotel. Then take a public transportation (Metro) together.



Visit the traditional area in Tokyo. Enjoy Buddhist temple visit and walking shopping street in open air.


Meiji Jingu

Visit relaxing Shinto shrine and a small forest in the middle of Tokyo.

Have lunch in Omotesando or Harajuku, very fashionable area.


Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office

Go up to the top of skyscraper and see the whole Tokyo Metropolitan.

Ending Point

At your hotel

What to Expect

This tour is designed for the guests who come to Tokyo for the first time. Enjoying several "must" spots such as Asakusa (historical touristic place), Meiji-Jingu (Shinto shrine) and Tokyo Metropolital Government Office (with panoramic view of Tokyo city), it becomes possible for the visitors to utilize Tokyo's metro/raiway lines so that they can go wherever they would like to go by themselves afterward. Besides, it helps to understand overall geographic plan of Tokyo.

The guide meets the guests at hotel and take them to the spots by means of public transportation. The price of the tour includes tour guide's fee.

The other cost, such as transportation (estimated around 1,000 yen which varies according to location of the hotel) and lunch are not included. Recommended for good walkers!

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Inclusions & Exclusions

What‘s included

guide fee, hotel pick-up

What‘s not included

transportation fee and lunch

Cancellation Policy

  • Free cancellation - 30 days prior to meeting time
  • 50% Refund - 15 to 29 days prior to meeting time
  • No Refund - Within 14 day(s) prior to meeting time

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are transportation fee, entrance fee and so on, which I pay on the spot?

Please prepare following in cash (in Japanese yen):

- Transportation by metro and railway (around 1,000 yen) which varies according to the place of your hotel

- Lunch (around 1,000-3,000 yen) which also varies according to your choice. In Asakusa we have free time for shopping and lunch.

In short, it's safe to prepare at least 4,000 yen to satisfy your desire.

Plus, please note that Asakusa has hundreds of souvenir stalls.

Can I see Mt. Fuji in Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office?

Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan (3,776 m) and regarded as Japan's icon.

If the sky is clear and the air is transparent (more likely in Winter), you may see Mt. Fuji, but not always.



Al and nancy W.

Mar 26, 2016

My husband and I have the highest regard for Saori as our top-notch tour guide through the bustling city of Tokyo and, also, as our new friend. We had considerable communication with Saori before our trip as we read tour information and tried to pick our top priorities for our 3-day introduction to Japan. Fortunately we hired this lovely lady for 2 days. Saori has a 6th sense for assessing and always checking-in about the clients' interests, energy and needs. She organizes your list of to-dos in the most efficient and effective order (e.g. buying tickets for the Kabuki Theatre early in the morning and seeing Mt. Fuji at sunset from the 43rd floor of the Metropolitan offices); also, she also offers cultural stops such as a rice paper store and Harajuku District, a lively teenage hangout, that show entirely different slices-of-life than we knew existed. Her reverence for the Japanese tea ceremony introduces the visitor to more lessons in the wisdom, humility and love of beauty of this polite society. After Saori went out-of-her-way to get us to the airport, we said tearful goodbyes with promises see each other again. Thanks, Saori!

Saori H.

Dear Nancy and Al, Thank you very much for your heart-warming massage which any compliment can be better than. I love my job because I can meet great people just like you. I liked your questions which provoke better understanding about Japan not only for you but for me. I appreciate your positive attitude and great interest, despite the tour required so much physical and mental energy. Thanks to good communication beforehand, I had felt that you must be such people who can enjoy different cultures as much as possible even before we met. And it was true. I can not forget your words "life is adventure" which make me face new challenges more easily. I will keep them in my mind. Thank you, again, Nancy and Al!


Millie Y.

Oct 4, 2015

We are so glad that we had Saori san to guide us around Tokyo for our first trip to Japan. She was very accommodating when I requested for some changes in the itinerary and so helpful in informing us of the weather in Tokyo ahead of our trip. Saori san was also very quick in responding to my many queries and unfailingly patient. We enjoyed our 1 day tour with her and she went above and beyond in showing us the sights of Tokyo, providing us with the history of the places we saw and we enjoyed talking to her and just getting to know her and her insights about everyday life in Japan. We were especially grateful that even though the tour had exceeded the 8 hours, she was very kind in bringing us to the bus station to help us buy advance tickets to Mount Fuji and for our trip to Hakone. She even helped us find a steak place for our dinner and made sure that they had an English menu for us - all very thoughtful and gracious gestures that Saori san went the extra mile for. We cannot thank her enough! If we are ever in Tokyo and Saori san is around, we would definitely contact her again - she is an absolutely gracious host and we truly enjoyed the tour. Best of luck with the move Saori san and feel free to write us or look us up if you are ever in Texas! :)

Saori H.

Dear Millie san, Thank you very much for your warm comment. I hope everything went well during your stay in Japan. How is your new life in Texas? We moved to LA two days ago and I repeated reading your comments which encourage me also here. Thank you very much!! Good luck for your new life! Keep in touch! Saori


Angela W.

Sep 21, 2015

We the Woods family would like to send a heartfelt thank you: “Arigatou Gozaimashita” to Saori, the consummate tour host and ambassador of Japan, who was very communicative, very punctual, very personable and pleasant. What a fantastic way to end our trip to Japan. The night before our scheduled tour on the 7th of August Saori sent us a fax stating that she hoped we made it to Japan safely and that she would meet us in the lobby at 0930 holding the sign reading One Day Tokyo Tour. She also reminded us to wear comfortable shoes as we would do a great deal of walking. The mode of transportation for our tour was by rail and on foot which was okay by us as we are used to a lot of walking in the Washington Metropolitan area (DMV). The morning of our tour we met Saori in the Hilton Tokyo Bay lobby as planned. Our first stop was to visit the Maihama Station where Saori helped us to pay for our Suica cards to be used on the rail system. As I later learned in transit, she’d skillfully planned our tour to ensure that we wouldn’t be caught in the midst of the local commuter rush hour (kudos). On our requested list of sites to see in Tokyo: Shibuya, Ginza district, Odaiba (100 yen shop), Mirkan National Museum of Natural Science (Asimo Robot showcase), Hamerikyu-Garden (semi Tea Ceremony experience), Tsukiji Fish market (last known bustling location in 2015), Although not visited in the order listed, Saori ensured that we got the chance to see every place on our customized tour list. Other optional sites to visit were the Tokyo Stock exchange, Sony Building, Tokyo Government Building or Tokyo SkyTree if time and weather permitted. What we weren’t able to fit in was no disappointment as we are already excited about planning our next trip to Tokyo and know we’ll have the opportunity to see what we missed out on the first visit. On our tour there was ample time for restroom breaks and a lunchbox meal which we purchased and enjoyed together inside of the museum. At the conclusion of our tour Saori went as far as the Tokyo station ensuring that we were safely seated on the train that would return us to the location of our hotel. Saori was well informed with the national history, commerce and technology, she possessed a wonderful command of the English language which allowed us to really understand, appreciate and capture cultural teachings and technology. If we had a question that she wasn’t sure about she didn’t hesitate to seek out the answer for us. She provided umbrella coverage and toted our gift bag which was very generous of her. At the Mirkan museum, Saori even returned to the building to recover an item left behind by my daughter then rejoined us on the tour several meters away. We highly recommend all of Saori’s dynamic energy and synergy as a Triple Lights representative and ambassador. Thanks for the beautiful hospitality and memories we will endure and cherish forever.

Saori H.

Dear Angela, Thank you very much for your detailed and heartwarming comment. I hope your family's trip to Japan was enjoyable. I am happy to receive the message from you because I was wondering if you were exsausted with long walk and I wasn't sure if you got back to the hotel without problem. If you would come to Japan again, I would be happy to provide information about anything you would like. Again, thank you very much! Saori


Steven T.

Sep 6, 2015

Saori is by far the best guide I've been with in a very long time. My first full day in Tokyo was, in a word, fantastic! We started out by chatting about what we should go see and then mapped out our destinations in order. All the while she was teaching me how to get around the area with fluent English, this was priceless. After we decided on the areas to visit and the order she guided me through the process of getting my rail pass and we were off. I was really impressed with her breadth as well as depth of knowledge in the history of Japan. This really came through as we walked through town as she pointed out all kinds of wonderful things and explained their meaning in a very easy to understand manner. There were plenty of opportunities for pictures and I never felt rushed when I stopped to take a few pictures (or was told about a good photo opportunity). She was very careful to help me through conversations with vendors, restaurant staff and vendors. The days I spent sightseeing after my time with Saori really highlighted how much she did to make the tour go smoothly and made me wish I could have her around every day! If you have the opportunity to come visit this great counrty and its people, do yourself a favor and book your first day (or several days) with Saori. You won't regret it. My only regret with booking Saori is that I didn't book her for more days :) She's great!!!

Saori H.

Dear Steve, Thank you very much for your review and your kind advice for my tour. I know I have a lot of things to learn and improve, and your comment gives me much energy to work for it. Please come back again to Japan someday and I would be pleased to serve as your friendly guide.

$224/ per group

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