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Tokyo your way (7 hours)


Toshi H.

4.95(93) reviews
7 hours
Private tour (only you and your group)
Up to 6 people

Ah, Tokyo! So little time, so many places to see! All the places recommended below (see Itinerary) are personal favorites. You can't go wrong with any of them. We’re so flexible we can even extend the tour on the day itself!

There are also 14 packaged tours designed to appeal to your special interests. This includes half day tours of Harajuku, Shinjuku Odaiba and Ueno.

Come, let me show you “My Tokyo”!

Meeting Point

Central Tokyo, Yokohama and some hotels in Kawasaki.

The numbered photos correspond to the following. Please choose several destinations. If you want to extend the tour duration, please let me know.

Tour destinations are in four (4) zones: Central (C), East (E), West (W) and Shinagawa (S). Destinations within the same zone are within 30 minutes of each other. However, it takes roughly 40 minutes to go from the East side to the West.

C1: Imperial Palace - outside only (1 to 1.5 hrs)

Let's talk about samurai and Japan's Imperial family!

C2: Tsukiji fish market (1 to 2 hrs)

Traditional market. The sushi is highly recommended!

C3: Hamarikyu Japanese garden (1 hr)

Seasonal flowers, a 300 year-old pine tree, cherry blossoms (late March).

Entrance to the garden = 300JPY/person, 150JPY for seniors (the guide has a pass). Optional informal tea ceremony.

C4: Tokyo Bay view and Rainbow Bridge (1.5 hrs)

•Tokyo Bay area view from the observatory deck of one of the city's tallest buildings. Free entrance

•Scenic ride on the self-driving train. Train fare = 180 to 400JPY (depends on route)/ per person

C5: Odaiba quick tour (2 hrs)

Man-made island. One of the trendiest places in Tokyo. Check out my Odaiba Tour page for a longer tour of the area.

C6: Evening beer at Yurakucho Yakitori alley below the elevated railway AKA gado-shita. (1 hr)

Food and drinks = 1,500++JPY/person

C7: 2-hour walking tour in Kagurazaka and Koishikawa Korakuen Garden (2 to 3 hours)

Kagurazaka is a small old-fashioned geisha town. Back alleys still have the traditional stone pavements. Entrance to the garden = 300JPY/person (the guide has a pass)

C8: Gado-shita adventure (2 hrs)

Trendy and artisanal shops under elevated train tracks. It's a clever use of space.

C9: Food tour in Tsukiji & Ginza (2 to 3 hrs)

Tsukiji Fish Market, depachika in Ginza. A depachika is the food section of department stores. It’s like a wonderland for food!

E1: Asakusa - Sensoji-temple, Asakusa Shrine, Nakamise shopping street (1 to 2 hrs)

Most popular tourist destination.

E2: Water bus ride - Asakusa to/from the Bay Area OR Asakusa to/fromHamarikyu (40 mins)

Cruise = 860 to 1,200JPY/person

E3: Ueno quick tour (2 hrs)

Lotus pond, museums, temples, and shrines. Check out my Ueno Tour Page if you want to explore Ueno further.

E4: Toyosu Fish Market (new) and Tsukiji Fish Market (old, C2) walking tour (4 hrs)

•Recommended meet-up time: 8:00AM at your hotel

•No tuna auction

E5: Walking around the Sumo Town Ryogoku - Sumo Museum, Yasuda garden and Hokusai Ukiyoe Museum or the Japanese Sword Museum (3 hrs)

Please ask the guide about the opening dates for Sumo Museum. Hokusai Museum entrance = 400JPY/person, 300JPY for seniors and children (the guide has a pass). Japanese Sword Museum entrance = 1,000JPY / person

E6. Yanaka quick tour and Asakura Museum (2 hrs)

•Yanaka is an old-fashioned residential area which survived a WW2 fire.

•Asakura Museum is the artist Asakura's former residence which features his artwork and traditional architecture (also his design). Entrance = 500JPY/person

W1: Shinjuku walking and shopping tour (2 hrs)

Department store, wholesale store, Kabukicho (the former red-light district), and pub street. Check out my Shinjuku Tour Page if you want to see more of Shinjuku.

W2. Meiji-jingu Shrine (1 hr)

The biggest Shinto shrine in Tokyo. Soak in the peace and tranquility as we walk through the grounds.

W3: Harajuku and Omote Sando walking and shopping tour (2-3 hrs)

The height of KAWAII - let's discover the ultimate cuteness in this area. Check out my Harajuku & Shibuya Tour Page for a more immersive kawaii experience.

W4: Shibuya and Shibuya Sky Observatory Deck (2 hrs)

Shibuya Crossing (probably the busiest in the world), Hachiko - faithful dog, and shopping . Shibuya Sky - Best view of Tokyo City Entrance = 2,000JPY/person (the guide has a pass).

W5: Safety Education and Disaster Preparedness (1 to 4 hrs)

•Earthquake simulator ride (at the Safety Education Center) and/or Fire Museum tour = Free entrance.

•Smoke Maze and Mock Firefighting are also available at the Safety Education Center. Advanced bookings required.

W6: Walking around Daikanyama area (2-3 hours)

Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo, Kyu Asakura House (traditional house and garden), Tsutaya books and shopping area. It’s a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of Central Tokyo. Fashionistas like the trendy shops and hip cafes in the area.

Shinagawa 1: Walking tour in a modern art town (3-4 hours)

Tennozu area is a hip town near Haneda airport with lots of modern art monuments and several art galleries.

•Museum entrance fee = around 1,200JPY (depends on the exhibition)

Ending Point

At the final destination OR at a pre-agreed place in central Tokyo

What to Expect



We can modify it to suit your preferred level of physical exertion. For example, if you feel like walking, we'll go on a walking tour. Feel like shopping? We can go to either or both the high-end department stores and the 100-yen shops. It's your choice!

Want to personalize this tour?

  • Our tours can be customized according to your needs and preferences
  • Click below to tell us what you are looking for:

Inclusions & Exclusions

What‘s included

Guide fee

What‘s not included

The following are PAID IN CASH on the day/s of the tour.

= Transportation during the tour (you & guide) = approx. 1,000++JPY/person (you and the guide)

= Entrance fee (you & guide)

. . . Guide has a pass for some attractions.

= Lunch / food / drink (you & guide)

= tour extension is available

. . . 1 hour 4,500/hour

Important Information

Multiple-day bookings are encouraged. I might have greater flexibility in opening closed slots in this case. Let's talk about it. Send me a message! :‑) MORE INFO: = We use public transportation (train, subway, bus and/or taxi) in my tours as it's the best way to see the city. = Please book at least SIX HOURS PRIOR to a custom tour. = The meet-up time marks the official start of the tour. = Hotel pick-ups = only in Central Tokyo, Yokohama, and a few hotels in Kawasaki. = Tour extension (extra hour service) = 4,500JPY/hr = Four-hour tours available = Tokyo, Harajuku & Shibuya, Odaiba, Shinjuku, Ueno, Yokohama, and antique flea market. Please check out the corresponding tour pages. = HAKONE TOURS = Requires close coordination with the guide BEFORE BOOKING. It takes more time to plan this trip. = MT. FUJI TOURS = Only available as an ADD-ON to a Tokyo tour (at least 4-hr Tokyo tour on a different day). Guests should book their own private car or van prior to book a guide.

The area is crowded on weekends. / Meet-up at outside of central Tokyo = Please contact the guide, first. No meet-up service from Tokyo Sky Tree Area, Sumida, Koto, Narita airport & Tokyo Disney Resort. = Please meet me in the central Tokyo.

Earthquake Simulator

= For ages 6 and above.

= Please ask the guide the possible dates.

= Smoke Maze and Mock Firefighting also available with advanced bookings.

Fire Museum

= Children are allowed on the vintage helicopter and retired fire trucks.

= Exhibit of samurai-era firefighters (Hikeshi) includes some Ukiyoe. They were considered heroes at that time as the prevalence of wooden structures led to a lot of fires.

= Closed on Mondays.

Cancellation Policy

  • Free cancellation - 8 days prior to meeting time
  • 50% Refund - 3 to 7 days prior to meeting time
  • No Refund - Within 2 day(s) prior to meeting time



Pradeep C.

Sep 20, 2022

One day layover

I had a one day layover in Tokyo with Toshi and had a great time! She gave me plenty of suggestions that would work with the limited time I had and created an itinerary that allowed me to see a lot in that little time. She provided great insights into the culture of Japan and pointed out many interesting things in the areas we were in. A highlight was us going to a sumo wrestling tournament that she mentioned was taking place! I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a tour guide in Tokyo.

Toshi H.

Thank you for your kind words, Pradeep. Glad to know you had fun. The sumo tournament happens only 45 days a year in Tokyo. You came on the right day! I am sure your photos with three sumo wrestlers made your friends say “wow”. Hope you can come back soon. There's so much more to see and experience in Japan!


Malini S.

May 15, 2022

Kamakura review

Excellent tour with Toshi as she is very knowledgable and could share much more than information related to just the sights

Toshi H.

Thank you, Malini! So happy to know you like our Kamakura tour. The fresh green leaves in the gardens were really relaxing while Great Buddha was so outstanding. Don’t you think so? I hope this tour was a good introduction of Japan’s history and culture to you. Let’s visit North Kamakura next time since the atmosphere there is a bit different from what we saw on May 5th. I look forward to seeing you again!


Karyna V.

Feb 5, 2020

Extraordinary day in Tokyo with excellent guide Toshi-San

Thank you T-Chan (Toshi-San) for an amazing day in Tokyo. I was a solo traveler with one day in Tokyo. T-Chan made it a truly unforgettable day. My day with Toshi started when she picked me up promptly at my Shinjuku hotel. She then took me to experience TeamLab Planets - a spectacular body immersive digital arts experience - in Odaiba. Along the way, we rode the fully automated train and she showed me different sights along the train line. Second stop was the Onsen in Odaiba. This was a most unique experience I wouldn’t have been able to manage without T-Chan with me. We enjoyed the onsen, the shops and the bath. It felt like a relaxing afternoon with a good friend. Next, T-Chan showed me the shops in Odaiba, where we walked around and she helped me find the items I was looking for. T-Chan knew where to shop and was willing to adjust the schedule to accommodate my interests. I was truly happy with my shopping purchases. Then we proceeded to Shinjuku where she showed me the interesting sights and places unique to the area. She gave me more information for the rest of my stay, before we parted ways. My day with T-chan was unhurried but filled with memorable sights and experiences. I only had a day with her in Tokyo but the memories will last me a lifetime. Thank you very much T-Chan for everything. I highly recommend Toshi-San. She is efficient, articulate and accommodating. She will work with you to make the best of your time in Japan.

Toshi H.

Thank you Karyna-chan! So delighted to hear you had a relaxing layover. I felt like you were one of my old friends, too. We, Japanese, have the Onsen culture. Even in the heart of Tokyo, we could soak in the natural hot spring. Amazing, isn’t it? As we are both dog-person, exploring pet stores was so fun! I hope your dogs will love the kimono costumes which you bought for them. How did you like sake? We sampled 5 varieties. I liked the sparkling sake the best. There are more trendy spots in Tokyo. Let’s go to Shibuya next time! Hope to see you again.


Annette T.

Jan 21, 2020

Fantastic tour!

We had a wonderful tour with Toshi today. It was very interesting, informative and entertaining! Toshi modified our tour to add in all of our requested inclusions and the tour flowed easily. I really appreciated her encouragement to join in the Kawaii Monster Show and this was an absolute highlight! Toshi also gave us lots of information on what to do for our remaining time in Tokyo and she pointed out lots of things during our time, that you would miss not being a local. I highly recommend Toshi as a guide and this was a great experience for our family. Thank you Toshi x

Toshi H.

Arigato, Annette! Harajuku was fun, wasn't it? So glad we managed to hit all the spots you wanted. We felt as if we were surrounded by an explosion of color and ultimate cuteness at Kawaii Monster Café. So glad to hear you enjoyed dancing on the giant pink cake! You now have quite a collection of memories: dog café, the rainbow-colored food, the cosplay store, the dazzling display of products in the stores, the surreal mirror escalator, etc. (I can stare at this all day long!) Ukiyoe museum was very impressive, wasn’t it? They change the exhibit every two months. You need to come back and check other collections. Enjoy the rest of your Tokyo stay! Hope to see you again soon!

$217/ per group

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Tokyo your way (7 hours)

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Ah, Tokyo! So little time, so many places to see! All the places recommended below (see Itinerary) are personal favorites. You can't go wrong with any of them. We’re so flexible we can even extend the tour on the day itself! There are also 14 packaged tours designed to appeal to your special interests. This includes half day tours of Harajuku, Shinjuku Odaiba and Ueno. Come, let me show you “My Tokyo”!

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