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    Osaka Day Trip Tours

    Osaka & Nara 1day-highlight(Full-day)

    9.5 hours

    You can visit all the places written below in Osaka and Nara. Osaka is the second largest city and can enjoy wonderful food and shopping. In Nara you can see big buddha of Todaiji temple and enjoy feeding for deer. I hope you enjoy your trip!

    FROM$175/ per group
    Shigeyuki K.
    4.71(14) reviews

    IN PERSON Osaka Shrine & Temple Tour

    8 hours

    I will meet you at YOUR HOTEL IN OSAKA and we will head a Living Museum to see how Japanese lived 150~400 years ago, Osaka Castle Grounds, an Ancient Shrine, the oldest registered Buddhist Temple in Japan and two awesome food and sake Districts where locals hang out and have awesome Osaka 'Soul' food.

    FROM$333/ per group
    Richard 'hawk' H.
    4.90(139) reviews

    One Day Tour to Mt. Koya from Osaka. Be Enchanted.

    10 hours

    Mt. Koya was established by High Priest Kukai in 816 as a sacred site for Esoteric Buddhism. He was going to express the concept of the Universe on this mountain top basin.Still, there are 117 temples and 3,000 people live in this city. Mt. Koya is a big temple which include a city. Visit Mt. Koya to experience the holiness and sacredness of Esoteric Buddhism.

    FROM$245/ per group
    Hiroyuki T.
    5.00(4) reviews

    Kyoto & Nara From Osaka 10 H

    10 hours

    Visit 2 ancient cities,Kyoto and Nara from Osaka including High-lighted sites.Duration is 10 hours with public transportation.You can change some spot if you want ( please ask me I will check itinerary accordingly. I am very flexible guide)

    FROM$320/ per group
    Hiromi(he-chan) T.
    5.00(7) reviews

    Osaka Highlights Tours

    Osaka One Day Highlights

    8 hours

    Osaka is considered Japan's economic powerhouse having 2.7 million people. Many tourists say Osaka is more relaxing compared to other big cities in Japan. That's because Osakans have a good sense of humor. You will see old and new in this city: Osaka Castle built in the Samurai era, Shitennoji Temple founded 1400 years ago, modern Umeda Sky Building with an open roof observatory, etc. Also you cannot forget Osaka is the number 1 gourmet city! It used to be called Japan's kitchen.

    FROM$285/ per group
    Mari N.
    4.81(123) reviews

    Osaka Castle, Dotombori, Shin-Sekai

    8 hours

    I take you to Osaka Castle, Dotombori, Sginsekai and Shinsaibashi Shopping Street. In Osaka you can have Osaka local food such as Okoniomiyaki, Takoyaki, and Kushikatsu. Dotombori is popularly known as

    FROM$268/ per group
    Hideo Y.
    4.44(112) reviews

    One day tour of Osaka

    7 hours

    Osaka has been developped as international commercial city historically. People have developped the special culture in food, entertainment. This tour covers the historical sight-Osaka castle, Downtown-Dotonbori, and new Osaka station area with Umeda Sky building. We may add somemore spots depending upon the interests of the customer.

    FROM$202/ per group
    Makoto Y.
    4.95(59) reviews

    Osaka Five Best Spots One-day Tour

    8.5 hours

    In Osaka, there are so many interesting places that you feel like visiting. Even if you would like to see a lot of them, it Is hard to see all within a limited time. So on behalf of you, Five interesting spots were selected for international travelers.

    FROM$280/ per group
    Toshi M.
    4.74(34) reviews

    Osaka Shopping Tours

    Strolling along the Longest Shopping Arcade in Japan

    4 hours

    Tenjinbashi-suji Shopping Arcade in Osaka is 2.6 km long with more than 600 restaurants and stores. It is the longest fully covered arcade in Japan where ordinary Osaka people eat and shop every day. We will start our tour at Temmangu Shrine, wishing for the success of our day. Then, we will leisurely walk up to the north, stopping at variety of shops and nibbling favorite local foods.

    FROM$143/ per group
    Toichi N.
    4.98(43) reviews

    Explore! Discover! Osaka No.1 shopping district Tenjinbashi arcade street!

    5 hours

    -Tour around Tenjinbashi which is the longest shopping arcade street in Japan 2.6km long! -Visit Osaka Museumof housing and living. Reappearance of Osaka downtown in Edo period. You can experience to wear kimono and walk around, take pics in old osaka downtown atmosphere. -Back street of Tenjinbashi. There are 1000s of little local restaurants bars and food market!

    FROM$223/ per group
    Kaori K.
    4.94(101) reviews

    7.5hrs Japanese dollar shop spree

    7.5 hours

    If you look for shopping small/cute/reasonable/ things, this is THE TOUR for you! I will take you to at least 10 shops (including dollar shops) in town. Model course will be; 9:30 Pick you up at your hotel-->10-11:15 Kitahanada sta. (4 shops) -->11:30-12:30pm Lunch-->12: 45-1:45 Tennoji sta. (4 shops)-->2-2:30 snack time-->2:30-4:30 Umeda sta. (6shops)--> 5pm See you off at your hotel. *Depending on your preference on categories, I can change the course. These are the categories I can introduce you; -All kinds (kitchen, food, souveniors, stationaries etc) -Kitchen goods (tablewares, cutting boards, etc) -Accessories (neckless/earings etc) -Hats/caps (1000 JPY shop) -Charactor goods -Interiors

    FROM$201/ per group
    Ikumi N.
    4.93(14) reviews

    Full-Day Private Guided Tour to Osaka Minami Modern City

    8 hours

    Osaka Minami is the district where all the young people from the region aim to be! Come with me to discover this area. New trends, fashion, electronics... and food! You will have whatever you want.

    FROM$219/ per group
    Mouloud H.

    Osaka Nature & Outdoor Tours

    Kumano Kodo Hongu Loop and Kumano Hongu Grand Shrine

    10 hours

    Kumano is a sacred site for both Japanese indigenous religion Shintoism and Buddhism. Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Routes connect ancient capital Kyoto and Kumano. People make a pilgrimage to Kumano from all over Japan. In this tour, we will walk on Kumano Kodo to make a pilgrimage to Kumano Hongu Taisha Shrine from Hossinmon Oji. Why is Kumano so sacred? Why Kumano is a sacred site for two different religions? How had it become so? I will answer to these interesting questions on the spot.

    FROM$315/ per group
    Hiroyuki T.
    5.00(4) reviews

    Overnight trip to Kumano and Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Route

    2 days

    In this tour, we will walk on two of the most popular courses of Kumano Kodo and visit the Three Grand Shrines in Kumano. On the 1st day, we will walk Kumano Kodo for 4km to Kumano Hongu Grand Shrine and on the 2nd day, after visiting Kumano Hayatama Grand Shrine in the morning, we will walk Kumano Kodo Daimonzaka for 2.4km to Kumano Nachi Grand Shrine and Nachi Waterfalls.

    FROM$455/ per group
    Hiroyuki T.
    5.00(4) reviews

    Kumano Kodo Daimon-zaka and Nachi Waterfalls

    10 hours

    Shintoism, a religion unique to Japan, is rooted in nature worship. People feared and worshiped nature, which brings both blessings and calamities to them as gods and goddesses. The mountainous Kumano is full of natural wonders. Nachi waterfalls which is 133m high was a wonder for ancient people, people worshipped the waterfall itself as a goddess. As Shinto was organized, people built a shrine here. It is the origin of Kumano Nachi Grand Shrine.

    FROM$315/ per group
    Hiroyuki T.
    5.00(4) reviews

    Day Trips from Osaka