Japanese Businesses Card and Vending Machines: two things typically Japanese combined

by GoWithGuide travel specialist

Name cards and business cards are widely used in Japan, especially when you meet new people and would love to keep in touch with them in the future. The Japanese are very polite and properly observe a business card etiquette.

Some rules for exchanging businesses cards are:
1) You have to give and receive businesses cards with both hands.
2) It is mandatory to give the card in a direction that allows the receiver to read the card.

Check the following video to see more about the Japanese businesses cards etiquette.

 Since business cards are this important to Japanese businessmen and even students, vending machines for it also started popping up. They are, however, still quite rare in Japan.

These vending machines are not only fast but gives you the opportunity to own your unique business card if you do not have the skill to produce your own. A typical machine prints 30 pieces for 1,000 Yen.

You can find a business card vending machine at the west exit of the Shinjuku train station. 

Photo from roppongi-funsui.way-nifty.com
 Check out this video to see the business cards vending machine in action!

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