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Shinjuku Shopping: Best Places to Shop

Tien Tran

by GoWithGuide travel specialist:Tien Tran

Last updated : Oct 29, 202211 min read


There is always something to do in the central hub of Japan and shopping sprees are no exception. One of the best places experiences you can get is Shinjuku shopping.

The question is what are the best places to shop in Shinjuku?

Below, I have prepared a Shinjuku shopping guide for your leisure. It will show you the best places for Shinjuku fashion shopping and various other places that may pique your interests as well. So let's immediately check them out!


The run-through on Shinjuku Station Shopping

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At Shinjuku Station, you may find yourself amazed at the sheer size of the station, so getting lost is a common thing even for locals. It's no wonder because the Shinjuku Train Station is the busiest train station in the world and without a map or GPS, it may be difficult to know where to go. Therefore, if you want the best experience while shopping in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan you should look out for the following three exits:

East Exit Shinjuku

This exit probably has the most department stores out of the three. You will be able to find from trendy stores such as H&M and Forever 21 to big tech malls like BIC camera and many more. Someone the largest department stores; namely Lumine and Marui can also be found here. There is most certainly something for every shopper here in East Exit Shinjuku.

South Exit Shinjuku

Stepping out of this exit, you will find that the streets and malls here are incredibly spacious. Although restaurants can be found everywhere in Shinjuku station, the south exit has a variety of noteworthy places for you to dine in. In addition, big names in department stores such as Lumine, Takashima, and Flags can be found here so definitely check them out.

West Exit Shinjuku

At West Exit Shinjuku, you will find many department stores to electronic ones, various apartments for businesses as well as government buildings. Although this exit may have the least number of shopping malls you can find quite possibly the biggest department store, only second to Lumine, which is Mylord Shinjuku.


Mylord Shinjuku - West Exit

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One cannot talk about shopping in Tokyo without mentioning Mylord Shinjuku. The eight-story building comprises of 7 floors filled with various brands ranging from big names such as Merci Beaucoup to Jins as well as smaller ones.  If you're especially interested in shopping women's clothing then this is certainly the place as most stores here are dedicated to women's fashion.

If you want a unique Shinjuku shopping experience then definitely check out the Mosaic street located nearby Mylord Shinjuku, between the Odakyu and Keio department stores. The street is beautifully decorated and you can find a variety of souvenir stores that can't be found anywhere else. From designers chopsticks to sumo bath salts, there are many things here that might pique your interests.


Odakyu - West Exit

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Odaykyu can be called as a well-aged department store. It is one of the oldest in Shinjuku and has many luxury brands such as Chanel. There's even a famous sportswear store called Halc nearby if you want some well made Japanese equipment for your outdoor activities.

The best part?

all items bought here are free of the 8% service charge if you fill out a form on the day that you purchase them. For more information find out here.


Keio - West Exit

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Keio is a classic Japanese department store that everyone is familiar with. They don't sell anything specifically here, so there's always something for everyone and similar to the Odakyu department store, overseas customers can apply for no service charge.

One more thing,

Since it is situated in a very well-placed position with the Narita Airport bus stop right in front, so if you want a quick buy and go straight to the airport then Keio will make you Okay. 


Lumine 1, Lumine 2, Lumine Est - East Exit

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Lumine is a fantastic choice if you're looking for trendy and street clothing. I recommend going to for Lumine 1 or Lumine 2 when you want to buy some clothes, while the Lumine Est may be the largest, the variety of products is much bigger which means you may not get what you want. Regardless, at all Lumine, you can expect affordable pricing while retaining high quality. Don't go here for big brands though, as Lumine mostly focuses on middle-class goods. 


Isetan - East Exit

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This grand flagship store that has been opened since 1886 is certainly worth a visit if you go Shinjuku shopping. The place offers the highest number of luxury brands and goods amongst the Shinjuku shopping malls. If you're looking for the latest trends in Japanese or Western clothing and cosmetics then this is definitely the spot.

You cannot miss it as it is usually the most beautifully decorated one (especially during Winter).   


Marui Honkan, Marui Men, Marui Annex, Marui One, Marui Curren - East and West Exits

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All of the stores above belong to Marui but they are slightly different than the other in terms of items sold there. You don't have to check out each one but here's a rundown on what makes them unique:

For Women: Marui Honkan, Marui One, and Marui Curren are the stores dedicated to women's clothing and accessories. Marui Honkan has a gorgeous garden rooftop on the 9th floor if you want a break from the bustling crowds, Marui Curren has a section for books and CDs in addition to their clothing selection while Marui One offers more underwear variety as well as a wide range of Kimono and Lolita clothing styles. Try one on and see you look! A trip to Japan is not complete without wearing one of these traditional or outlandish clothing.

For Men: Marui Men and Marui Annex got what you need. While Marui Men have all 8 floors fully dedicated to Men's clothing, Marui Annex is a multi-purpose building. There is a cinema complex which awaits you on the 9-14th floors and various restaurants and bars with a great view of Shinjuku.


Takashimaya Times Square - South Exit

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At this newly opened Takashima, you can expect to have a wider array of interesting things to buy in a modern setting. The mall easily tops other stores as the most spacious with its 15 floors building. You can find anything from relatively inexpensive items to mid-range and high-end brands, there's even a Disney store on the 9th floor!

Another thing,

Check out Tokyu Hands which is located inside of Takashima square for a wide array of items, you can find pretty much anything here from medicine, cosmetics and souvenirs amongst other things if you're short on time!

If you're tired of the stuffy crowds in most malls then pay this place a visit while you go Shinjuku shopping!


Yodobashi Camera Shinjuku - East and West Exits

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Are you a tech enthusiast looking for interesting electronics to buy? Then look no further than Yodobashi Camera. The stores offer pretty much every imaginable electronic goods you can buy. Ranging from cameras, gaming equipment, action figurines and many more are filled on every floor for you to check out.


Kinokuniya Books - East Exit

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For bookworms and casual readers alike, Kinokuniya Books is a spectacular place to check out some latest manga, comics, or novels. This head store has 8 floors that fully sell books, while most are Japanese, the 7th floor also has foreign books.


Donquite - East Exit

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Want some out-of-this-world gifts and other surprising items to bring home from your trip to Japan? Donquite (Donkey-ho-tay) got your Shinjuku shopping trip covered. This well-known shopping mall that can be found everywhere across Japan is famous for its weird and extraordinary goods all bunched up in one place. 

The exciting part is...

Although you won't know what you would do with certain items, you'd probably buy it anyways for its quirky features!


Muji - East Exit

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Muji is renowned for its minimalistic design on everything from the store's design to the things they sell. Each item is simple and is a great buy if you want to give it to a hipster friend. Various restaurants and cafes are nearby for you to dine in as well.


Depachika - a hidden treasure underneath every department store

Find yourself a depachika (underground department store), you may have already stumbled upon these places accidentally already, but this is a great place to spend a rainy day in. They sell a unique mix of food, not only Japanese but European as well. Although most items are quite pricey (as most of the stuff down here are considered high-end luxury food) it might just be worth the price if you want to dine in for a special occasion or before catching a Shinkansen.


Check out Isetan's depachika which is said to be the best around town if you've got the chance!


So what's the best shopping mall in Shinjuku?

Honestly, it is subjective on which shopping mall is the best in Shinjuku, as every customer has different needs. However, as someone who would prefer to do all my Shinjuku shopping in one specific mall instead of walking from one place to another, I have to say the Takashimaya Times Square takes the cake if you go Shinjuku shopping. It has just enough of everything to make a fulfilling shopping trip and spacious enough for you to go in and out without feeling suffocated. 

On the other hand, if you prefer the experience of walking around Shinjuku while you shop then the Lumine and Marui department stores are always fun to travel around. Or why not have a look at all of them if you have the time? Whatever the case, I'm sure you will have an enjoyable experience shopping in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan.


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