Liquor and Beer Vending Machine in Japan

by GoWithGuide travel specialist

A lot of Japanese businessmen love drinking beer and other alcoholic drinks, especially after a whole day of a job well done at the office. Cans of beer can usually be bought from convenience and grocery stores. But what if the nearest convenience store to your current location requires atleast a 10-minute walk out of your way home? 


This is where beer vending machines come to the rescue. These vending machines usually sell alcoholic drinks such as cans of beer and sake (rice wine). One vending machine may house different kinds of alcoholic beverages, as long as they are from the same manufacturer. For example, Kirin has its own vending machine and you can only buy Kirin products from that certain machine. This is the usual setup, however, there are also liquor vendos that sell a combination of other drinks from different makers.


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