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4 Great Character Themed Attractions in Tokyo

Luke K.

by GoWithGuide travel specialist:Luke K.

Last updated : Mar 02, 20218 min read

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Travelling around Tokyo looking for your favourite characters from movies, television, or video games? Then why not stop by at one of these amazing themed attractions. From Pokemon to Ghibli, there are things to see on your trip that would please any Pikachu or Totoro fan. Here are four of the best:

Ghibli Museum

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(image by upload.wikimedia.org)

Ghibli’s animations have become famous overseas but especially recognized and hugely popular are films such as “My Neighbor Totoro”, Castle in the Sky and Spirited Away, with the films screened in nations such as Italy, France and America. The films have won the hearts of the fan base worldwide, not simply just in Japan. At the Ghibli Mori Art Museum, visitors will be able to learn the principles behind how animation is created in the first place, learn about the Ghibli production landscape and view exhibits of items such as successive animation storyboards.  

There are many exhibits for even little kids to enjoy. For instance, there is a model of the Neko-Bus that appears in “My Neighbor Totoro” which is made from soft material and you can even sit inside it. There is also a huge Totoro waiting by the museum entrance, and everywhere scenes from the movie are recreated and there are plenty of things to delight visitors. And there are short story animations that can only be seen at the museum.  

Next to the museum is a café that serves an original menu consisting of hot dogs, sandwiches and cakes on tableware that is decorated with Ghibli patterns. The café’s concept is simple yet warm-hearted cooking as if parents were making something for their child’s birthday. The food on the menu is made entirely from fresh ingredients taken directly from organic farms. Along with the standard menu, there are special menu offerings based on season. One of the most popular menu items in the fall and winter is a hot drink using walnuts. There is also a souvenir corner where you can purchase goods with your favorite characters on them. You could spend an entire day being submerged in the world of Ghibli and it is highly recommended as a top sightseeing spots for a Ghibli aficionados. Even those who are not past fans will surely enjoy themselves at the museum. When spending time in Tokyo, this should be on your list.     

Admission: Adult: ¥ 1,000 / Child: ¥ 400

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Pokemon Center

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The original game software was sold in 1996, and since then Pocket Monsters has become a huge sensation around the world with its anime and card games. Pokemon can be found in a spectacular shop in Ikebukuro that feels as if it has jumped out of the anime world and into the real one. Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo is located in the Sunshine City shopping complex that is right in the heart of Ikebukuro with excellent access. Even from a distance, the shop stands out for its near-future appearance, and there is a large glowing monster ball at the entrance. And with statues of the popular first generation of Pokemon such as Pikachu and Lizardon also present, the interior of the shop will delight even adult-age Pokemon fans. Along with limited-time goods that can only be bought at Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo, there are numerous stuffed dolls and other special products available. And what is also recommended is the Japan-only souvenirs such as the chopsticks, lunch boxes and towels. This is the irresistible paradise for Pokemon fans where they can purchase products only available here.

At Pokemon Center, you can battle in the popular card games. Starting with the card game seminars for beginners, there are battle events held on occasion as well. Also, if you visit the shop on your birthday, you will receive a special present, so please inform a staff member.

Admission: Free

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Sanrio Puroland

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Sanrio Puroland is an all-weather indoor theme park where you don’t have to worry an inkling about rain. There is a Baby Center provided which also sells powdered milk and diapers so adults, couples and families bringing children can all enjoy the facility to their hearts’ content. On the 1st floor, there is the Puro Village which is centered on the Tree of Knowledge and Tree of Knowledge Stage with 5 attractions, restaurants and shops. On the 2nd floor, there are 4 attractions and 3 shops with the 3rd and 4th floors containing shops and restaurants. The 1st and 2nd floors are opened up so that there is a free atmosphere and you can get a feeling of that cute and bright sense of Sanrio. Among the attractions, you can start with the tour of the world where My Melody resides on the eco-friendly My Melo Car which is in the shape of the character herself. With mini-games and the world of characters which you can enter, the thoroughness of the scale is impressive. There are many attractions with plenty of places to take photos so that taking that shot with beloved characters as a memento is one of the charms of the theme park.

The live shows that take place at the 1st-floor Puro Village and on the Tree of Knowledge Stage are a must-see for the fans. There are nothing but shows to excite the viewing fans with extremely popular characters singing and dancing, and with some talk shows from time to time. Also, with the interactive shows, there are all kinds of things to make people happy such as being able to take pictures with the characters. And you must check out the restaurants since their menus have adorable dishes resembling the characters to charm the hearts of not only the kids but the grown-ups as well.

Admission: Adult: ¥ 3,300 / Child: ¥ 2,500 

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(image by (C)2015 NAMCO All rights reserved)

Tokyo’s Ikebukuro area is alive with young people. In particular, Sunshine 60 Avenue has a variety of establishments including movie theaters and game centers on either side of the street, and it is closed off from vehicular traffic all day except during the early morning and late night. Just beyond the hustle and bustle of people that always crowds this street is the Sunshine City building where shops for the young, an aquarium, a planetarium and many other facilities abound. Namjatown is an indoor theme park that is on the 2nd floor of Sunshine City. The park is divided into 3 areas. First off, there is Dokkingham Plaza where families can enjoy touring this town of attractions. Then, there is Fukubukuro 7th Shopping Avenue which has been created to resemble Japan of the 1950s with a retro feeling of nostalgia. There is also plenty to eat with Namja Gyoza Stadium where you can sample savory gyoza dumplings from all over the nation and Fukubukuro Dessert Yokocho with all sorts of cute decorated desserts. You can also enjoy rides, attractions and mystery-solving. The third area is Mononoke Bangaichi which has an atmosphere of being taken over by specters where you can try out 4 types of attractions.

An especially recommended feature of Namjatown is Fukubukuro 7th Shopping Avenue. Recreating the retro atmosphere of an old-style shopping street from out of the Showa Era, noshing on gyoza from all parts of Japan and beer is one of the charms. At the old Gyoza Stadium, it all starts from the popular 4 shops of the Four Emperors of Gyoza as you compare the different types of tastiness of the dumplings from areas such as Yokohama’s Chinatown, Kobe and Nagasaki. Coming here, you can sample all of the gyoza of Japan.

Admission: Adult: ¥ 500 / Child: ¥ 300 

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