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Fairy tale village and outdoor sports experience in Hanamaki

Junko H.

6 hours
Private tour (only you and your group)
Up to 6 people

We will go to Miyazawa Kenji Dowa Mura (Fairy Tale Village), where you can live out a fantasy world of Kenji. At lunchtime, you will experience Wanko soba (buckwheat noodles), one of the most famous dishes in Iwate at Kinkon-tei. In the afternoon, you can enjoy outdoor sports such as canoeing, boat riding or fishing in summer, playing with snow including snowmobile experience in winter.

Meeting Point

At Hanamaki station, Shin-Hanamaki station or Hanamaki-kuko station

1. Kenji Miyazawa Dowa Mura (Fairly Tale Village): This is a museum where you can soak up the atmosphere of the fairly tale world of Kenji.

2. Kinkon-tei: Japanese style restaurant and local specialty shop. You can experience one of the three popular noodles in Iwate, Wanko-soba.

3. Hanamaki Sports Land: This is the place you can play in and around Kitakami river. You can enjoy canoeing in summer, snowmobile riding in winter, etc.

Ending Point

Hanamaki station, Shin-Hanamaki Station or at the hotel you booked.

What to Expect

You can enjoy various activities in Hanamaki. You will visit Miyazawa Kenji Dowa Mura (fairly tale village) first. Kenji Miyazawa is one of the most famous children's story writers in Japan. Some of his stories used as the base of anime movies like "the Night of the Milky Way Train" or "the Life of Gusukoh Budori". There are some facilities you can experience his fantasy world. This facility has chosen as one of the 88 anime tourism places.

At lunchtime, we will go to Kinkon-tei, where you can eat local dishes of Iwate and buy some local specialties. Wanko-soba is one of the famous local noodles in Iwate. When you eat this, you can have an eating competition with other members. The noodles are served with small bowls and you have to eat them as fast as you can. Winner will be the one who can eat most. If you don't want to eat too much, you can choose a trial menu or other Japanese dish like tempura.

In the afternoon we will go to Hanamaki Sports Land. This is the place people can enjoy outdoor activities around the Kitakami river. In summer, you can enjoy canoeing, fishing or boat riding. In winter, you can ride a snowmobile or other vehicles on the snowy river bank, or you can just play in the snow. These activities are fun. Especially in winter, there are activities everyone can enjoy. It's very nice to visit famous spots like Kyoto or Osaka, but Tohoku area which is considered as the countryside of Japan also gives you a unique experience.

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Inclusions & Exclusions

What‘s included

Guide fee

What‘s not included

・Transportation fee of the guide (from my house- Hanamaki Station 870×2=1740)

・Transportation fees

 from Hanamki Station to Dowa Village ¥380/person by bus, around ¥2000 by taxi

from Dowa Village to Kinkon-tei ¥1,700 to ¥2,000 by taxi

from Kinkon-tei to Hanamaki Sports Land around¥2,000 by tax.

from Sports Land to the station to a station or hotel…depend on the place.

* You can choose a chartered taxi, too. It will cost around 33,000 for 6 hours.

・Lunch for guests and the guide ¥1,000-4,000/person

・Entrance fee for Dowa Mura ¥350/person (adult) ¥250 college and high school student ¥150 elementary and junior high school student

・Activitiy fee for the Sports Land. ¥3,000-¥6,000 depending on the kind of activity. Insurance fee will be around ¥500/person

Important Information

1) We will meet at the station around Hanamaki, then we will go to Dowa Mura by bus or taxi.

2) Please inform me if you have any foods you cannot eat in advance.

3)Transportation and entrance fees of customers and a guide should be paid by customers.

4) In Iwate, the temperature in winter time is sometimes below 0 even during daytime. Please wear warm clothes to prevent cold weather.

5) In this area, the public transportation system hasn't been developed so much. You have to use a taxi to go to each location except Dowa Mura.

Cancellation Policy

  • Free cancellation - 8 days prior to meeting time
  • 50% Refund - 3 to 7 days prior to meeting time
  • No Refund - Within 2 day(s) prior to meeting time
$167/ per group