Izu Experience-"Wasabi field" ,Great nature and Sushi

Unique Experience

Hiroko I.

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English, Japanese, Spanish
4 hours
Private tour (only you and your group)
Up to 5 people

This tour gives you a lot of surprises and new experiences you can just do in Izu!

Start from Shuzenji station, we go through a way of the among mou...

Meeting Point

Shuzenji Station (50minutes from Tokyo station to Mishima by Shinkansen then change to Izu-Hakone Railway to Shuzenji 32minutes)

Visiting a wasabi field deep in a mountan and wasabi picking or wasabi making experience

Relaxing at Banjo falls with its surrounding nature

Fresh sushi at a local sushi restaurant with real wasabi you pick or buy from the wasabi field..At the counter of the sushi restaurant, you enjoy very friendly atmosphere.

very flexible tour

Ending Point

Izu Nagaoka Station (Izu Hakone linstops closer to Mishima than Shuzenji )

What to Expect

This tour gives you a lot of surprises and new experiences you can just do in Izu!

Start from Shuzenji station, we go through a way of the among mountains in Naka Izu to visit one of the wasabi field .With its pure water and unspoiled natural surroundings, this area produces one of the best Wasabi in Japan and you are surprised to see beautiful wasabi terraces along the river.

On your requests, you can experience "wasabi Picking"(seasonal ) and wasabi pickles making(all the seasons ) by local housewives.Then going deeper into the mountain, you see Banjo Falls (20m high and 6 m width). You stand in front of its great water fall to feel just relax. Try to take a deep breath with your both arms full opened , you just listen to the sounds of the waterfalls, birds singing, and nature with your eyes closed , you feel very calm and peaceful, forgetting about busy daily lives while getting positive and happy feeling.

After visiting Naka Izu area, This is the time to enjoy Locan specialities!!


With your wasabi picked or bought at the wasabi field, you can go to a local sushi restaurant and you try fresh sea food from just "out of the Suruga Bay " at their counter. Enjoy conversations with a restaurant staff,looking un usual seafood, and trying new sushi can be just enjoyable! You are also surprised the taste of real wasabi ( not hot like what you know.it is mildly hot and feels like a whipping cream !It is very difficult to describe so please try and tell me how you taste!).

When you are happy with what you eat and experience at a sushi restaurant, this is the end of the tour ,going back to the nearest train station,saying good bye to Izu with a new memory !

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Inclusions & Exclusions

What‘s included

guide fee,

What‘s not included

1.transportation fee to Shuzenji station-the following are one way fees

①by train -50 minutes from Tokyo station to Mishima by Shinkanzen Kodama (¥4,000) then change to Izu Hakone Line from Mishima to Shuzenji (29 minutes ¥510)

➁by train-"Izuno odoriko",is the direct train from Tokyo station to shuzenji (approximately 2 hours ¥4,080)

③by bus

*➁is the direct train but it runs just few times a day and ③bus take longer so ①is recommended.

2.Taxi fare

Unlike major cities, visiting places by public transport such as bus is not convenient .

So in this tour,taxi is chartered and charged by hours

If you woould like to use the charterd taxi - (4 hours approximately ¥23,000 for a taxi with 4 people ,included a guide.this is very convinient)

Another thing we can do is that If you would like to use a taxi for the Wasabi field visit and Banjo fallwithout a charter,it would be 2 hours approximately ¥12,000 then we can also use a taxi to the sushi restaurant or local restaurant on your request.( approximately ¥3,000 to ¥4,000).

I will discuss and organize the best transport for you .

3.Sushi lunch for participants and the guide (very reasonable priced)

If you prefer another food for lunch , there are more to chose from .

Important Information

All sushi restaurants are closed on Thursday. However, the tour can be conducted and have lunch on your requests Instead of Sushi.

Cancellation Policy

  • Free cancellation - 8 days prior to meeting time
  • 50% Refund - 3 to 7 days prior to meeting time
  • No Refund - Within 2 day(s) prior to meeting time

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Shuzenji far from Tokyo and other major cities?

No.It is much closer than you think .It takes less than 2 hours from Tokyo and 4 hours from Oosaka(shinkansen Hikari is used). There are several ways to come to Shuzenji such as the direct train "Izu Odoriko"from Tokyo station and bus from shinjyuku station,too.However, it is the best to come to Mishima then change to Izu Hakone line as there are many trains running so that the connection of trains is very smoothly done. Moreover, you can enjoy the view of Mt,Fuji and local scenery from the train.

It is good experience for you .For example, arriving at Shuzenji station for the tour (11:00am start), you get on shinkansen at Tokyo station at 9:03am,arriving at Mishima at 9:47.Then change the train to Izu Hakone Like, leaving Mishima at 10:17,arriving at Shuzenji at 10:57am.For return to Tokyo, the train from either Izu Nagaoka or Numazu

are frequently run to Mishima then you take shinkansen to Tokyo .

This is the current timetable so this can be changed.

Can we do wasabi picking all year around?

No,wasabi need 1 year to grow and wasabi picking for visitors is opened from May to June just i season .

However,you can visit beautiful greed wasabi field and you can experience wasabi pickles making ! This is very delicious .

You can buy real wasabi at the wasabi field and bring it to a sushi restaurant to try it. This is no problem.

I am not so keen on seafood and sushi. Is there anything I can eat?

Yes, you can order not only sushi with seafood but also there are many sushi with vegetables and others .

If all people of tour would prefer to eat other local food,there are choices such as Soba,Unagi and lots more .

Please do not hesitate to ask me .

The tour sounds great but the taxi fare is a bit expensive .Is there another transportation?

Yes,I understand that the taxi fare is approximtely ¥23,000.However,this is chartered taxi so you can take your time own your pace and if you want stay longer at your favorite place you can do it .

Moreover, the tour visit in mountain areas so that the use of bus can be not so convinient .

The taxi for 5 hours shared by 4 people comes ¥7,450.And if you think it by hour ,it comes aorund ¥1,490.

If you think this way ,you might be able to understand this and feel better.I hope !



Kyle K.

May 29, 2019

Well-organized, very welcoming and warm

Our visit with Hiroko to the wasabi fields in Izu was an amazing experience from the moment we met her at the station. She was very welcoming and provided a warm, happy tour for our family. Everything was very well organized and she took special care to spend extra time seeing things that we were interested in. We would highly recommend her if you are looking for a special experience in Japan.

Hiroko I.

Dear Mr. Kyle and Mr. Kyle’s parents, Thank you so much for your warm comments. I am so glad to know that you and your parents enjoyed the tour surrounded by peaceful and beautiful nature of Izu with no tourists. And I appreciate your friendliness and kindness. I hope that you and your parents stay fine and happy. Please give my regards to your parents. Thank you very much again. I am lo forward to meeting you all again in the future. Best regards, Hiroko


Gordon A.

Apr 22, 2019

Amazing Mount Fiji

My mother and I travelled to Shizuoka and enjoyed a wonderful day with Hiroko. Absolutely recommend her as a guide if you are in the Fuji area.

Hiroko I.

Dear Mr. Gordon, Thank you very much for your warm comment on the tour. I am so glad that you and your mother enjoy the tour and saw magnificent view of Mt. Fuji. It was a wonderful day for me throughout the tour, too but we really had great walk in Miho Pine grove. I hope that you and your mother will stay well and happy. Thank you again for everything and I hope to see you again in the future. Best regards, Hiroko


Camille A.

Dec 19, 2018

Awesome day visiting a wasabi farm and tea plantation

Hiroko was an awesome guide. We were travelling with a 4 month old and we forgot his formula. She brought us to a drugstore so we can get formula so we can continue our trip. It was a bit challenging travelling with a 4 month old but she made it easy for us. She did a customized tour for us, first to a wasabi farm where she gave us information on how wasabi is grown, then after that we went to a short hike to view a waterfalls. After that she brought us to a tea farm. Where we picked tea leaves and tasted green tea. We enjoyed our tour wih Hiroko. It was a perfect day for us.

Hiroko I.

Dear Mrs. Camille, Thank you very much for your warm comments. I am so glad that you, your husband and Charles enjoyed the tour and made a great memories of Izu.It was a lovely tour for me, too. Your baby ,Charles, is so quite and very good boy. You all are still vacation in Philippines so please enjoy there and I am looking forward to hearing about your wasabi growing in January. Thank you again. I hope to see you in the future. Best regards, Hiroko


Julie F.

Aug 27, 2018

Wonderful Day Exploring the Izu Peninsula

Our family of 5 (kids ages 21, 19, and 15) had one of the best days of our vacation in Japan with Hiroko. She met us at the cruise ship port in Shimizu and took us on a remarkable tour of beautiful Izu town with its gorgeous temple and bamboo forest, did a short hike at the breathtaking Jodaskaki coast, viewed a picturesque secluded wasabi farm and dipped our feet into the lovely waters of Banjo Falls. We stopped for a delicious sushi lunch and even tried wasabi ice cream and a local specialty, Shirasu fish (baby fish boiled and eaten on rice - surprisingly tasty!) Hiroko was highly professional and provided such valuable information as we toured. She is a lovely warm person who put her heart into making sure that we had an awesome time. Thank you Hiroko!

Hiroko I.

Dear Julie and the Fisher family, Greeting from Japan. Thank you very much for your warm comments on the tour. I am so happy that you and the family have enjoyed Izu and made great experiences. It was the long distance from Shimizu but I am sure that your family is only people from crushing shipments at Shimizu who have visited Izu. Thanks to you all, the tour went great and I enjoyed the day with great appreciation. Your family is very warm and thoughtful. I hope that you all stay fine and happy. Good memories stay forever. Best regards, Hiroko

$301/ per group

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