Sado Island: The magic of winter - Day 1

by GoWithGuide travel specialist

Today I had to wake up early to catch the Shinkansen to Niigata where I was taking the Ferry to Sado Island. Mornings are always hard, but just thinking about my next days in the Island made it very easy to wake up. The experience in Shinkansen was pretty awesome. From Tokyo to Niigata it was only 2 hours, so the trip wasn´t tiring at all. After that I went to the port and took the Ferry. This ferry is huge! It has 3 floors, a restaurant with a little stage, a playroom with machines for kids, different kind of rooms from where to chose: just tatami for sitting, comfortable chairs laying on the carpet and futons where you can simply sleep. I choose the chairs which can also recline and I had a nap. It was very comfortable and warm, something very important during winter!!!Before arriving to Sado, I wanted to see the Ocean, so I went to one of the corridors it has outside. The view was so beautiful!!!! As we were arriving, the seagulls started to show up looking for food. I started to feed some of them and at least 15 more appear!!! Great moment for pictures!!!!


1.- Kamo Lake

After arriving to Sado, I was so excited to start knowing Sado at this season, that I went to the Kamo Lake. Kamo Lake is not only famous because it is the biggest lake in Niigata prefecture, but also because its oyster farm. You can see along the lake all the floats where the farmers hang the oyster´s shells set in a rope immersed into the water. It is an important activity in the Island and it is said that you can´t find fresher oysters that the ones cultivated here. So, I decided I wanted to check that information during the dinner. Around the lake, you can find a marvelous view of the mountains covered by snow. It is like a postal! Just imagine it! This is a picture you can only find during these winter days.



2.- Seisuke Restaurante


When the day started to get dark, and I started to get hungry I thought it was a good moment to visit the first restaurant. I went to Seisuke. Seisuke is a french small restaurant with an incredible view to the sea, in the other side of the island. The place is simply perfect. Everything is so well taken care. The waitress was very kind, always very careful and showing a candid smile during the whole dinner. The first course was a portion of risotto with the famous oysters I wanted to try! It was delicious!!! The oysters were as perfect as I was told, so it is true, you can´t find fresher oysters unless you come to Sado! The main course, I could choose between fish and some meat, but I decided to take both. They brought me the fish first. It was a piece of Cob Fish with a side of baked potatos and spinach and a spinach sauce around. The fish was so soft and tender that it became difficult to grab it with the fork. That first dish wasn´t only delicious, but also the presentation in the plate was something beautiful to see. The second dish was the meat. It was a bird with vegetables and some fruit sauce which I think it was cranberry. When I saw the plate was kind of impressive. It was the legs of the bird and you can still see the feet. Even though I tried it with the sauce. The taste of the meat was a little strong, but with the sweet sauce it became a really good combination. It wasn´t my favourite one, but it was more because of the view that because on how it tasted like. I need to risk myself more!!!!!!!! Both dishes came with a side of bread and olive oil. And the last, I had the dessert. It was a plate with a combination of 3 portions. One were strawberries from the island, the sen cond a pie made also with fruits from the island, and the third a home made vanilla ice cream. I have to say that it was a great first dinner in Sado. Can´t wait to see which one is next! .




Now I am at the Hotel Kanazawaya, again back to the other side of the Island. It is a Ryoukan, a Japanese Style hotel. It looks like it has been running for many years, but even so, the place is very nice. You can feel the history walking across the halls, and the rooms still have some all paintings in the walls, and at the same time it has everything you need. The rooms are very warm (again, something very important in Sado´s winter), has TV, tea, towels, and the typical Japanese robe, and a comfortable futon that I am about to hug. The ofuro (shower) it is new and the water is very nice! And we have Wi-Fi, so I am able to write and post this text as soon as I finish it. So, day one has finished!!!! Oyasuminasai!!!!!!!

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