Ramen vs. Tsukemen: What's the Difference?

by GoWithGuide travel specialist

Noodles can be found almost everywhere. True, with varying flavors, ramen has been a staple in every tables that you can find in Japan.  For a very long time, ramen has been the king of Japanese cuisine. But Japan has its own way of giving things a twist, thus paving the way for the rise of its long-distance cousin, the tsukemen.



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Tsukemen has its own rich and thick story. If ramen is the perfect choice during cold seasons, tsukemen is the savior for noodle-craving tummies on hot, summer days. Tsukemen is being served with a cold noodle separated from the sauce. The way to eat tsukemen is simple logic, just take an ample amount of noodle then dipped it in the sauce that is usually placed in a stone bowl to preserve the right balance of heat and maintain the firmness of the noodle.. Witht that, anybody can satisfy their craving for noodle without immersing their tongues into a hot meal.


That is quite opposite of the ramen, wherein everything on it are served in one large bowl and is best when served hot. Such kitchen innovation is made in order for noodle lovers to enjoy it on any time of the year.  


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Actions speaks louder than words when eating in Japan. Ramen or tsukemen, the manners stays the same. Using chopsticks is the norm in Japan whenever eating so do not hesitate to do so. Contrary to other cultures, the louder you eat the noodles and sip its sauce in Japan, the better. It just shows that you are enjoying the delicious meal prepared by the one who made it. So the louder the slurping session, the better. 


 Update: Here is  an updated version of this blog so you can have more information about each food type: Ramen Vs Tsukemen: What's the Difference? - Planetyze

How to eat ramen in Japan and what not to do!

In this video you will learn you how to eat and appreciate ramen, specially tsukemen, what to do when eating and what not to do when eating any kind of ramen in Japan! It also mentions about the ingredients and curiosities about the Tsukemen ramen!
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