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GoWithGuideFind your perfect tour guide at GoWithGuide. Relax and cherish unforgettable tours with loved ones. Create personalized tours for a truly memorable trip!

Things to do in Tokyo in October 2019 - Halloween, events and festivals


by GoWithGuide travel specialist:Kenzia V.

Last updated : Apr 28, 202214 min read

Things To Do

Visiting Tokyo this October and want to know the interesting events and festivals you can go to and experience?


Look no further! Find out the events and festivals in Tokyo in October and never have a boring Tokyo trip!


Through this article, find out the October events and festivals in Tokyo, where to enjoy Halloween festivities in Tokyo, and more recommendation. Read on!

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October events and festivals

October hosts lots of events and festivals in Tokyo. Here are some events in October you can go to:

Fireworks Festival

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Not only during summer, October also hosts several fireworks festivals. So, if you missed the incredible fireworks in summer, you can still enjoy them during your October visit. Here are some places where you can enjoy the fireworks and food from stalls around the venue:




Narita Fireworks Festival

Mid Oct 2019

New Town Sports Square (map)

Fujisawa Enoshima Fireworks Festival 2019

Mid Oct 2019

Katase-Enoshima (map)

Tsuchiura All Japan Fireworks Festival

October 26, 2019

Sakuragawa Shore Park (map)


Oeshiki Festival at Ikegami Honmonji Temple

A Buddhist festival to commemorate the death of Nichiren, a revered Buddhist teacher about 730 years ago. The highlight of this festival is mando (10,000 light) ceremony where 3000 people carry cherry-blossoms decorated lanterns along the route from Ikegami Station to the temple. The mando ceremony occurs on the 12th, and keep in mind that it can be very crowded.  to Ikegami Honmonji. It can be very crowded – so turn up early for a good view.


11th Oct–13th Oct, 2019   6:00pm – 11:00pm


Ikegami Honmonji Temple (map)


Tokyo Ramen Show 2019

blog imageTaste the different styles of ramen in Japan from 36 different vendors (divided into 2 part, 18 at once) at this Ramen Show that usually runs for 11 days. If you love ramen, this is the place to go!


October 24 – November 4, 2019


Komazawa Olympic Park (map)


Oedo Beer Festival 2019 (Autumn)

If you are a beer fan and would like to taste the many the wide range of different kinds of local beer Japan has, and also American, Belgian, and also German, visit this festival!


Early Oct 2019 (specific date to be determined)


Shinagawa Intercity Hall (map)


Japan Robot Week 2020

As you know, Japan is advanced with its technology. This is a chance for you to get to know the robots in Japan, especially the “service robots”, such as nursing robots, life support robots, and disaster response robots. There are also exhibitions by universities and laboratories, intended to stimulate the business and technology exchange regarding service robots. Entry is free, but you need to register in advance. Unfortunately, the next Japan Robot Week is in the year 2020, and there will be none held this year.


Mid Oct, 2020


Tokyo Big Sight (map)


Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony 2019

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One of the cultural experiences in Japan you need to experience. I definitely recommend participating in this event that showcases one of Japan’s cultural asset- the tea ceremony. There are ceremonies conducted in English, so don’t worry! Anyone can participate with a fee of 300 yen (free for primary school children and under).


Mid-Late Oct 2019 (specific date to be determined)


Hamarikyu Gardens (map)


Halloween Festivals

We cannot forget Halloween, one of the most exciting festivals where people dress up, and Tokyo doesn’t take dressing up as a joke (you know the cosplays!)

  • Kawasaki Halloween & Pride Parade 2019

This is the most famous Halloween Parade in Japan. People wear all kinds of costumes, the crazy ones, the gruesome ones, the scary ones and more. This is definitely a sight to see. You can watch the parade for free, or even take part in the parade with a cost of ¥1000.


The last Sunday of October, 2019

Time (Pride Parade)

2:30 p.m - 4 p.m


Tokyo Big Sight (map)


  • Bake Neko (Supernatural Cat) Festival

This is one of the unordinary Halloween parades, where you must be dressed as a cat to participate. The event usually runs from 10 am to 5 pm, but the main parade takes place at 2 pm to 3 pm, followed by a dance performance called “Anya Odori”. You can just enjoy the parade or even dress up as a cat and participate! 


Mid Oct 2019 (specific date to be determined)


Main Street of Kagurazaka (map)


  • Ikebukuro Halloween Cosplay Festival

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This event for the imported festival is done with a more Japanese approach. Thousands of people dress up as manga and anime character other than the scary costumes you usually see during Halloween. Cosplayers fill the main streets, parks and even in stores. It’s free to watch, but if you want to take part, you have to pay ¥1000.


Late Oct 2019 (specific date to be determined)


Higashi-Ikebukuro Central Park (map)


  • Roppongi Hills Halloween

Different from other Halloween events, this event is intended for kids to enjoy, with parade and costume workshops for them.


Late Oct 2019 (specific date to be determined)


Roppongi Hills Arena (map)


  • Omotesando Halloween Pumpkin Parade

This is also another event for kids to celebrate Halloween, different from the scary ones. Kids under 12 can apply to be part of the parade and go trick or treating!


Late Oct 2019 (specific date to be determined)


2 p.m. - 3:15 p.m.




Other events and festivals in October

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The National Museum of Modern Art ( Free Admission Date)

October 6, 2019

10 a.m - 5 p.m

National Museum of Modern Art (map)
Kappabashi Dōgu Matsuri Early Oct 2019 Kappabashi Street (map)

Hokkaido Fair in Yoyogi

Early Oct 2019

Yoyogi Park Events Square (map)

Red Spider Lily Festival

Mid September - Early October, 2019

Kinchakuda (map)

Hagi (Japanese bush clover) Festival

September 14 - October 6, 2019

Mukōjima-Hyakkaen Garden (map)


October 15 - October 18, 2019

Makuhari Messe (map)

The Railway Festival

Early Oct 2019

Hibiya Park (map)

The Tokyo Art Book Fair

Mid Oct 2019

Warehouse TERADA (map)

Edogawa Citizens Festival

Early Oct 2019

Shinozaki Park (map)

Fukuro Festival

September 28 - October 13, 2019


Yanaka Matsuri

Early Oct 2019

Hatsune no Mori (map)

Tsukiji Autumn Festival 2019

October 12, 2019

Tsukiji Outer Market (map)

Toyama Park Yabusame

Early Oct 2019

Anahachimangu shrine (map)

Jiyugaoka Megami Matsuri

October 6 and October 7, 2019

Jiyugaoka Station (map)

Kawagoe Festival

October 19 - October 20, 2019

Kawagoe Station (map)

Indonesia Japan Friendship Festival 2019

October 19 - October 20, 2019

Yoyogi Park Events Square (map)

Shitamachi Matsuri

Mid - Late Oct, 2019

Nezu Jinja Shrine (map)

Mt. Takao Beer Mount

Jun 15 - October 15, 2019

Mount Takao (map)

Nihonbashi-Kyobashi Matsuri

October 27, 2019

Kyobashi, Nihonbashi (map)

Tokyo Vegefood Festa 2019

Mid - Late October, 2019

Yoyogi Park Events Square (map)

Autumn Rose Festival

October 7 - October 22, 2019

9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Kyu-Furukawa Gardens (map)

Cosmos Flower Festival at Showa Kinen Park

September 14 - October 27, 2019

Showa Kinen Park (map)

Tokyo International Film Festival

October 28 - November 5, 2019

EX Theater Roppongi (map)

Design Touch 2019

Mid Oct–Early Nov 2019

Tokyo Midtown (map)

Kanda Used Book Festival

Late Oct–Early Nov 2019

Jimbocho Station (map)


*The average temperature is 21°C (70°F) at highest and 14°C (58°F) at lowest. So bring and wear outfits accordingly.


Make your Tokyo trip more interesting! How?

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There are lots of events in October, and if you want to have a deeper understanding of the different festivals and make your trip more interesting, you can hire a private guide. They will be able to give you local insights of the meaning of the festivals and culture in Tokyo. You can ask your private guide for recommendations of off-the-beaten-path spots.


By hiring a private guide, you will also get a free itinerary made by your guide to meet your preferences and needs. You can customize them. There are still more advantages in hiring a private guide in Tokyo, including an enhancing your experience and make it more interesting.


Don’t know where to hire them?

The thing is that there are many places on the web offering private tours in Tokyo, or private guides. However, it’s difficult to determine whether it’s good and trustworthy website or not. That’s why I’m recommending you GoWithGuide website. The website offers many local tour guides and also private tour options in Tokyo, from which you can choose according to your needs and preferences.


Recommended tours in Tokyo

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There are so many great private tours available from the website, but one of my recommendations is Seasonal Tour! Tea picking with a view of Mt.Fuji, closest tea field from Tokyo!, a tour held only 2 times a year: in Spring (April 29th to June 31st) and in Autumn (September 15th to October 15th). A rare opportunity for you to enjoy things like tea-processing factory, world heritage sites, Japanese tea-picking, and more.


Like mentioned above, there is a grand tea ceremony in October, but what if you can’t make it to that event? Don’t worry! You can still experience tea ceremony through Zen Buddhism Meditation & Tea Ceremony tour, and also Experience a Tea Ceremony & Japanese Garden.  


Wait, there's more:

Here is a list of more tours in Tokyo to take into consideration to make your trip more interesting, and also you can click here for tours in other areas of Japan.


If you don’t prefer looking through the private tour options but prefer to find the perfect guide for you, here is a list of great tour guides in Tokyo.


I hope this article helps provide useful information you can use for your trip to Tokyo in October, including the events and festivals in October, where to celebrate Halloween, and more recommendation. Wishing you a great time in Tokyo!

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