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  • Nobu Private Guide


    (68) Reviews

    Hi, I am Nobu, a national certified tour guide. My main areas as a guide are Tokyo and its Suburbs including Nikko, H... read more

    US$ 41 Hourly rate
  • Yumiko

    (34) Reviews

    Hello, I'm Yumiko, nationally certified English-speaking tour guide. I live in Yamanashi Prefecture, which is next to T... read more

    US$ 47 Hourly rate
    Last Active: 1 day ago
  • Hiroyo Private Guide


    (27) Reviews

    Hello, I’m Hiroyo. I was born and brought up in Shizuoka. After living in Tokyo and in England, eventually I came back ... read more

    US$ 47 Hourly rate
    Last Active: 23 hours ago
  • Chinami Private Guide


    (25) Reviews

    Hello!My name is Chinami. I have a national licence as a tour guide. I know well not only the nature of Mt Fuji area, ... read more

    US$ 40 Hourly rate
    Last Active: 3 hours ago
  • Yasuko

    (19) Reviews

    Welcome to Shizuoka in the central area of Japan. I was born in Hakone, Kanagawa Pref. and grew up in Izu Peninsula, ... read more

    US$ 42 Hourly rate
  • Fumie Private Guide


    (16) Reviews

    I am Fumie Ueda, a National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter in Atami, Shizuoka, only 50 minutes away from Tokyo by... read more

    US$ 46 Hourly rate
    Last Active: 23 hours ago
  • Hiroko Private Guide


    (7) Reviews

    Greeting from Izu ,shizuoka prefecture, a city just 1.5 hours from Tokyo. I am Hiroko Inamura, a national licensed tour... read more

    US$ 42 Hourly rate
  • Setsuko Private Guide


    (6) Reviews

    Hello, I'm Setsuko! I am living in Shizuoka City, Home of Mt. Fuji. It is a very attractive local city located in the m... read more

    US$ 42 Hourly rate
    Last Active: 16 hours ago
  • Macky

    (2) Reviews

    Hi! I am Macky. I am glad to accompany you on your tour to Japan and show you the beauty and experiences Japan has to ... read more

    US$ 28 Hourly rate
    Last Active: 10 hours ago
  • Kozo Private Guide


    Hello! I'm Kozo. I'm currently living in Chiba, which is one of the biggest cities in Japan and located in the suburbs of Tokyo. So, I can guide you to the sightseeing spots in Tokyo and the suburbs, which include Asakusa, Nikko, Kamakura, Hakone, Mt. Fuji, and more. In those places, you can experie... read more

    US$ 23 Hourly rate
    Last Active: 7 hours ago
  • Hideaki Private Guide


    Hello, I'm a resident of Ebina, Kanagawa, and am a national government licensed guide and interpreter. I enjoy showing travelers the countryside of central Honshu, primarily Shizuoka, ranging from the beautiful Izu Peninsula, Shimoda, and the Port of Shimizu, to Kunozan Shrine and Ieyasu TOKUGAW... read more

    US$ 47 Hourly rate
    Last Active: 8 hours ago
  • Kozo Private Guide


    Hi, I am Kozo. Please call me Ko-Chan. I have worked for steel making company for approximately 40 years. I have a lot of experiences of overseas business trip to U.S.A, Australia,China,South East Asia,and stayed in Brazil from 2011 to 2013 for the purpose of starting new business with the partn... read more

    US$ 30 Hourly rate
    Last Active: 23 hours ago
  • Tracy Private Guide


    Hello, I am Tazuko, a National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter in English. My first name is Tazuko that is hard to remember for visitors from abroad, so I would like to be called as Tracy (my middle name) . I lived abroad for 10 years including 9 years in the United States (California and... read more

    US$ 38 Hourly rate
  • Koji Private Guide


    (21) Reviews

    Since 2007 I have been an English-speaking tour guide, visiting most of the major sightseeing spots in Japan with intern... read more

    US$ 51 Hourly rate
  • MOTOYUKI Private Guide


    (13) Reviews

    My name is Moto, National Licensed Guide Interpreter living in Yamanashi, Kofu-city. I can offer real experiences of J... read more

    US$ 37 Hourly rate
  • Taiji Private Guide


    (1) Reviews

    Bonjour je m’appelle Taiji Endo. Je suis un guide interprète licencié par l’état japonais. Je me présente un peu. Ava... read more

    US$ 87 Hourly rate
  • Fumi Private Guide


    Born and bred in Tokyo I am still living in the suburbs of Tokyo. I spent several years in the U.S. and the UK and wanted to show international visitors around Japan in return for the hospitality I had received in foreign countries. After coming back from the UK, I obtained the qualification of th... read more

    US$ 28 Hourly rate
  • AKINOBU Private Guide


    Hello, I’m Akinobu (“Aki”), a Yamanashi prefecture licensed guide interpreter. I can introduce customers from abroad its unique lifestyle, culture and nature of Yamanashi prefecture where I was born and raised. Unlike modern cities like Tokyo, there are many interesting places to visit and see i... read more

    US$ 31 Hourly rate
  • Juliana

    (2) Reviews

    I'm Juliana, living in Tokyo for 20 years. I'd love to show you around Tokyo. You can find everything in Tokyo but somet... read more

    US$ 23 Hourly rate

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